Dragon Devouring Chapter 160



* * *


The five heads roared in unison.

The overwhelming presence of the dragon species within shook the human spirit and body, and with it, the Hydra set its massive body in motion.

Thump, thump, thump, thuuuump!

The creature caused ripples with its forelegs and, with all its heads writhing, it twisted its body in a massive upheaval!

Moving such a colossal figure was akin to wielding a weapon of mass!


A gale-force wind swept through the area.

The trees of the marsh under the Hydra’s bulk shattered instantly, their fragments dispersing in all directions.

Woogi-jeok, Bang.


As a second wave, a tide mixed with wooden fragments hit out of nowhere.

It showed that even in a swamp, as in a tsunami, such a wave could rise.

An entity that recreated this effect with its sheer mass alone!

Floating through the air to avoid its onslaught, Russell frowned.

‘It’s not working…’

For some reason, his power as Dragon Emperor had no effect on the creature.

It wasn’t merely an issue of non-submission; the thing didn’t even show the faintest sign of hesitation.

No, more precisely, it wasn’t so much that it wasn’t working—

‘It feels like it’s being blocked before it even reaches.’

It seemed as if something was preemptively blocking the dominion his Dragon Emperor’s power possessed.

He tried wielding his power a few more times out of desperation, but nothing changed.

‘No choice then.’

Russell exhaled a long breath, gathering his mana.


Domination was the best plan, but even without it, they had ample alternative measures.

Besides, no matter how powerful a five-headed Hydra may be, it stood no chance against two Archmage-level sorcerers!



Alan took action first, tilting five layers of shields to let the creature’s mass assault slip past and froze the oncoming tidal waves in place.

Out of the Hydra’s five heads, when one gaped wide, Alan plunged a massive block of ice into its maw.


The weight from the ice force made one of the heads sway heavily.

The venom that was about to pour out was now trapped in the ice.


It took less than a second, mere fractions really, for an icy mass large enough to fill a house to form and plug accurately into the creature’s mouth.

Just as the Hydra’s eyes sparkled, it crushed the frozen block between its teeth.

Crunching the ice, another mouth gaped open, ready to release the venom it had stored.

At that moment, the mana from Russell’s fingertips took over the skies.

It split into dozens, hundreds of streams, twisting and turning to create a whirlwind.


A fiery vortex resembling flames spun through the sky in an instant, unveiling hundreds of firebolts at the site.

The dawn’s cold air retreated with the heat.

The poison gas meant to pour out as a poisonous breath was incinerated within the mouth, quicker than it could escape.

It would have been impossible for an ordinary creature to survive the bombardment of fire darts to its mouth, throat, and internal organs.

However, Hydra was no ordinary creature.

It belonged to the highest class of dragon species, endowed with abundant dragon lineage in an era where myths had met their end.

The magical defense of such a creature far exceeded the imagination.

‘He’s still standing after all that—direct hits in the mouth and throat, with mere low-tier magic?’

Considering the direct impact on mucous membranes, one would expect it to be somewhat effective.

‘If that’s all the effect it has internally, then the surface wouldn’t even be scratched.’

Only higher-tier magic could be used for an external assault.


Black smoke billowed from the mouth that had endured the storm of flames, the creature’s body swaying dramatically.

Seemingly learning from its two failed attempts, it rolled its ferocious eyes without opening its mouth.

The sight of five heads and ten eyes looking in different directions was both grotesque and fierce.

The creature then chose magic.


The roar substituted an incantation, and the rage that flowed seemed to stir the ambient mana.

A display of magic truly befitting a dragon species; in response, a gigantic magic circle formed above each of the five heads.

‘What is that—!’

Russell’s eyes quickly deciphered the structure of the magic circle.

Though different from human spells, as long as it was essentially magic, it could not evade Russell’s eyes.

Rational intellect and keen intuition dissected the spell structure swiftly, and it didn’t take long to reach a conclusion.

‘Is it a lightning strike?’

Indeed, powerful lightning bolts!

If they were to strike down into the swamp, they would undoubtedly deal indiscriminate damage to friend and foe alike. But that is of no concern to the beast.

To it, the creatures it commanded were less than pawns on a chessboard. It could afford to lose them and simply gather more.


The magic circle turned into a radiant thunderbolt. Thunder and lightning painted the black-smoked sky blue.


The moment the thick bolts of lightning descended through the area…


The Hydra felt an anomaly. Its body shuddered as every scale seemed to stand on end with an eerie sensation.


The lightning, which should have struck in a straight line, began to drift sideways through the sky, being drawn as if into someone’s grasp.

Cloudy Ring.

If the lightning had been released immediately, perhaps it would have hit, but lingering in the air to increase its power was a lapse.

With enough time, using the Cloudy Ring to collect the pouring lightning was simple for Russell.

Kurung, Kururung—.

Lighting gathered at his fingertips, swirling into a spiral.

Soon, it converged into a single point, shaping a massive vortex.

If the 5th-circle’s mightiest lightning magic was Mjöllnir of Thunder Giant,

The thing now forged at Russell’s fingertips resembled a massive harpoon.

Keraunos (Κεραυνός).

A spell named after the legendary Zeus’ (Ζεύς) thunderbolts, wielded by the former chieftain of the Olympian gods, was now at Russell’s command.


The lightning crackled, the sky vibrating with its discharge.

As the spell was completed, Alan, as if on cue, slammed his prepared mana onto the surface of the water.

Pure ice, also an insulator, solidified amidst the natural formations of the swamp, erecting an icy barrier around the Hydra!

The spell left Russell’s fingertips.


The thunderous lightning surged down irresistibly, striking the Hydra along its spine.


* * *

The thunderclap from the heavens could frighten any human, let alone when a giant bolt of lightning struck right before their eyes!


A deafening roar deafened the ears as white light enveloped the land, flickering continuously between light and darkness.

The point of impact radiated shockwaves, and in an instant, the water within the ice barrier evaporated cleanly.


Resulting steam blanketed the area.

It was literally a scene of great destruction.

Such an incredible sound and sight caused the monsters and the fighting people to pause in their tracks!

“What… what is…?”


Feeling the ripple and slight shockwave travel through the swamp water, one of the knights muttered involuntarily.

He gulped down his saliva.

No matter how mighty the Hydra may be, could it have survived a strike as powerful as that?

Yet, the two wizards facing the Hydra had a different opinion.

‘The effect was sufficient, but…’

‘Couldn’t it have ended with a single blow?’


As feared by the magicians, the Hydra was still alive.

Though it suffered tremendous damage and two of its heads were charred beyond recognition.

It was writhing its remaining three heads, still able to move its massive frame.

A single hit could have split a giant cliff or possibly reversed rushing rivers.

To be still breathing after such an attack was not only tough but almost miraculous in its magical defense. However, the advantage was already on their side.

With somber eyes, Russell and Alan began casting their next magic spells.


A giant ice sword seems to slash through the Hydra, followed by a spear of flame that pierced right through its body.

Hwarururuk, Pung!

The searing spear burst inside the creature, repeatedly causing the Hydra’s body to inflate and deflate like a balloon.

It was a strike shaking the outside as well as the innards!

But of course, the Hydra was not merely a passive target.

It continued to launch magic as a counterattack while stirring up storms with its massive body.


Even as it looked for an opportunity to spit out its venom-laden breath!

For an ordinary criminal, no, even for a trained elite, being caught in the midst of their fight would leave no corpse behind.

Their battle, which far exceeded the scope of any normal fight, was more akin to a natural disaster.

Support was out of the question, even daring to intervene was difficult.

Amidst this chaos, Count Rainkel’s conclusion was utterly sound.

“Do not approach! Fall back the lines!”

The count aimed to clear the way for the two freewheeling mages to leverage every bit of their capability.

Realizing the count’s intent, the knights raised their voices in succession.

“Maintain your distance! For now, exit the swamp and rebuild the defensive wall in the wetlands!”

“Don’t scatter the ranks! Once the mages retreat, move out quickly!”

“Our foes are not the Hydra, but the monsters it commands!”

Feeling their allies gradually distancing, Alan smiled faintly.

Now, he could bombard with magic more freely.

Responding as if to his thoughts, the area began to freeze, and Alan marveled softly at the precise and swift surge of magical power.

‘This is 6th circle…’

A single step up.

Just one step higher, but what a difference it made.

As if conquering the peak of a towering mountain, he felt a rush of exhilaration.

Of course, it didn’t take long for that thrill to ebb away.



Stunned by the menacing surge of mana, Alan hastily turned his head.

There was Russell, floating in the air, casting his magic.

‘At such a fleeting moment, to gather such mana…’

Were their practices and experience so divergent, despite being on the same level?

Apparently, the mountain Alan had ascended and Russell’s were quite different indeed.

‘Of course, Sir Russell.’

Any pride he might have felt was trivial in comparison. If nothing went awry, this magic would be the final blow.

Just as he thought so, a voice filtered into the nearly-dead Hydra’s consciousness.

– It would be a pity to end it this way, wouldn’t it?

A barren, dry voice that would surely be black if it had a color.

– The power of the dragon blood I’ve given you is not so meager. Rise now, my offspring.

Along with the voice, dark shadows engulfed the Hydra.


The Dragon-Devouring Mage.


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