Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 207


Dragon devouring mage



With the majestic sound of the boat horn, the vessel’s bow slowly reached the dock.

Clink, clink—

The noisy sound of the anchor being lowered reverberated as Russell’s eyes shone among those preparing to disembark.

‘This place is the Empire…’

Specifically, the port city of ‘Aiga.’

It was his first time setting foot on the Imperial land.

There was a time when he harbored hatred towards the Empire, believing his father’s enemies resided there.

Recalling that time, Russell gave a bitter smile.

Of course, if asked whether his assessment of the Empire had improved, he would firmly deny it.

There was no helping it.

Endymion and the Britannia Empire had always been in a longstanding rivalry.

Deeply rooted animosities and disputes stretched back over centuries between the two countries.

These profound differences in stance had been instilled through generations, transcending mere feelings to become part of ideologies and education.

‘Just as people from my country grimace at the mention of the Empire, I’d expect Imperials to react the same.’

Then, it happened.

Muyaho, who had stealthily approached Russell’s side, licked her lips as she took in the view of the Empire.

“Mmm, male. I thought the Empire would be completely different from the kingdom, but well, there’s nothing particularly different, is there?”

This observation came while she was biting into a giant slice of meat pie.

Catching Russell’s gaze on the meat pie, she hurriedly swallowed the mouthful and asked.

“Munch, munch. What are you staring at? I brought it from the ship’s dining hall, but if you, male, want some… Hah, hah, shall I give you a bite?”

Her voice betrayed her reluctance to share, prompting a small smile from Russell.

He wasn’t hungry anyway.

“That’s alright. And…”


“People are the same everywhere, wouldn’t you agree?”

Born and raised in Endymion, it was inevitable to have hostility towards the Empire.

However, such feelings were not directed towards innocent people.

Unsure of what to make of Russell’s calm response, Muyaho crammed more meat pie into her mouth.

“Moreover, this continent is truly wonderful, male. Kyahaha. I’ve been eating new dishes for half a year, and I’m still not tired of them. They keep coming out delicious.”

“It’s a relief that you’re satisfied.”

He hadn’t anticipated that it would be the food culture that intrigued her so much.

‘Well, maybe it makes sense?’

After all, most of the food he’d tried on Kuril Island had been very simply seasoned or, if not, had been flavored with leaves or smoke…

As the disembarkation preparations were completed, the two slowly left the ship.


‘The port city of Aiga.’

Literally, Aiga was one of the first cities one could step onto from the Empire’s harbors.

Additionally, it was one of the few cities that allowed foreigners to roam without extensive identity checks.

‘Perhaps because it’s used as a gateway for trade?’

One defining characteristic of Aiga was that it was surrounded by a massive wall on every side but the sea.

‘Within Aiga, one can roam freely, but to enter the Empire’s mainland, stringent checks are conducted.’

It was no strange policy. Endymion had a similar system in place.


A soldier, checking Russell and Muyaho’s identification tags, tilted his head.

“Why would Easterners come this far south?”

“We are indeed from the East, but we’ve been away from the North for two years now. In fact, we’ve been running a small business in the Arcane Empire, and I’ve come to the Empire on a tour to celebrate our fourth anniversary with my wife.”

“Hmm, a fourth wedding anniversary…”

After a moment of fidgeting with the identification tag, the soldier cast a covert, hopeful glance towards Russell.

‘Could it be…?’

Despite everything, it was still the Empire. They had prepared forged identification tags, expecting that security would surely be tight.

But to see the look of someone expecting a bribe…

‘The Emperor lies bedridden, and the princes vie for power…’

It was surprising that the turmoil reached even here. Feeling the severity of the Empire’s internal conflict firsthand, Russell pulled out two silver coins from his pocket and handed them to the soldier.

“A humble token of my respect.”

“Ahem. Well, this is something else.”

The soldier then called out loudly.

“Clear to pass!”

Of course, if their identities had been uncertain, it would have been impossible to cross the gate with just a bribe.

This was proof that Dalton had effectively done his job.

‘No matter how tempting the money, no one would risk their life for an amount that isn’t worth it.’

Having passed through the gate, Muyaho inquired.

“So, what now, male? What’s the next plan?”

Russell pulled out a map in response to her question.

“Our destination is here.”

“Um… Do, ni, te, wilderness?”

Muyaho stuttered over the name of the terrain, her eyes rolling.


She, who remembered paths by the shapes of mountains, trees, or the impression of rocks, was almost illiterate when it came to reading maps.

“If we move at full speed, it won’t take long, but if we travel discreetly at a fair pace to avoid others’ eyes, it will take roughly twenty days.”

“Ah. Um. That’s so. Twenty days…”

Following Russell’s explanation, she shifted her gaze from the map and nodded vaguely.

“And for the journey… we plan to use the mountains and forests rather than the main road. Is that alright with you?”

Had there been a well-established coach station system, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it to get close, but Endymion’s pride wasn’t without reason.

‘It’s better to move in a straighter line and slightly increase our speed instead.’

Muyaho responded to Russell’s question with a grin and a chuckle.

“Hey, male. Who do you think I am?”

She was Muyaho, the King of Beasts.

Like the elves, the beastfolk also lived based on forests and mountains.

With the travel path decided,

Russell and Muyaho began to walk again.



There were no special incidents after entering the Empire’s interior.

They were ordinary travelers, largely traveling through mountain paths less frequented by people.

Aside from the occasional low-level monster, they started moving at dawn and prepared for the night at midnight, continuing for several days.

It was on the third day of entering the Empire that Muyaho sensed something amiss.


She halted mid-step with her burdensome back as she stomped through the underbrush.

Sniffing, she scrunched her face.

“It smells like corpses, male.”


Russell’s senses had greatly improved since ascending to the realm of the supernormal, but they were nowhere near Muyaho’s level.

Besides, Muyaho was of the beastfolk.

It was natural for her sense of smell to far surpass that of Russell’s.

“That’s right. I smell many corpses.”

“Maybe there’s a communal cemetery nearby?”

Not all villages were adjacent to cities; there could be settlements of herbalists or loggers, for instance.

It was common to have a small village in the middle of mountains and a cemetery nearby used generationally.

Russell’s suggestion was met with a shake of Muyaho’s head.

“It doesn’t smell like the dirt of a grave or the evening primrose of a cemetery. Instead, it feels like the smell of living humans is completely overpowered by the scent of dead bodies.”


Even from just that description, it was clear that this was no ordinary matter.

However, this was Imperial territory.

‘I don’t want to go looking for trouble.’

With that in mind, Russell asked.

“Which direction is the smell coming from?”

“Forward. If we continue in the direction we’ve been going…”

This situation seemed unavoidable… Recalling Muyaho’s words about human scents being enveloped by the smell of death, Russell sighed.

“Let’s at least check it out since it’s on our way.”

“Okay, male.”



Shortly after.

Russell came upon a small village of loggers.

Or rather, what had once been a village of loggers.


Monstrous beings that couldn’t die but still moved.

Not just a handful but seemingly dozens over—this was no small number of undead.

Creak, creak, creak─

Dozens of skeletons with grand skeletons carried axes that seemed to have belonged to them in life as they roamed the village.


Several small ghouls, likely once children, wandered the alleys with slow, limping steps.

Some were gnawing on wooden home walls or tables as if having turned into hungry ghosts.

Ugh, ugh.

There were also many undead who seemed to be the families of loggers.

“It’s like…”

Muyaho murmured in a deep voice before the spectacle.

“The corpses have formed a village to live on.”

Her words painted the scene; the entire village had become undead.

Sometimes, if a magical singularity arose in places like cemeteries, undead would naturally emerge, but this situation was excessively numerous.

Such a sight of an entire village transformed into undead meant one thing:

‘This could have only happened through the hands of the heretical cultists.’

“Don’t think this ends here… The darkness hasn’t ended, and a greater darkness remains. The continent will drown in blood and shadow. The end will consume you…”

Russell clicked his tongue in annoyance, whether it was just a feeling or the mention of cultists that triggered a memory.

Of course, he couldn’t be certain that the heretics responsible for this small village’s fate were connected to the others.

But a heretic was a heretic.

Moreover, he had recently learned of their involvement in his father’s demise.

“First, we better clear the situation. Lady Muyaho.”

Having come this far, there was no passing it by.

“Although they’ve become wraiths, none of them sought such a life. So…”

Russell finished his thoughts with a sigh and gathered his mana.

“…let’s give them peace.”


As if echoing Russell’s sentiments, the wind mourned with sorrow.


Simultaneously, whirlwinds arose around them, morphing into arrow-like shapes.

Wind magic of the mid-lower tier, Shock Bolt, superimposed with shock waves and launched; it could shatter a low-tier undead’s skull in an instant.

Almost clearing the area in one fell swoop,

Russell had dozens of wind projectiles at the ready when a green spear hovered before his eyes.


Solemn Farewell to the Undead Village.

It was an instant when the simple mid-lumberjack village became entirely undead.

Lay to rest the calamity-befallen village.


Low-grade Magic Stone (Edible) x2

‘A mission?’

Though the reward was meager for the difficulty level, the term ‘MISSION-Ⅰ’ suggested more to follow.

Sensing potential trouble, Russell’s eyes narrowed with determination.

The Mage Who Swallowed the Dragon.


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