Dead End Chapter 84

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Son Taehwan thought back to the strange black object he had seen in the USB footage. It was clear that those who came into contact with that black something turned into alpha zombies one by one, and it was likely the cause of the incident.

Son Taehwan also realized that this object, referenced by Red Scorpion and Death’s Angel, originated from ‘Antarctica.’

“Maybe if we knew what that pathogen is, we could even make something like a cure?”

Son Taehwan continued to brainstorm as he pulled the boat. He was desperate not to dwell on thoughts of Han Sujin or any others, and his thoughts were proving quite useful.

“A vaccine? That’s right, there was one! There was already a vaccine.”

Son Taehwan took out an emergency vaccine set that resembled an atropine injection from his pocket. It was an item he had obtained after infecting and killing a black man at the Sejong Base, and until now he had completely forgotten about it, stashed away in the pocket of his cold-weather gear.

Looking at the syringe set, he suddenly remembered something Han Sujin had said. She had seen a strange corpse at the Chile Base on the day they joined forces with the Shepherds. It was definitely a living human, but its internal organs had already turned black, like those of a zombie. Later, Son Taehwan and Han Sujin would call it a beta zombie.

“Could it be?”

They had both forgotten about it due to the great battle that ensued immediately after at the Chile Base.

Where did these beta zombies come from?

Son Taehwan held the answer. As the emergency vaccine and the strange zombie seen by Han Sujin became connected in his mind, he couldn’t help but make a terrifying assumption.

‘That force already aware of the situation in the U.S. must have studied that black infection source and even created an emergency vaccine. Then Red Scorpion must have been infected by the black blood during the zombie eradication.’

Walking with the boat, he shuddered at the thought. The following situation was easy to imagine.

The Red Scorpion, infected with blood, would naturally use the emergency vaccine.

And, surprisingly, the vaccine worked.

“But that was just the appearance. How could they simply remove such a powerful infection or whatever that was?”

The corpse seen by Han Sujin had already undergone ‘mutation’ before dying. It was reasonable to think that a person exposed to the alpha zombie’s black blood underwent some chemical reaction inside the body while being vaccinated.

“Isn’t that right, you bastards! If it was so easy to get rid of the infection source of the alpha zombie, would they have spread that damn vaccine and prevented it! They wouldn’t have needed to blow up Antarctica whole!”

Considering the situation, it’s likely that the ones who made the emergency vaccine knew it wasn’t effective at all.

And another thing.

The beta zombies had inferior combat abilities compared to the alpha zombies. If they knew that?

Son Taehwan shivered. Naturally, it was better to eliminate beta zombies rather than alpha zombies. That is to say, it seemed the emergency vaccine wasn’t a vaccine at all but something that turned them into something else entirely for emergency elimination.

“This is such bullshit!”

Son Taehwan screamed at the sky. As another hypothesis dawned on him, he threw his eyes toward the sky as if he was mad.

Han Sujin, who had been dragging supplies and fuel towards the curtain, looked at Son Taehwan in surprise.

“Se, Senior, what’s wrong?”

“It was the vaccine!”

“What was?”

“This vaccine created the beta zombies!”

“The vaccine?”

“The infection source of the alpha zombies isn’t that widespread. It was the beta zombies that caused such a state on King George Island. Beta zombies are more infectious!”

The video on the USB showed that the black infection source that created alpha zombies was very limited. Of course, its infection power was tremendous, turning anyone it touched into a zombie immediately, but apart from the black blood or the traces of its evaporation, they didn’t know what the infection source actually was.

Before seeing the video on the USB, Son Taehwan had no clue to what was turning people into zombies. In short, the infection power itself was more intense for beta than alpha. This was evident from the battle at the Chile Base itself.

The headcount difference between alpha and beta zombies was more than 1 to 100. If the infection source of the two types of zombies had been the same, this difference wouldn’t have occurred. Moreover, considering their overwhelming physical abilities, it was more logical for there to be more alpha zombies.

Son Taehwan glanced at the distant beach and gritted his teeth again. If the infection source of the alpha zombie was enough to infect even killer whales, just how far could the beta zombies spread? And he reached a word that he had been pondering since yesterday.

The end.

If mammals and birds were infected, humans were also fatal. The ecosystem was intricately constructed with various animal food pyramids. If those predators sequentially turned into alpha or beta zombies and stopped eating their prey, the entire ecosystem would collapse.

Son Taehwan stopped pulling the boat as he followed that line of thought. When he saw the infected killer whale, he should have thought this far.

“Did the Czech figure this out?”

The chilly breeze swept past Son Taehwan’s cheeks. In just three to four days, about a hundred had already been infected by the beta zombies. Considering the staggering rate of infection, he couldn’t guarantee that anywhere outside King George Island was safe.

What chilled Son Taehwan’s heart once more was the sight of infected individuals eating children at an elementary school. In the cities, countless people could get infected in one go. Son Taehwan had no choice but to consider the society just as much as the massive structure of the ecosystem.

People? Each individual was the smallest unit that made up society. If each one collapsed into a zombie, an immense loss would be incurred.

“Maybe our civilization could collapse in one blow.”


“Maybe even if we leave this place…”

He saw Sheperd and the pastor running from a distance. Probably because Son Taehwan had shouted, the alpha zombies over there had reacted.

“Damn it! Lieutenant you’re crazy! The bastards are coming because they heard the noise!”

“Run! Hurry!”

A boulder flew in from afar, landing with a thud on the plain. It was a sign that the steel spikes were approaching.

Son Taehwan came to his senses at that sound, seeing Han Sujin in front of him, biting her lower lip and looking at him worriedly.

She had just waited for Son Taehwan to calm down this time. Thinking about it, she was always desperately supporting him at his side, so he wouldn’t collapse. Seeing her pretty face, something seemed to flutter in Son Taehwan’s heart again.

He thought he had no reason to live anymore, to struggle anymore. Maybe it would be wiser to commit suicide like the Czech. Yet looking at Han Sujin, he felt that absurdly he still had to fight. He didn’t know himself, but he couldn’t kill her. He didn’t want to see her become a zombie or hang herself.

Son Taehwan rubbed his forehead and sighed deeply. After the Sejong Base bombing, he was really anxious, and even now, that anxiety shook him.


“Hmph. If you’re sorry then move quickly.”

“Hey, it still hurts even with cold-weather gear on.”

“That’s because I wanted it to hurt! Get hit again!”

Han Sujin kicked Son Taehwan’s buttocks once more and loaded supplies onto the boat. The boat was a small IBS used in Antarctica, which was full with just six people on board.

Han Sujin grabbed the rope Son Taehwan was holding and helped pull the boat together.

“Senior, why did you bring the boat?”

“The killer whales appeared on the other side of the beach. And we need to reduce the time crossing the sea as much as possible. We need to go south to Nelson Island.”

Meanwhile, Sheperd joined in angrily.

“What are you doing suddenly? What happens when you make noise?”


Son Taehwan sighed and pointed south.

“We need to move south! The killer whales chased the seals east of the island. It was wrong to take a boat from here.”

“Damn it! Another running competition?”

“No, this time it’s a bit more comfortable.”

Son Taehwan stared sharply at the geography of Nelson Island. The center of Nelson Island had a basin shape with a dent in the middle. The Echo-Nelson Base was on the very edge of it if it’s considered a plate, and there was a gentle slope below.

“Sheperd, do you like bobsleigh?”

“Shit. Got to do everything.”

Shepherd burst into laughter out of resignation. Son Taehwan’s clever schemes were kicking in again.

“Miss, get on! Pastor, you take the side, I’ll be at the back!”

Son Taehwan toppled Han Sujin inside the boat and went to the back of the boat. There, wrapped in the cold-weather gear, was a screw engine.

He grabbed it and started running like a real bobsleigh athlete. Strangely, laughter erupted from deep within his belly.

“One, two, three! Run to the cool running rhythm!”

Sheperd laughed uncontrollably as if he couldn’t help it, joking and giggling even under extreme tension. This erratic emotional state was a sign of severe PTSD, but no one seemed to notice.

Soon, like a six-seater bobsleigh sled, the rubber boat began to slide down the snowy slope. Beta zombies that Sheperd had scouted started walking towards them from about 2 to 3 kilometers away, still a considerable distance.

In the meantime, the rubber boat carrying Son Taehwan and his party slid down the hill at tremendous speed. The people held onto the ropes of the boat or held each other tightly, enduring the intense vibrations. Several times as the boat passed over snow-covered rocks or small hills, Han Sujin, the lightest in weight, nearly fell out.

Eventually, the boat slid about 6 to 7 kilometers towards the center of Nelson Island and came to a stop at the beginning of another slope.

“Senior, can’t you discuss things before you act?”

“Miss! No time for complaints! Run!”

Far in the distance, the despicable zombies appeared on the ridge of the basin. Whether they had fought a battle with killer whales in the water or were carried by currents, there were significantly fewer, but they slowly began moving south towards Son Taehwan’s group.

“This is maddening. Why don’t they just eat the seals instead of following us?”

“Maybe they want to eat your babbling mouth.”

“Quiet. Shut up and pull! We have to put as much distance between us as possible!”

One fortunate thing was that the zombies, led by the spikes, were not in a hurry. Some zombies, having their minds on the seal meat Sheperd had caught, were crowded together, and the alpha zombies that seemed like the command center hardly moved.

Son Taehwan and Sheperd threw their guns into the boat and pulled the rubber boat. It was another wearisome fight with distance. No matter how much they call it a spike, it didn’t have the power to attack 6 to 7 kilometers in a single blow.

In just over a kilometer, their supplies dropped, and the horde of zombies eventually headed toward the Czech Base.

“Priest! Don’t look back!”

The scent of blood was wafting them towards the cemetery where they had buried the dead the day before. The grave was nothing more than snow dugout and the Czech, who lay there, would soon be torn apart and devoured by zombies.

At this point, Son Taehwan began to be consumed with anger intrinsically.

“Damn it all! Even if I die, I won’t die like that!”

“How do you plan to die then?”

“Hanging high enough to be eaten by birds!”

“I’ll keep that in mind! Senior, stop yakking and pull!”

Han Sujin kicked Son Taehwan’s buttocks again. The four of them sweated profusely as they dragged the boat over the snow. They had brought only a minimum of supplies and rations, but their load was considerable, and the hill was steeper than expected.

“Looks like a surefire way to lose weight!”

“Stop the useless chatter and pull!”

On one side, a fiesta of butchery unfolded as they tore into the Czech’s corpse, and on the other side, some beta zombies slowly descended in search of survivors.

The four survivors had no leisure to look back anymore. They had climbed the steep hill, and now a gentle slope led all the way to the beach.

“Pant, pant, senior, hurry, hurry!”

“Pant, pant, be quiet. Wait.”

The two were panting, spouting words somewhere between conversation and breaths, and Son Taehwan pulled out a sniper rifle from the boat and scanned the sea.

“Please. Pant, pant, pant. Please. Killer whales.”

Unlike the north, the southwest that leads to Robert Island was calm. Son Taehwan unfolded the map again and measured the distance from Nelson Island to Robert Island.

“The distance, the distance is.”

“8 kilometers!”

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