Dead End Chapter 94

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 94

Chapter 094

Could 83 shells truly defeat an iron spike? The battle at the Chilean base was plainly revealing that the fearsome Alpha Zombies were unaffected by the difference in firepower.

Son Taehwan looked toward the Spanish base from a distance, where chunks of ice were falling. In the current situation, the only thing that could counter-attack in one fell swoop was explosives. He felt his hands trembling again.

If we can’t hold the high ground, we die.

And losing the airplane also means death.

No matter how many ships there are, it’s impossible to expect to reach South America by sheer luck sailing hundreds of kilometers.


“What? What are you talking about, Lieutenant? We gotta do something! The tubby one is coming up! I’m out of breath! Aiming fire doesn’t work!”

“Shepherd! Conserve the ammunition if you can! Bombs are on their way here!”

Shepherd knew well what Son Taehwan was talking about.

“How many minutes!”

“20 minutes! No, 30 minutes! Can you hold out?”

“30 minutes! Heh, I’ll give it a shot! I’ve got experience!”

“Okay! Of course, I’m not going to stick around here foolishly! I’ll diminish their numbers at the very least!”

It’s 3-4 kilometers in a straight line from the Spanish base here. But Han Sujin had to carry the 105mm shells through mountain paths. Even if one were to walk or run 4-5 kilometers, it would take at least 10 minutes. In other words, even if Han Sujin moved as fast as possible, it would take more than 30 minutes one way.

Son Taehwan was considering this timing and making plans for a sequential retreat when…


This was another unexpected event. The seagulls, thinking their territory had been encroached upon, weren’t they attacking the iron spikes instead? The indiscriminate shelling from the iron spikes ceased, and the zombies roared at their foes in the sky.

“What the? Why are they doing that?”

“Orcas attacked them too. According to our doctor, they operate on instinct.”

“I don’t understand the complex stuff. Anyway, damn, I’ve never been so glad to see seagulls!”

“No! It’s not the time to let your guard down! Get down!”

Son Taehwan shared his snowy disguise with Shepherd and donned the same himself.

Meanwhile, the skirmish between the seagulls and human zombies had become too gruesome to watch. The seagulls pecked endlessly at a chubby zombie, taking one of its eyes, and other zombies struggled as well.

The seagulls picked out eyeballs with their beaks and crushed the soft flesh. Consequently, the Beta Zombies began collapsing under the seagulls’ assault.

Although the seagulls did not break the skulls, they targeted all sensory organs like ears, noses, and eyes, which was even more deadly. Some zombies completely lost their sense of direction and tumbled down towards the sea, while others got mixed up, hindering the Alpha Zombies’ advancement.

“Looks like we might be able to hold out like this?”

“The birds of the sky have come to our aid. Perhaps ‘someone’ wants us to live.”

“Heh, with that state of things, we might not need that ‘someone’ for the zombies to get annihilated.”

If that flock of seagulls had attacked Han Sujin and Son Taehwan earlier, they wouldn’t have survived unscathed. The iron spike finally grasped a fistful of gravel and flung it upward like a shotgun, and the seagulls cascaded down like flies hit by the debris.

Son Taehwan stared piercingly at the third Alpha Zombie. Unlike other zombies attacked by the seagulls, this one was fighting back, using its withered arms like whips, and with every movement of its arms, a multitude of seagulls plummeted down as if swatted by a fly swatter.

Seeing this, the iron spikes and other zombies converged on the whip-wielding one’s location, while the seagulls ascended and circled them, tweeting and facing off against the zombies – like eagles swirling over a desert, with the seagulls encircling the Alpha Zombie.

Meanwhile, the sluggish outer Beta Zombies were being dive-bombed by the seagulls, attacking their heads. The seagulls relentlessly attacked another Alpha Zombie that was trying to encroach on their nests.

‘Humans might be the same.’

Son Taehwan found it ironic that this was all happening in Antarctica of all places. They eradicated countless animals for their convenience, and the former human zombies fighting the seagulls didn’t look much different from their previous selves.

“Phew. Now’s not the time to think about that. Girl, hurry up.” With the current bloodbath against the seagulls reducing the number of zombies, throwing bombs where they were could easily end this battle.

“Oh, I’m such a fool!”

At that moment, Son Taehwan realized he’d made an incredibly stupid mistake.

They had a plane, and at least enough fuel to fly over this area.

“What a moron! Instead of bringing the shell, I should have run over there! It would have ended much more simply!”

“What are you talking about? Speak in English, Lieutenant!”

Son Taehwan looked in the direction of the Spanish base, but it was already a decision made too late. And as if to mock his decision, the seagulls began flying towards them again.

Son Taehwan gazed at the red-flaring signal stick.

“You fool! You should have just run over here!”

Perhaps she was trying to signal something when she flared the signal stick. Sure enough, in the direction Han Sujin desperately indicated, more seagulls were flying from another island. Their numbers were even greater than the seagulls on this island.

“The, the orca carcass! Is that where the infection spread from!”

Yesterday, when the orcas’ fate was sealed, their carcasses must’ve drifted to other islands. And similar events unfolded there as occurred on this island – seagulls feeding on the carcass of an orca got infected by an Alpha Zombie. Those seagulls, upon hearing the sound of the clash with the iron spike, were drawn here to Livingston Island by some instinctual tribal urge.

Son Taehwan peered through his telescope towards the nearby Greenwich Island and where the one-eyed whale got severed, seeing seagulls approaching.

“This damn shit.”

“Lieutenant! Run!”

Like a scene from director Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds,’ the seagulls approached like a black fog towards Son Taehwan and Shepherd.

“Do you like sledging, Shepherd?”

“I hate Indiana Jones!”

Son Taehwan slid off his slick weatherproof suit and sat on it like a sled. Behind them, seagulls furiously chased as they had no choice but to abandon the high ground.

As they did on Nelson Island yesterday, the two began descending the steep slope like alpine skiers. Their buttocks thumped painfully on ice clumps as they went, but neither of them complained. A chasing seagull narrowly missed Shepherd’s hooded jacket as they seemed to hear the squawks and tweets of seagulls behind them.

“Should I shoot!”

“No! Hold onto my waist tight! If we’re flung off, it’s death!”

As Son Taehwan and Shepherd increased their distance from the seagulls’ nests, the birds one by one began to peel away, and by the time their frenzied escape ended, only a couple remained in pursuit.

Shepherd knocked one down with the butt of his rifle, and another met its end speared by a knife-lashed stick. Then, trailing behind them was the Minister with a backpack, following Han Sujin.

“(Panting) Haahh… haahh… Senior… What… What happened… (panting)”

“Shh! Everyone stay quiet! Those came from another island!”

Son Taehwan again scattered snow over them and draped everyone under the white cloth they’d brought from the Sejong Base. Although Alpha Zombies had strong instincts and some degree of intelligence, they were basically less intelligent than in their previous life. The seagulls stopped dead in their search for the suddenly motionless prey, swirling around them, then flitting back toward the battle site where the iron spikes were.

“Ah. So that’s why they flew back earlier!”

That was why Son Taehwan and Han Sujin encountered the seagull scouts without being attacked – Alpha Zombies exposed more flaws the lower the original host’s intelligence.

The four people exchanged breathless glances from under the tablecloth.

‘The seagulls seem attracted by the flare I shot earlier.’

‘We can use that to our advantage.’

Son Taehwan looked at the sweat-drenched Minister and Han Sujin. The Minister seemed to have been sent by Shepherd as a messenger, perhaps then crossing paths with Han Sujin again. His face was already stricken with fear, his stout body panting heavily.

‘Minister. Why did you run like that?’

‘If I fall this time, it’s over for me.’

‘You’re well aware.’

Son Taehwan, after throwing a slight jab, looked back at Shepherd.

‘Shepherd, can you make a timed fuse? Let’s blow those bastards up in one shot.’

‘A timed fuse? If I have some wires and a clock, I could make a contact detonator…’

Han Sujin casually handed over a watch and tinfoil, and Son Taehwan contributed signal flares and such from the shelter. Like a well-coordinated sales team, the two brought out items to help Shepherd.

Shepherd sniggered, initially annoyed, but laughed out loud seeing the items they pulled out.

‘Lieutenant. Still thinking with your head, it’s not quite desperate yet, is it?’

‘Of course. We must thrash about to the very end. Ever heard the story of the mouse that fell into a bucket of cream?’

‘Cheese? Damn. Now I want some cheese.’

‘Don’t worry, Shepherd. I’ll make sure you get plenty of cheese. Anyway, 150 kilometers to the Chilean mainland. 90 miles. Damn it, we still have a ship if we just stay alive. We’ve got to give it our all to smash those damned iron spikes.’

Shepherd cracked a rotten smile, and Son Taehwan mirrored him.

‘Maybe meeting you and the doctor lady here in Antarctica was luck.’

‘I was lucky too. Shepherd.’

‘Damn it. Don’t make me cry.’

Time for emotional exchanges was scant, as the scream of iron spikes echoed from the mountaintop, and they drew back the cloth.

Standing at the peak were three Alpha Zombies, including the iron spikes. Beta Zombies had been annihilated by the seagulls and the trio stood there like some legendary band. Despite the seagulls’ attacks, the three zombies precisely faced the direction where Son Taehwan’s group was located.

“Damn it all! Ice is pouring down!”

Throwing something from a high place makes it go further. Son Taehwan’s worst-case scenario unfolded before him: the iron spike hurled a massive ice boulder towards their position. Despite the 2-3 kilometers distance, the near-vertical descent of the ice caused a thunderous spread of snow in all directions.

Now, from the mountain summit to where the ice fell, the entire area had become a danger zone.

“Everyone run! We need to buy time for Shepherd to make the timed fuse!”

“Another stand?”

“If you want to face off against that bastard with guns, I won’t stop you! Do as you please!”

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