Dead End Chapter 73

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Killer whales do not hunt alone. For Son Taehwan, it was one despair after another. It was as if he were at the end of a conveyor belt, mouth agape, waiting for delicious prey.

“Lieutenant, sir! Don’t worry!”

Shepherd quickly showed his ingenuity in that brief moment by stabbing a knife into the ice and hanging a clothesline on it. Son Tae Hwan, who nearly got sucked into the maw of the killer whale, barely dodged in front of the beast, only to see a human skull brutally shattered inside its mouth. It was part of the head the pastor had cut yesterday.

Shepherd grabbed his automatic rifle and sprayed bullets like crazy at the killer whale below. The sound of flesh ripping mixed with black steam rising confirmed another whale had succumbed to the Alpha infection.

“You bastard! Don’t you feel pain?”

The killer whale, oozing black blood from its back, sank under the water. At the same time, the ice floe they were on returned to its normal state and water splashed high into the air. Shepherd pulled out the knife and pointed to a large ice sheet nearby.

“Lieutenant, sir! It’s dangerous here!”

“Okay! Let’s move over there!”

But the killer whales were smarter than they had imagined; a click away, two whales had upended another large ice sheet they planned to reach. It was the worst-case scenario Son Tae Hwan envisaged just like a floe.

As the ice flipped and broke apart, accompanied by a large bang, that method was normally used in hunting seals or walruses.

Without anywhere to step, imperiled seals would desperately choose to escape into the sea. But humans were not seals or walruses.

Chief suddenly ignited a flare stick and threw it below his feet. Son Tae Hwan and Shepherd had thought that he was drawing the whales towards him to escape, but Chief of the Red Scorpion was thoroughly mad.

“Yikes! You’re insane!”

“Hahaha, to catch a killer whale, now that’s fun. Nowadays, with all the whaling nonsense, I’ve missed out on a good hunt.”

The whales flipped the ice over returned towards the newly burst glowing light. It resembled a scene from the movie ‘Jaws’—a killer whale’s dorsal fin emerged from the water before disappearing again.

Son Tae Hwan and Han Soo Jin could only stare blankly. What on earth was Chief trying to do? That question was soon answered when Chief dropped his gun and pulled the pin from a fragmentation grenade.

A scene of Red Scorpion blowing up a power plant crossed Son Tae Hwan’s mind. They surely had ‘explosives.’ Before he could shout at Chief, the man made his move.

“You creatures are too large.”

Chief waited for the whale to open its massive jaws before jumping to a nearby ice sheet. But he had underestimated the whale. As the ice lifted, the whale appeared, and Chief threw a grenade into its gaping mouth.

However, another whale had already reached the edge of the ice sheet, as if to snatch a seal lying on top.


The massive body of the killer whale slid swiftly on ice as if going down a waterslide. The grenade dropped from Chief’s hand, water spurted up, and he was dragged into the sea by the frenzied whale. Two water columns shot up and fell like a fountain, splattering everyone, including the pastor. Even Shepherd, who’d seen his fair share of battles, and Son Tae Hwan, hardened by battles with zombies, could only gape at the killer whale’s team play.

“C-crazy. They’re smarter than I thought!”

Now, Son Tae Hwan faced the strongest creatures of King George Island. The strategy that Chief tried to use was the same one Son Tae Hwan planned to employ.

‘Unless we somehow take down at least one, we’ll all be annihilated.’

Considering a plan to attack these whales felt like a futile attempt. Even if they fired an automatic rifle underwater, the whales would not flinch. Shepherd had unleashed his rifle’s full force, yet the whale showed no reaction. In a sense, a zombie whale combined the characteristics of both an Alpha zombie runner and a bloated zombie. And soon, laughter echoed again amidst the misty water.


Chief’s tattered body leaped above the surface and crashed down onto the ice just like a runner zombie. Chief was now infected with the black blood, his leg turning pitch black.

“Great! It’s truly the best! Hahaha, dying in a fair hunt, that’s the real deal!”

Chief was a war addict. He always became lively before a mission, as if his vitality returned. But Shepherd was witnessing the extreme—a hunter gone crazy to the point of laughing in death.

“Remember this, Shepherd! Lucky guy! Hahaha, you too will become zombies, killed by someone! Hahaha! And you’ll end up just like me! Hunting and hunting and then hunted, curled up like a corpse.”

It was a terrifying curse. Son Tae Hwan shuddered, watching Chief’s descent into madness. Even Shepherd trembled at the sight of Chief transforming into a zombie.

“So that’s why, lieutenant sir, you brought up the story of Moby Dick.”

The image of Chief resembled Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, mad with rage and destined to die as a zombie. His laughter dying down as the black blood rose, Chief’s presence soon faded into quiet. The three watched as Chief’s zombie slowly stood up, smoke rising from his legs only to teeter and collapse once more.

“What’s that?”

“He seems to have forgotten he lost a leg.”

Indeed, as Han Soo Jin said, Chief appeared even dumber as a zombie. It was like a slapstick comedy, rising and falling over again – a stark contrast to the formidable Alpha zombies they had faced earlier. Chief’s zombie, though weak, emitted black smoke like an Alpha zombie.

Watching this, Son Tae Hwan recalled the fierce battle beside the equipment room.

‘No way!’

It was a hypothesis he had long held. There were strong zombies like the spiked ones, and those who were awkwardly strong.

“Ms. Han Soo Jin, doesn’t it look like a child learning to walk?”

“Yes, it does seem like that”

As they observed, Chief’s zombie eventually corrected its errors and began to stand upright. Son Tae Hwan formulated a chilling hypothesis.

Why did zombies like spike become stronger?

Although they had managed to suppress an Alpha zombie before using schemes, Spike’s followers were much more powerful. Until now, they hadn’t had time to think of the answer.

“It’s about time. Over time, that zombie will evolve its intelligence and awareness of its environment. It grows based on experience, becoming fearsomely stronger. That’s it. I get it now. Spikes and the others must be the ones who got infected first and survived.”

Unable to understand the Korean conversation, Shepherd only realized from Han Soo Jin’s face that they were discussing something severe.

“So… senior.”

“Listen, Shepherd, Han Soo Jin. Chief’s combat power was terrifyingly high. We need to kill him before he wreaks more havoc. And he’s got a ‘bomb.’ That could be useful. Maybe…”

An idea to catch the whale was already forming in Son Tae Hwan’s mind. He took a deep breath, preparing to sever the connecting cloth rope with his knife.

“Lieutenant, sir! Now it’s my turn.”

Before Son Tae Hwan could cut the rope, Shepherd was already severing it.

“What are you doing!”

“I’ve got it! We just need to get the bomb from Chief’s zombie, right?”

“No! That’s not…”

“Heh. I always liked Starbuck.”

Shepherd rushed forward with a harpoon and his rifle, like Starbuck, the mate in Moby Dick. The zombie whales, as if waiting, started chasing after him.

“Darn it! Han Soo Jin! Shoot into the water.”

“With a gun?”

“We need to attract the whales this way!”

Trembling, yet biting her lower lip, Han Soo Jin pulled out her Colt pistol and fired into the water. Son Tae Hwan started the chainsaw from the lineup of hanging equipment.

“Come on, you killer whale bastards! Over here! Damn it! To think I’d be thrashing around in the snow, and now I’m flipping around on ice!”

The ice cracked as the gunshot sounds echoed in all directions.

“Senior! The fin’s heading this way!”

“I see it! This time the ice sheet is smaller; they’ll flip it entirely! Brace yourself!”

Hugging Han Soo Jin closely, Son Tae Hwan ran to the edge of the ice. He detached the chainsaw from the rope and tossed it onto another ice floe. Then he held the ‘soju bottle’ upside down. Waste oil and gasoline mixed, thoroughly soaking the wick.

“Senior! What are you doing!”

“I’m giving those damn whales a present!”

Son Tae Hwan lit the final ‘molotov cocktail.’

“Miscreant! Hammer the pickel into that protruding ice and tie the rope to it!”

“Got it!”

Han Soo Jin put all her weight into driving a climbing pickel into the jutting ice and fastened the clothesline to the ice and the pickel. Meanwhile, Son Tae Hwan watched the molotov cocktail in hand as the two whales approached to flip the ice sheet they were standing on.

“Alright, come on! This is a gift from Son Tae Hwan to you whales. Bastards.”

The gasoline caught fire first, spreading rapidly, followed by the oil combusting into a web-like flame. The whale moving to crush Son Tae Hwan and Han Soo Jin was suddenly enveloped in hellish fire.

“HAHAHAHA! Greenpeace’s gonna hate me for this!”

“Stop with the lame jokes!”

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