Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 206


Dragon devouring mage


“Give us five days… just five days,” the man and woman requested, having secured a promise from Dalton. Once the pair left, the hall was enveloped in a heavy silence. It was understandable given who Andreas Dalton was.

He was one of the Five Stars of the Il Omangseong organization, one of the four groups that divided the dark underworld of the Arcane Empire.

Though now aged and sitting comfortably as the manager of a casino, just a decade ago he was known in the underworld by the nickname “Fighting Dog.” If someone crossed him, he’d pick a fight; if a fight came to him, he’d bite first and hold on without letting go. It was only natural that such behavior earned him that nickname.

But now, this same man had backed out of a fight without even trying. A man more fit to be wagging his tail rather than bearing the monicker of a Fighting Dog.

Breaking the silence was one of his subordinates, blade drawn, who had been watching the events unfold. “Lord Dalton, even so, this might be… a bit much.”

In the underworld, reputation was as important as actual strength. Should word spread that even Dalton backed down without a fight, their organization’s stature would be gravely damaged.

‘We won’t be able to show our faces properly from now on.’

‘The other three organizations will mock us openly.’

The outcome was crystal clear.

“Exactly, who do they think they are to challenge us?!” Once one man spoke up, others began voicing their thoughts without hesitation, one of them clenching a shimmering scimitar.

“Should we chase them down and bring them back right now?”

At that suggestion, Dalton, who had been silent, jumped up in alarm. “Madness!”

Crash! In his shock, he knocked his whiskey-filled glass onto his desk, spilling its contents.

Oblivious to the alcohol seeping into his trousers, Dalton trembled uncontrollably. “Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Those people are a storm…”

Many presumed Dalton fit right into the underworld due to his Fighting Dog-like nature, but that wasn’t the sole reason for his rise to his current position. The first was his intuition.

Even with his prowess, he couldn’t begin to sense the depths of Russell and Mu Yahuo’s power, but his abnormal intuition, honed through years navigating the dark corners of the underworld, warned him not to mess with them. To let them be.

‘And the second…’

Ironically, it was his skill. Though he now occupied a position at the helm of the underworld, once a master-class aura practitioner able to wield Sword Qi, he had been a warrior befitting of any knight’s rank in any nation.

Of course, his abilities had waned with age, but still…

‘An unfathomable level.’

Standing before them, sensing his life hung in the balance and unable to gauge their strength, he only felt a dizzying sensation akin to staring into the abyss.

‘In their thirties? Forties?’

The woman appeared to be in her late twenties, and the man seemed to be around that age. It was a rough guess, the near-white platinum hair making it hard to ascertain their true ages. It was folly to guess the age of such mighty figures based on appearance alone. Some rumors claimed that one such foreign powerhouse still looked like they were in their forties despite being over eighty.

“When a storm comes, all a man can do…”

So he simply repeated, trembling.

“…is lie flat until it passes.”

He appeared almost trance-like, unaware that one of his followers, eyes cunning as a serpent, was glaring at him from not too far away.

“The old dog is weakening.”

Descending from the casino’s penthouse, a man murmured to himself.

With snake-like cunning in his eyes and a red two-headed snake tattoo on his balding head, he was one of the young bloods in the casino, ambitious and skillful. Among them, he was even overtly coveting Dalton’s position.

“The great Fighting Dog has grown old and frail, his bite weakened.”

To think he had been frightened by just a pair of youths. One of his followers, overhearing his mutters, asked, “What should we do?”

“What should we do?”

If he played his cards right, maybe he could use this opportunity to make Dalton’s incompetence the talk of the stage, especially if he orchestrated it.

‘With one star less, the casino manager’s seat might be mine.’

A calculation befitting the underworld.

“Only with those loyal to me. Gather some more people.”

Completing his swift calculation, his eyes gleamed as he spoke with a heavy voice. To achieve his goal…

“Five days? We’ll kill them on the evening of the fourth day.”

…he first needed to prove that Dalton was nothing but washed-up.

“Kahaha. The human world is indeed full of wonders, is it not? Male.”

Tinkling softly, Mu Yahuo wound up the music box’s spring, chuckling in satisfaction. She had finally obtained it after sitting on the street for thirty minutes, throwing a tantrum to buy it. The sentiment was too significant to ignore.

“I should have stepped into this world much sooner.”

Russell smirked gently, feeling amused at the contradiction between her boisterous demeanor and the tranquil, pleasant melody reminiscent of blue fields and lakesides.

‘Impulsive sometimes, but a simple nature at heart.’

He warned Mu Yahuo, who was about to wind the spring again. “Lady Mu Yahuo.”

“I know, male.”

With a casual glance around, she shrugged. “Behind the wall are two, three on the roof to the right, one in the fourth-floor window to the left, and another pretending not to follow while buying cotton candy. More are appearing gradually…”

Mu Yahuo puffed her cheeks out crossly. “That nauseating sight of him eating cotton candy with such an undeveloped face… should I kill them, male?”

Russell couldn’t help but laugh at her absurd reasoning. What a bizarre world where one couldn’t freely buy cotton candy based solely on their looks. Of course, that wasn’t a good reason for murder, regardless.

“Let’s wait a bit more. Besides, their numbers are only increasing…”


“There are too many eyes here.”


Mu Yahuo nodded in understanding as she and Russell exchanged a quick consensus. They began to move, trying not to draw attention.

It would have been different in the daytime, but now the sun was setting heavily. In the inner city, who knew, but as they headed toward the outskirts, the number of onlookers quickly dwindled.

Sure enough, as they moved toward the city’s fringes, the crowd thinned rapidly. And with the crowd, the pursuers’ actions grew bolder, abandoning their stealth to openly follow.

‘Thirty-six, thirty-seven… forty.’

Russell checked off the increasing count as they quietly moved along a tranquil hiking path. They stopped in the middle of the hillside, where an open space lay before them.

“So this is where you’ve chosen for your graves?”

Emerging from the shadows, the man with the red twin-headed snake tattoo stepped forward.

Mu Yahuo grinned. “Oh! You’re that man who sulked like a balled-up dough over cotton candy!”


Visibly flustered by her vicious(?) verbal jabs, Mu Yahuo swiftly continued, “I was just thinking that you needed a good scolding. Kyahaha!”

“You …! I’ll torment you until you beg for death, then sell you for cheap!”

“Oh! If you have the strength to make me beg for death, then show me, male! You don’t seem that impressive!”

Mu Yahuo’s robust retort left Russell bitingly amused.

‘That’s not exactly the point…’

Considering how obsessed the man was with ‘mating’, it was ironic that he would be so oblivious in such matters.

“Kill them-!”


As the cacophony of shouts from the two was about to clash…

“Lady Mu Yahuo.”

A voice flowed from somewhere, pausing their cries. The men surrounding them, ready to charge, suddenly halted as if hit by an invisible barrier.

‘Why? Why?’

Before they could register the reason, Russell’s voice followed. “Please, let’s not cause a scene. Be as quiet as possible.”

“As quiet as possible?”

Mu Yahuo frowned, as though quiet was an alien concept in her life. Nevertheless, Russell gestured firmly.

“Yes. Quietly.”

With a sigh, Mu Yahuo clenched her fist halfway.


A sound as adorable as the fluffy fur that now covered her fist, which morphed into an animal-like appendage. The thick, black pad of a canid appeared, followed by a sharp claw, shooting forth.

A single, cute claw had sprouted.

Mu Yahuo glanced at her claw and the enemies alternatively, sighing again.

“Quietly, quietly…”

The following day, Dalton sat with his head bowed in an atmosphere akin to that of a funeral. He was wary of the two individuals seated before him – none other than Russell and Mu Yahuo.

“What about the cover identities?”

With a curt, sardonic ask, Dalton hastily placed two identity tokens before them, trembling hands following with several documents.

“The man is thirty-two, the woman twenty-seven. Their identities belong to a Northern couple who disappeared two years ago. No relatives seem concerned, and they went missing soon after their migration here. The documents should show nothing that could be a problem…”

“Nothing problematic, indeed.”


Dalton’s shaky voice responded.

“The payment will then cover yesterday’s events?”

“If you mean by yesterday’s events…”

“Having an opposing faction in your organization wiped out without lifting a finger is a stroke of good fortune, isn’t it?”

Russell’s pointed words drained the color from Dalton’s face, who had allowed this, knowing but not interfering.

“That… That is…”

“Surely eliminating the rival faction in one fell swoop doesn’t leave the debt of your identity papers unpaid…”

It was paramount never to underestimate one’s dealings in the underworld. As a powerful figure, one must always rule with authority to ensure that the likes don’t bare their teeth.

Convinced by Russell’s adept handling, Dalton nodded with tears in his eyes.

“That’s correct!”

Having already amassed a tidy sum at the casino, they now even obtained fake identities without cost.

‘Coming here to squander, yet walking away richer.’

The prelude to entering the empire didn’t seem too bad after all.

The Dragon Devouring Mage.


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