Dragon Devouring Chapter 167




With swift steps, Russel’s form dashed through the well-maintained streets like a gust of wind. He wanted to use flight magic to enter the royal palace in one breath. However, unless it was a special occasion, using flight magic instead of the roads within the capital was strictly forbidden.

It was nearing lunchtime, and although many people were on the roads, Russel paid them no mind. His dynamic vision and reflexes far exceeded those of ordinary men. Moving like a whirlwind, he lightly stepped through the crowds using a technique included in La Mancha, a movement technique known as “운신법.”


With each step, the scenery around him blurred, accelerating by, and Russel’s eyes sunk gravely as the royal palace came into view, all due to the content written in the urgent missive. Though the details weren’t specified, the urgency of the matter was easy to guess.

‘The instruction is that all Wizard Tower Masters and Aura Masters of Dahn-in level within the capital must immediately enter the royal council hall upon receiving this message.’ A ‘Dahn-in’ referred to Aura Masters who were equivalent to Wizard Tower Masters in terms of skill.

It wasn’t just one or two people; this called for a summoning of all such individuals currently in the capital. It was essentially a quasi-state of emergency.

‘What on earth is going on…?’

As Russel approached the palace, he noticed other magicians converging on the location, faces stern with urgency. Not only magicians, but…

Clank, clank-

Ore-clad Aura Masters distinct in their armor also appeared, numbering around ten or so. It seemed that about one-fifth of the kingdom’s Tower Masters and Dahn-in level experts were gathering here.

With such a force assembled…

‘If it came down to it, such power could face even a Superhuman level threat, or bring down a small kingdom within ten days.’

It was a scene that would have caused chills and outrage for diplomatic reasons, had the high-ranking officials of neighboring countries witnessed it. Amid friendly nods to familiar faces, Russel passed through the main gate of the royal palace and made his way towards the council hall.

‘Considering that neither my master nor the Spear Tower Master and others are visible, it’s safe to assume they are already inside the council hall.’

As expected, upon arrival, five figures sat in the seats of honor: the Tower Masters representing Red, Blue, White, Yellow of the Wizard Towers, and the Weapon Master who protects the kingdom, Gillian Falson.

Russel sensed the unusual atmosphere and took his assigned seat. To his left and right sat Vermillion and Hubert, their expressions rigid.

It was apparent that the magicians assembled were seated according to their respective affiliations. Although the Fire Tower had the most members present, the circumstances didn’t leave room for pride or boasting.

As the council chamber slowly filled and the key figures of various departments arrived in succession, the voice of the head steward resonated through the hall.

“His Majesty the King makes his entrance!”

Click, click-

At that announcement, everyone rose from their seats. A moment later, the king, Alfonso Ratmos, appeared and raised a hand, his expression serious.

“We’ll forego unnecessary formalities given the situation. Please, be seated.”

“Yes, Your Majesty-!”

After the quick exchange, the king turned his gaze towards the Tower Masters and Gillian Falson.

“Some of you may already be aware, but for the sake who aren’t informed, I will call those who can shed light on the situation.”

‘Shed light?’ Russel tilted his head, wondering. Generally, the king himself or a bureaucrat would brief on most matters…

This matter seemed particularly unusual.

“Bring them in!” At the king’s command, two presences began to emanate from outside the council room. The expressions of the strong gathered shifted subtly, not because the presences were overwhelmingly powerful, but because they were distinctly unique.

‘These presences are…?’ Russel had previously encountered them more than once.

Not long after, one of the chamber doors opened, and two figures emerged.

“I am Azlan, the first guardian of the Blue Vine Tribe, greeting Endymion’s ruler once again.”

The man who introduced himself as Azlan possessed pallid skin resembling carved ivory, along with hair and eyes as golden as his long, pointed ears.

Following him, a being of contrasting appearance spoke.

“Madus of Underworld greets the king of Endymion.” His breath heavy with the snort when he talked, and despite his short stature, he had arms and calves as thick as an adult man’s waist, each feature clearly of the dwarf race.

“We beg your pardon for our ignorance of human customs,” they said together, their unique racial traits evident amidst the stirring of the council chamber.


“An elf and a dwarf together visiting our kingdom?”

Among them, some quickly connected the dots with the limited information revealed.

“If we’re talking Underworld and Great Forest, aren’t those located in the southwestern part of the kingdom?”

“Could it be something has happened in the southwest of the kingdom…?”

Amid the murmuring and speculation, the king raised a finger, silencing the room as he addressed the duo.

“I understand you are tired and weary. But given the situation, could you recount the matter once more?”

“Yes, ruler of Endymion.”

Azlan lifted his head, his earnest eyes scanning the room.

“As the first guardian of the Blue Vine Tribe and on behalf of all the fairyfolk of the Great Forest, I humbly ask for Endymion’s help.”

Madus followed up on his plea.

“Likewise, on behalf of all dwarves of Underworld, I ask for help. Please aid Underworld and the Red Canyon.”

* * *

After briefly presenting the conclusion, the main point was simple. Suddenly increased monster numbers had formed an army, attacking everything around them, and had forced the fairyfolk, including elves, to retreat to the outskirts of the Great Forest.

Not only that, but the monsters pouring out of the Great Forest were now spreading through the Red Canyon where Underworld was located.

‘That must be why both the elves and dwarves are requesting aid.’

The issue was the number of monsters.

‘How great must the number of monsters be if the fairyfolk of the Great Forest and dwarves of Underworld are both turning to us for assistance?’

The king, Alfonso Ratmos, too seemed curious.

“If it’s enough to be called an army, the numbers must be considerable. Can we get the specifics?”

“By all means.”

The dwarf nodded and opened an interdimensional space, revealing an artifact that was evidently used for accessing such a space. He pulled out a large, iron box with a round glass attached to it from the spatial gap.

“Just recently developed by Underworld, this is an image projector. When you turn it like so…”


An array of light burst from the glass and projected onto a wall, revealing several clear images.

“…It can project images clearer than any painting.”

The technology seemed akin to image frame magic, astonishing indeed, but there was no time to marvel at it. The images cast upon the wall were too shocking.


“Are these numbers for real? They’re not even cockroaches!”

The sheer number of monsters in each image appeared to be in the thousands, and considering all images were from different regions, the total was—

“Tens of thousands, maybe more…”

The king murmured as silence fell.

‘elle should save this document, if the lar’ />

The atmosphere grew tense as everyone realized that even the elves and dwarves couldn’t withstand the monsters’ numbers, and now they threatened to spread outward from Underworld and reach Endymion’s borders.

“We need to form a punitive force immediately!”

“Orders must be issued to the lords of the southwestern border to conscript soldiers!”

“If we send magic users and knights through warp gates…”

The urgency of the situation dawned on the senior officials, each proposing solutions, when Russel cautiously raised his hand.


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