Dead End Chapter 98

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 98

Chapter 98

No matter how noisy the seagulls were, there was no way they wouldn’t react to the distinctive sound of gunfire. Son Taehwan watched the creature flailing chaotically and even considered abandoning it and fleeing. Its excellent ability to attack would be useless if blinded, like a fat man unable to see through his eyes.

“Should I retreat now? Wouldn’t that be good enough?”

Yet Son Taehwan did not back down. He shifted his aim from the creature to the red gasoline can. Killing the steel spike was not his only goal – without securing that gasoline, the entire fight would be for naught.

“Damn it. Now that it’s drawn here, I must kill it. What am I afraid of? Let’s do this. You can do it, Son Taehwan. You’ve got this.”

Flashbacks of the pastor’s self-destruction came to mind. Both Park Donghyuk and the pastor had told him to survive and then died inexplicably.

Now, only Shepherd and Han Sujin remained.

“I hate seeing more people die. Let’s take the gasoline, Son Taehwan. You can do it.”

Son Taehwan took a deep breath and aimed at the steel spike once more. Following his military training, he held his breath and steadied his trembling fingers, slowly pulling the trigger.

After he pulled the trigger, he immediately realized his mistake.

“Damn it!”

He could see from his vantage point exactly how the bullets flew, with infected seagulls being blown to pieces left and right.

The shot should’ve hit its mark given the distance – at a Chilean base or elsewhere – and though Son Taehwan had aimed correctly, the bullets did not travel straight.

“Could it be because of the crevasse earlier!”

He immediately checked the barrel of his rifle. It may have been sturdy, but it had bent sideways when Son Taehwan fell into the crevasse. The slight bend resulted in an incremental but significant deviation over the fifty meters, causing the bullet to graze past the steel spike’s head. The seagulls exploded upon impact, and the steel spike turned its gaze towards Son Taehwan’s hiding spot.

“We’re screwed!”

Inside the observation tent, used for documentary filming, Son Taehwan flinched, tempted to move but stayed put. This tent was designed to blend into the surroundings of Livingston Island with a digital pattern similar to the environment. Its camouflage effect was trustworthy.

And as hoped, both the seagulls and the steel spike were fooled. The presence of nearby seagull nests and the quick one-touch setup of the tent helped to deceive the steel spike.

Additionally, Son Taehwan had wisely not set up the tent on the ice earlier – had he done so, the smell might have given him away.

“Don’t move!”

A rock smashed beside the tent, but Son Taehwan remained still. The creature had heard the sound, but it had not spotted him yet.

As a horde of seagulls accompanied it, the dreaded steel spike stumbled towards Son Taehwan. Clutching the revolver in his hand, he swallowed hard. Charging forward and firing now would be suicidal. Surrounded by seagulls, he risked being infected or gruesomely mutilated.

If only he could call Han Sujin for help on the radio, but he had lost it earlier at the crevasse.

“Is this a test of nerve? Either I kill it, or it kills me!”

The steel spike, relentless like a tank, continued its advance toward Son Taehwan’s hiding spot.

Now only 40 meters. No, 30 meters.

Even with its impaired vision, the steel spike would soon notice the tent. Son Taehwan knew the timing was crucial for his escape, yet his feet wouldn’t move.

“I need something, anything, to distract it! Just one thing!”

With eyes shut tight, Son Taehwan clutched a flare stick in one hand and the revolver in the other. There was no choice left but to launch a final assault.

And just as he was about to leave the observation tent…

Did his haphazard prayer find an ear? A loud bang erupted, followed by chaos.


To his astonishment, a drilling machine nearby began to crumble into the dirt.

The culprit of the situation had toppled over onto a seagull nest. As the dirt exploded outwards with a deafening sound, the seagulls, mistaking it for the prior explosion, scattered into the sky.

But the unexpected turn of events didn’t end there. A screeching sound ensued as the entire drilling apparatus collapsed, and the steel wire hanging from it swung through the air like a warhammer, reminiscent of a medieval trebuchet launching a giant rock.

The winch at the end of the wire mowed down seagulls in its path and smashed directly towards where the steel spike stood. Like a bomb detonation, the heavy metal hit the stone surface, sending shrapnel in all directions. The impact bent the steel spike’s right leg, and the monstrous zombie slammed its head onto the ground.

All this happened in a mere 2-3 seconds, and Son Taehwan could only stand outside the tent, dumbfounded.

“What is this? Did some deity assist me?”

Regrettably, it was not divine intervention. It was the large ice chunk that the steel spike had carelessly thrown when it entered the seagull’s territory that had caused the problem. The ice chunk, flying towards the drill, knocked out two of its supports in a single strike, leading to the apparatus’s collapse in the direction of the steel spike.

Staring blankly, Son Taehwan looked at the flare stick in his hand.

The seagulls had all ascended in response to the sudden event, leaving the horribly wounded steel spike grounded. Unable to throw objects without firm legs – which were now severed – and with both eyes already destroyed by the seagulls, producing black steam from the sockets, the steel spike was incapable of sight or effective assault.

Closing the gap now meant certain death.

This was the small chance Son Taehwan had desperately sought. The steel spike, tripped by its injured leg, flailed helplessly about 20 meters away, and Son Taehwan had a revolver in his grasp.


Despite knowing it was foolish, he bellowed from deep within, igniting the flare stick and hurling it far away. The seagulls, initially shocked by the collapse, were now distracted by the newly thrown flare.

Son Taehwan raced towards the end of his battle on Livingston Island, covering the final 20 meters. The steel spike, still not registering the attack due to its injury, remained oblivious to his approach.

Even a direct hit to the head wouldn’t guarantee death. Son Taehwan, quaking with fear, nonetheless pushed on to get closer.


Soon, the final shot from the revolver rang out across the open air. The gap was just 2 meters, the closest Son Taehwan could get.

Recognizing Son Taehwan by the noise, the steel spike raised an arm to throw something, but the bullet exiting the barrel reached its skull first. Son Taehwan nearly pressed the muzzle against the creature’s head, and with a whoosh, the skull cracked open.


The .38 caliber revolver lacked firepower. Son Taehwan tried to pull the trigger again, only to remember that he had just fired his final round. It felt as if ice was raining down behind him.

“Shoot! I forgot to count the bullets!”

The steel spike had located Son Taehwan and was about to reach out with its remaining arm.

Once again, luck was on Son Taehwan’s side. The steel spike had forgotten that a killer whale had already torn off its left arm.

Attempting to extend its right hand, the steel spike lost balance due to the missing left arm, and Son Taehwan saw another golden opportunity.

The steel spike fell, exposing its back to Son Taehwan, who now stood beside a cluster of steel pipes that had detached from the winding machine. There was nothing left to hide behind.


As the steel spike reached out, Son Taehwan lifted the steel pipes and swung them fiercely at the creature’s neck, striking almost simultaneously.

Somehow, the cluster of pipes crushed the steel spike’s neck, sending a burst of black steam spraying out as the front part exploded open.

The dreadful zombie had finally met its end.

The creature raised its abnormally swollen arm for the last time before collapsing forward, releasing a thick black mist from its body as it fell.

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