Dead End Chapter 87

Dead End

Chapter 87

“There’s… probably no survivors.”

“Damn it. Can’t even say ‘that’s what they get’. Dammit! I was hoping to grab the equipment and items on board!”

The fuselage, after bouncing off the ice, folded in half and scattered debris over the sea and the shores of Livingston Island before exploding simultaneously. It seemed that a shell inside had detonated upon impact. The scene made it hard to imagine anyone could have survived.

“Look over there! The orca is showing up again!”

The group was followed by a single orca. The other orcas had likely been hit in the initial bombing or had gone after the penguins that headed toward another island.

“We’re going to get caught!”

The Grim Reaper that had once protected them was now gone, but a persistent one-eyed orca was hot on their trail.

“How far is it!”

“I don’t know! Roughly 30 meters!”

Closing a 30-meter gap was nothing for an orca. Moreover, this zombie orca seemed capable of relentless pursuit without tiring.

Son Tae-hwan tried to evade the orca by quickly maneuvering the controls, but it was futile. The orca, now aware that its aerial threat was gone, was doggedly chasing the boat.

Son Tae-hwan glanced back and managed to dodge its attack by reflex. An iceberg bounced off the boat with a thud, as the orca bit into it and dived back under.

“Son of a… It’s toying with us!”

“Senior! Let’s take shelter on the island! We’ll be okay if we can make it onto the shore!”

“Not this crap again! Look! It’s an ambush!”

After a few encounters, Son Tae-hwan could recognize the signs of the orcas’ ambush. Due to their size, the water would swell up like a convex lens, and chunks of ice would wobble.

Son Tae-hwan jerked the wheel again, shouting, as the boat swung around the outside of Robertson Island, while Pastor and Shepherd gripped the boat desperately.

It looked like they barely avoided the orca’s attack, only to realize that the one-eyed orca’s strike wasn’t just a simple nudge.

“A jump!?”

The orca shot up into the air, and for a moment, Son Tae-hwan thought night had fallen as the massive body of the whale descended in the boat’s path. He rapidly turned the wheel, and as the orca’s fin struck the side, the boat was pushed toward Robertson Island.

“Lieutenant sir! The engine! The engine seems to be broken!”

“Damn it!”

The frame connecting the engine to the boat was bent to the side, and the propeller was nearly sticking out of the water. Consequently, the boat was drifting gently towards Robertson Island rather than moving forward.

“We can’t move forward? Damn it, damn killer whale!”

At a glance, the frame was not something that could be repaired on the spot. With the engine broken and the orca already closing in, it was only a matter of time before they would be caught.

Son Tae-hwan looked at Robertson Island in despair, then suddenly his eyes lit up. To the south of Robertson Island was a gentle coastline, followed by a chain of icebergs with holes like a triumphal arch. He had been there before while dropping off researchers; the terrain was familiar.

“Moon Chung, what did you say earlier?”

“Huh? Senior?”

“What did you just say!”

“Let’s get onto the island?”

“Yes, that’s it!”

Son Tae-hwan ruffled her hair, and Han Su-jin tilted her head cutely.

“What? Senior, did you come up with another brilliant idea?”

“Haha, I’ve got a way to give that bastard a taste of its own medicine!”

Son Tae-hwan steered the boat toward the chain of icebergs. The boat was now shuddering and difficult to steer. Breathing deeply, Son Tae-hwan zigzagged forward.

“Yes, if it’s as I remember, we can subdue it there!”

“Senior! Are you planning to hit the ice wall?”

“No! That won’t kill the beast!”

“What do you mean no? We’re heading straight for it!”

Son Tae-hwan drove the boat through the arch-like icebergs. As they passed through the middle, the orca leaped up from behind them. He gripped the wheel tightly, and Han Su-jin screamed out.


“Quiet! No, not quiet! Han Su-jin, keep screaming!”


“Provoke it! Shepherd! Pastor! Scream!”

Shepherd and Pastor looked confused, but then joined Han Su-jin in yelling. Meanwhile, the boat passed the first arch. The orca collided head-on with the ice wall, causing it to crumble. Large pillars of ice fell on its head, but the one-eyed orca shook them off and dived again.

“Told you so!”

“That’s not it!”

The boat reached the second arch and approached the gentle sloped beach. Penguins that had fled from the orcas were climbing a slight hill. Son Tae-hwan had in mind that this was where they would make their stand.

“Shepherd! Fire just ten rounds at it!”

“I don’t understand, but roger!”

Shepherd fired five shots with his rifle toward the orca. With the boat rocking so much, hitting the whale was nearly impossible, let alone aiming for its brain with a rifle round.

As the shots rang out, small water spouts erupted, and the orca continued to chase the boat. Son Tae-hwan watched the approaching beast with a triumphant smile.

“Everyone hold on tight! We’re going up the shore!”

Han Su-jin seemed too overwhelmed to respond. She leaned against Son Tae-hwan, clutching the ropes attached to the boat, as did the others.

The boat surged forward towards the shore, as if propelled by a kick. Son Tae-hwan opened the throttle all the way, and with a puft-puft sound, the engine completely stopped.

However, the continuation of the text is missing, so we won’t know the final outcome of their plan until further information is provided.

The boat had already gained enough momentum and bounced up a low hill. This small incline was an unexpected stroke of luck for Son Tae-hwan’s party.

It was a scene similar to when they had descended the slope of Nelson Island. The boat leapt a good ten meters in the air and gently touched down on the beach, while the one-eyed killer whale that had been in hot pursuit followed the same path, soaring through the sky.

“Everyone get out of the way!”

Son Tae-hwan grabbed Han Su-jin’s hand and ran frantically forward from the boat, while the others quickly disembarked to dodge the whale.

The whale’s body spun in the air before crashing down onto the pebble ground with a thud, a distance away from the boat. Black blood splashed everywhere, soaking the penguins that had been beneath it.

It was like watching a giant sandbag drop from a high-rise building. Crushed under its weight, the whale’s ribs shattered, piercing through the skin on its back. Its head, having landed upside down, was smashed beyond recognition, leaving only its tail twitching feebly.

“Damn, every day is spectacular.”

“Ha ha. Tae-hwan, you realize I’m at a loss for words, right?”

“Are you okay?”

“I would be if you weren’t clinging onto me so tightly.”

Embarrassed, Son Tae-hwan quickly released her, and she stumbled to her feet and approached the others.

“Are you all okay?”

The minister and Shepherd were still gaping at the killer whale that had chased them, now a mess with wounds inflicted by Son Tae-hwan’s chainsaw, its black blood fiercely evaporating.

Shepherd aimed his gun at the beast, but Son Tae-hwan lowered it.

“It’s over. The beast is done for.”

“I see. It was a persistent one.”

The black steam rising from the killer whale’s body, as its blood spread out, indicated a fierce evaporation process. There was no suitable host around to infect like the typical Alpha Zombies.

“Senior, it seems that if it can’t find a host, the infection from that Alpha Zombie becomes useless.”

“Right. There was an answer right from the start: evaporation. Despite their fierce infectiousness, once their mobility halts, the hosts evaporate, leaving no time to spread the infection. Yes, that’s why there were so few Alpha Zombies.”

Son Tae-hwan sighed deeply as he crushed the infected penguins with his bayonet. No new Alpha Zombies emerged, and the whale zombie began to disintegrate, shrouded in black, fierce steam, starting with its more delicate organs.

“Su-jin, now I understand why they were after us. Do you see it?”

“Are you looking for a doctor’s opinion?”

“Doctor or not.”

“Isn’t it possible one of those zombies has taken a liking to you, senior? Judging by how persistently they’re chasing us.”

Han Su-jin spoke deliberately in English, and Shepherd and the minister burst out laughing. Once the laughter had tapered off, Han Su-jin continued.

“The infectiousness must be the key. Don’t you think they want what can infect an Alpha Zombie? Like the one you fought with in front of the power plant.”

The first Alpha Zombie that was infected had tried to inject black blood into Son Tae-hwan.

“Indeed, that one seemed more interested in infecting me than killing me.”

“The purpose of diseases and viruses is to spread.”

“But even things like these penguins get infected, right? Just infect the good ones.”

While staring at the dying penguins, Han Su-jin shook her head in disapproval.

“It seemed like they have their own roles to distribute. It’s likely that the hosts they seek possess high intelligence.”

“High intelligence?”

“Yes. Considering how they took down the Chile base, they must be after better hosts.”

Son Tae-hwan nodded, seeing the sense in her words. Alpha Zombies knew how to most effectively use the bodies of living creatures, which required considerable intelligence.

Would the one-eyed killer whale they dealt with have considered ambush tactics if it weren’t smart?

“A bid to spread by finding hosts. Hell, are they trying to create an empire of zombies?”

The minister trembled and began to recite prayers. Son Tae-hwan, an atheist, felt the urge to pray too at the sight.

He let out a sigh looking at the utterly destroyed whale carcass and the boat.

“Minister, we will have time to pray later. Let’s get out of here first.”

“Ah, I understand.”

“If we don’t manage to escape properly, it won’t matter whether it’s a zombie empire or not—we’ll be adrift at sea.”

Son Tae-hwan approached the engine to inspect it. It was soaked and the impact of the previous flight had smashed the propeller.

“Damn it. I suppose I should thank the Czech man anyway. Without this engine, we’d be dead.”

“True. Whew, nothing else we can do. Let’s start rowing towards Livingston Island.”

“Sir, what about the killer whale?”

“Considering the havoc we’ve wrought, it’s safe to assume it was the only one.”

Despite the noise of the motorboat engine and gunfire, no other killer whales followed. They had either been annihilated or severely wounded by the AC-130 bombing.

“Alright, let’s check the equipment we have. We’re almost there!”

Son Tae-hwan pointed towards Livingston Island, Moses-like. No one knew if there would be a plane there, but they couldn’t stay put.

“Hold on, sir. We’re all exhausted. Let’s take a brief rest.”

“Fair enough… Damn… Lost my watch, but this belly watch is always accurate, isn’t it?”

With the slanted sun rising, the others had no choice but to collapse onto the ground.

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