Dead End Chapter 92

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 92

Chapter 092

Son Taehwan unfolded his notepad and stared intently at the items they currently had and the map of Livingston Island.

The most crucial concern was where the iron spikes would land. If those creatures landed near the Spanish base, they would fail to protect the plane. Their top priority was the plane, and if the zombies attacked it, all hope would be lost.

However, the seagulls were still busily flying outside the shelter windows, obstructing their path.

“Damn it, the radio doesn’t work either! Maybe it’s because Shepherd and our group are too deep in the valleys.”

Livingston Island was surprisingly a mountainous terrain, which seemed to be causing radio interference. Son Taehwan had called Shepherd multiple times with no response.

“Could something have happened to him?”

“But, they definitely took a lot of ammo, right?”

“If the iron spikes have begun a full assault, Shepherd and the pastor alone couldn’t have held them off.”


While fiddling with the crackling radio, Son Taehwan swallowed hard. If it was indeed a total wipeout, they need not bother checking; they would just have to run towards the plane. If only that were the case, it would be a highly favorable scenario for Son Taehwan.

He quickly shook away that thought.

“No, no, I have to check. It’s the least I can do.”

The radio continued to crackle incessantly, prolonging Son Taehwan’s silence. The gulls settled on the roof of the shelter like crows, and from above, their squawking and the flapping of their wings could be heard.

Son Taehwan was timing with the watch he had brought along.

Communication had been cut off for already over ten minutes. During that time, Son Taehwan had not been able to abandon Shepherd without feeling cruel, nor could he move forward to check their fate. Han Sujin was going through the supplies in the waiting room, pulling out things like blankets, but Son Taehwan just looked at the second hand on the wall clock ticking away.

“Damn it, this is so messed up.”

He almost threw the clock, but instead placed it down and pretended to smoke a cigarette. Perhaps his increased anxiety was due to nicotine withdrawal.

“Han Sujin, let’s go.”

“Only my senior would decide to act now.”

“What do you mean ‘my senior’?”

“Heh, I knew you would make that decision, senior.”

“What decision did I make?”

“To rescue them and secure gasoline.”

“Miss. I’m not Superman, okay? How can I do all that?”

“Well, you seemed like Superman to me.”

For a brief moment, Son Taehwan looked incredulous, but then Han Sujin smiled and pinched his cheek.

The two of them draped blankets around themselves and sprinted out of the shelter. The seagulls launched a relentless attack on the newly emerged threats.

Son Taehwan had used an angle from inside the shelter to create space under the blanket. No matter how strong the seagulls were, they couldn’t completely tear apart the blanket.

“Senior! They’re attacking more fiercely than expected!”

“Damn it! What’s going on?! Anyway, dog! You are our guide now!”

The dog, whose name they still did not know, risked its life to lead Son Taehwan and his ‘masters’ that it had met just a few hours ago. The dog seemed accustomed to such situations as it nimbly dodged the seagulls’ attacks.

Because they were under the blanket, they were practically blind, relying on the dog as their eyes. Soon, the attack of the seagulls subsided, and the two, drenched in sweat, huffed as they climbed up a hillside path.

They could feel the crisp air, and when they could climb no further due to the steep incline, both the dog and the humans stopped.

“Senior, are you okay, hu-huff, okay…?”

“You’re unexpectedly erotic, hu-huff.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, hu-huff, hu-huff.”

Han Sujin hit Son Taehwan on the back of his head and cautiously peered out from under the blanket. They had climbed to almost the summit of Livingston Island, and from there they could see the gulls squawking around the drilling site. It was the highest point of the island, offering a clear view of its surroundings.

Han Sujin gasped for air and squinted as she looked toward the beach.

“Senior, hu-huff… the others!”

“Wait a moment!”

Son Taehwan took several deep breaths and looked in the direction where the Bulgarian base was. To their surprise, the Alpha zombies had already landed on Livingston Island.

Yesterday, Son Taehwan and his group, in conjunction with an AC-130, had fought off the killer whale, and in the meantime, those monstrous zombies trailed behind them, slowly advancing.

“Ice floes!”

It was soon clear how the zombies had followed them so quickly. The zombies had climbed on ice floes to pursue them across the strait. Many of the Beta zombies were likely swept away by currents or drowned, but at least one Alpha zombie had already set foot on the northeast coast of Livingston Island.

Bang, bang, bang.

It was like watching the Normandy landings. Bullets flew from somewhere, targeting the head of a zombie just as it stepped onto the beach.

“Huff, huff, Shepherd! Can you hear me?”

-Lieutenant Sir! Damn! I can hear you clearly now! Loud and clear!

“We’ve been chased by seagulls!”

-On this side, zombies have landed! We sent the pastor as a messenger; can you see him?

“Damn it, Shepherd! I’ve found the fuel drums, but the seagulls are a problem!”

-Those seagulls from earlier? I can see them flying around here too! And hold on a second!

Fortunately, they had received spare magazines from the AC-130. Shepherd was meticulously picking off targets single-handedly one by one. Son Taehwan could guess where Shepherd was hiding based on the distance at which he was engaging the enemy.

“A hundred meters from the beach. It’s hard to hit them with the naked eye beyond that.”

Son Taehwan re-estimated the distance to the beach using his Dragunov and its built-in rangefinder, but the distance was too great; his scope’s simple rangefinder could only tell it was roughly two or three kilometers away. His breathing had returned to normal, but his heart pounded wildly.

“Han Sujin. I’m giving an order. Head to the Spanish base. Retrieve the shells and the tent.”

“The shells?”

“I’ll pin Shepherd and those things down on the beach. With those shells, we can finish them off for good. No matter what, we have to end this!”

As soon as she heard those words, Han Sujin nodded and Son Taehwan unexpectedly made a move.


Feeling her lips against his, Son Taehwan was startled. Her breath invaded his mouth, and the scent of the biscuits she had eaten that morning mixed with her body scent subtly tickled his nose.

In a moment of realization, she was already racing with the dog towards the Spanish base.

“What was that! What did you do!”

“If you want to know why I did that, then don’t die! You can’t bear being curious, senior!”

She didn’t forget to flick her tongue teasingly.


Son Taehwan’s mind went blank for a moment. He almost dropped the emergency flare gun he had brought from the shelter. A cool wind brushed his cheek, and only after hearing Shepherd’s radio did he snap back to reality.

The onslaught of the iron spikes and the multitude of Beta zombies were no longer as formidable. The zombies could no longer hide behind the Betas to attack. Shepherd was deliberately targeting only the Alpha zombies, and those making their way ashore were hiding behind rocks to avoid sniper attacks.

-Lieutenant Sir! What are you doing! The zombies are starting to land in full force! You know we need to repel them before they land!

“Oh? Ah, I got it, Shepherd. I’m on my way!”

-Also, the pastor was found! I told him to fetch the shells! Damn! That chubby one!

An Alpha zombie dubbed the ‘Fatty’ made its appearance on the beach, drastically changing the tide of battle. The first zombie to land followed the Fatty’s lead, and the other Beta zombies hesitantly gathered behind it.

-You bastard! They’re mimicking mechanized infantry! Lieutenant, come over! We need a sniper!

“I know! I’m on the run! Damn, we’re in trouble!”

Shepherd fired his rifle, but the Fatty zombie had already advanced considerably onto the beach. Though Son Taehwan had broken its arm, it was still holding up, dodging Shepherd’s attacks. A piece of rotten flesh tore away from its stomach with a thwack, but Fatty’s advance was relentless.

Son Taehwan ran like mad towards Shepherd’s location, occasionally taking aim, but the distance was out of his sniping range. Livingston Island’s north-south span was a whopping 34 kilometers, and despite appearing close, it was a significant distance. Shepherd’s location was about 4 or 5 kilometers away?

Despite his urgency, the distance did not seem to close rapidly, and then the iron spikes themselves finally burst forth from the sea.

“Does he think he’s freaking Mazinger or something?!”

Water poured from the body of the iron spike, and seaweed fell off it in bundles. The creature continued to emit black steam from the spikes embedded in its neck and was missing an arm. Son Taehwan noticed the absence and radioed the news.

“Shepherd! It’s missing one arm!”

-Missing an arm?

“The killer whale! Yeah! It must have been bitten off fighting the killer whale… Damn it, Shepherd, take cover!

He had become complacent because it was missing an arm, but the iron spike exhibited abnormal muscular growth from the other arm, bulging grotesquely. Just then, an enormous ice floe hurtled towards them, landing near Shepherd’s location, a horrifying reminder of the Chile base nightmare.

Shepherd aimed for the iron spike with his rifle. However, the accursed ‘mortar’ had already taken cover behind a rock near the beach.

-Lieutenant Sir! Damn it! It’s disappeared!

“I can see it from here!”

-The sniper rifle!

“Four shots! Only four!”

Son Taehwan cursed as he observed Shepherd’s position and Livingston Island’s topography. The point where the zombies had landed was about 7 kilometers from the Spanish base.

‘Even if we set up a phase 1 and phase 2 for strategic retreat like at the Chile base, it would be futile given their combat power! We’ll be overrun if they land!’

Son Taehwan kept going down the slope, constantly thinking of ways to repel them, but it was to no avail. The Fatty zombie had already advanced another 30 meters on the beach, and Shepherd could barely retort, too preoccupied with dodging the iron spike’s attacks.

“Such a cunning bastard!”

The iron spike changed its attack pattern, lifting a massive killer whale zombie and throwing it towards Shepherd’s location. The killer whale zombie, not yet incapacitated, struggled in midair, and its black blood rained down from the sky.

The killer whale’s innards erupted outwards as the zombies threw it’s eviscerated carcass into the air, targeting the ground near Shepherd. They knew about the infection and didn’t hesitate to use another zombie as a weapon!

Son Taehwan finally realized why the gulls had reacted instinctively. Livingston Island was a place where instincts clashed, and the iron spike was a rapacious ruler incarnate.

‘The gulls feared the iron spike because it’s a monster that doesn’t care about its surroundings or anything else! Even the gulls instinctively tried to protect themselves!’

Considering this, it was quite strange that the killer whales, which hadn’t attacked humans while alive, began doing so once they became zombies. Perhaps the gulls and the killer whales knew how humans treated other species.

Humans easily extinguish another animal for even the most trivial purposes. This behavior hadn’t changed even in their zombified state.

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