Dead End Chapter 75

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 75

Chapter 075

The pastor was flung from the ice and plunged into the water with a splash, while Son Taehwan grabbed Han Sujin’s hand and tossed her onto another sheet of ice. It was as if he were performing a trapeze act, throwing his partner from one swing to another.


“Don’t worry!”

Son Taehwan, with crampons fixed to his shoes, scurried up the ice and, just before the section of ice flipped, he leaped toward where Han Sujin was.

“Argh! It hurts so much I could die!”

They returned to the spot where they had previously thrown the chainsaw, and Son Taehwan was hit in the head by the chainsaw. A thumping pain could be felt, but it was not the time to dwell on it. The pastor resurfaced from the water, screaming for help.

“Blub! Help! I can’t swim!”

Though the edge of the ice was a mere 50 centimeters away, the pastor, in a panic after falling into the water, couldn’t properly perceive his situation. Like orcas or sharks easily intercepting prey floundering in water…

Son Taehwan hesitated for a moment. The pastor was a character shrouded with suspicion. Besides, saving him now increased the risk of both being swept away by the current. However, without even realizing it, Son Taehwan threw a broken clothesline and pulled the starter cord of the chainsaw.

“Pastor! Grab on!”

“Uh? Oh!”

The pastor, flailing about, spotted the orange line and grabbed it, pulling desperately. Son Taehwan glanced back at the orca chasing them while he pulled the pastor up.

“Sujin! Pull!”

“Got it!”

The pastor managed to climb onto the ice just as the orca lunged toward Son Taehwan’s position.

Shepherd, meanwhile, was trying to draw the orca’s attention by shooting his gun and flares towards it, to no avail—the beast, engulfed in flames, completely ignored him.

“Damn son of a bitch! Lieutenant! Lieutenaant!”

The orca, single-mindedly, charged at Son Taehwan, its one unburned eye blinking maliciously at him. Alas, the small incendiary bottle was insufficient to attack the creature’s other eye. The only reason it managed to maintain coordinated attacks even while ablaze was exactly this. Son Taehwan cursed, staring into the orca’s black eye.

His mouth wide open, the beast attempted to jump and drench the trio, but as it emerged, the splashing water created a mist, veiling everything.

“You bastard! Eat thissss!”

Son Taehwan dodged sideways, slashing wildly with the chainsaw, but the creature’s body was almost as big as a minibus, and he was flung aside, losing his grip on the chainsaw. The moment had come for him to be thrown back into the sea.

Shepherd watched, stunned, as the orca glowed in the water.

“Fucking lucky break!”

Forced to swing the chainsaw wildly, Son Taehwan had luckily struck the orca’s remaining eye, the chainsaw vibrating violently as it ripped into the creature’s flesh. Because the saw had a revolving chain, it grinded beside the orca’s eye and, with a snap, cut deep into its pectoral fin.

“Ha! Damn! Serves you right!”

Although Son Taehwan had swung the chainsaw out of necessity to save the pastor, it had turned out to be a lucky punch. The orca, splashing frantically in the water after part of its fin was severed, collided with an ice sheet and bellowed a grotesque scream. Deprived of sensation, it veered away from Son Taehwan and the others, flipped and emerged from the water before collapsing back with a splash.

Meanwhile, Han Sujin and the pastor pulled Son Taehwan, who had fallen into the water, out. The orange clothesline proved to be truly life-saving. Son Taehwan spat out water while being dragged onto the sheet of ice.

“Senior! Please! Please!”

“Is the bastard whale safe?”

“It seems safe for now.”

Han Sujin pointed toward the distant shore. The orca, glowing with madness, was making its way through the ice near the beach, right beside a conveniently present metal spike.

“Hey, Sujin. Who do you think would win between an elephant and an orca?”

Instead of answering, Han Sujin smacked his forehead.


“I hit you so it would hurt. Also, it’s good you’re feeling pain. At least it means you’re not a zombie.”

The two gazed out at the beach. Other beta zombies weren’t to be seen. Presumably, like they had just ascended the ice, the orca prevented them from instinctively approaching due to its habit of attacking the shores via the waves.

The spike, another alpha zombie, watched the orca from distance, maintaining a gap. Son Taehwan muttered to himself, observing the situation.

“Elephants wouldn’t go into the water.”

“Oh, so zombies from King George Island won’t come up here?”

“Blind as it is and unable to swim well, this is the whale’s home turf.”

While saying this, Son Taehwan vomited some more water.

“Damn, I swallowed water. Hope it’s not the creature’s flesh.”

Upon hearing this, Han Sujin quickly took off her gloves, pried open Son Taehwan’s mouth, and flipped his eyes. Infection from an alpha zombie could happen instantaneously. But fortunately, there was no sign of black blood on Son Taehwan.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

“Senior, are you hurt?”

“You’re the doctor, you should check. This stone… no, Doctor.”

Han Sujin took off Son Taehwan’s gloves and inspected his hand. After slashing a chainsaw against a whale as big as a house, no way his hand was unscathed. His right thumb was bent at an odd angle, and Han Sujin pursed her lips.

“Senior, bear with me.”

“What are you… Ahhhhhhh!”

Without any mercy, Han Sujin realigned his finger and inspected his arms, legs, and other parts. Considering he faced off against a whale his size, he was remarkably well aside from some scratches on his fingers and face. She leaned her forehead against Son Taehwan’s and muttered.

“Just please.”

“Is this medical advice?

“I don’t know.”

Han Sujin bumped him with her forehead and signaled to Shepherd. Shepherd had been completely dazed since the orca had moved to the beach. He carefully approached Son Taehwan and Han Sujin and sighed.

“Lieutenant, did you plan all of this?”

“No. I almost died. It was sheer luck.”

“Fucking hell, you should save that luck for Las Vegas.”

Son Taehwan groaned, shoving his dislocated thumb back into the glove. Half of their equipment and supplies disappeared during the chaotic ordeal. Only a few packets of MREs remained, and even those would have been gone had they been inside the backpack the whole time.

“Damn, we lost too much.”

“But we’re alive, that’s good, right?”

Han Sujin stroked Son Taehwan’s head and put his hat on. Except for Shepherd, all three had been in the water, and a chilly feeling began to envelop them. Without any discussion, they all started gathering nearby items.

“Pastor! What are you staring at? Take that backpack off.”

“But… in the backpack, there’s…”

The pastor indicated a backpack full of dismembered corpses.

“Throw it away. We don’t need it anymore.”

The pastor heaved a sigh and threw away the backpack, filled with body parts. Perhaps this situation was more terrifying to him than the zombie orca.

“Father, it looks like you’ve put down your burdens at the foot of the cross.”

“Ha ha, burdens at the foot of the cross?”

“Just a joke.”

The pastor laughed emptily at Shepherd’s words as they all gathered scattered magazines and supplies. On the beach, the spike continued to watch them, and the orca continued to rage.

“Father, catch.”

Son Taehwan reconnected the snapped clothesline and handed the other end to the pastor. With hesitance, the pastor accepted it.

“If anyone falls in, pull them up. Just like you did for me earlier.”

The pastor had been of assistance in the battle with the orca. Without the pile of corpses he’d brought, they wouldn’t have been able to lure the orca. Clutching the clothesline like a child, he suddenly burst into tears.

“No crying now, dammit. We don’t have time. That whale bastard might come back any moment.”

The blind orca was aggressively overturning ice sheets. The four, beaten and battered, headed towards Nelson Island. Occasionally, they had to push across gaps in the ice where the sheets weren’t connected, and everyone watched warily for the orca, but they covered the remaining 900 meters.

As the pastor set foot on the shore of Nelson Island last, they encountered another group of orcas. Just as Son Taehwan had expected.

“Damn it. Had we not settled the score earlier, we might be dead.”

Approximately a dozen orcas had appeared on the shore, each one releasing black steam like a steamship. Son Taehwan, glancing at the whales, sighed and then advised.

“Keep walking. Don’t stray more than 10 meters from the shore; it’s dangerous.”

“Lieutenant, what do you mean?”

“The orcas effortlessly come ashore by 4, 5 meters at least. Moreover, these damned zombie ones aren’t like the dumb whales that beach themselves only to be crushed under their own weight.”

As if proving his point, the pod of orcas attacked the shore, generating massive waves. Riding these waves inland, the zombie whales slid onto the beach hunting beta zombies like a buffet.

“See? The shore is just a buffet line for them.”

“How did you know that, Lieutenant?”

“National Geographic.”

Shepherd burst into laughter at the absurdity of it.

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