Dead End Chapter 69

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 69

Chapter 69

The Wintering Research Team is extremely meticulous about warnings regarding ice floes due to a past incident where someone was swept away and died. Son Taehwan too had once climbed onto an ice floe near Narevsky to fish.

Moreover, King George Island and Nelson Island were only about 1 kilometer apart—an incredibly short distance. If they could make it to the eastern end of King George Island, it seemed possible to shake off the zombies’ pursuit and evacuate to Nelson Island. Even if the zombies could fly, Son Taehwan had a Molotov cocktail and a makeshift bomb in his possession.

Once they crossed over on the ice floe, blowing it up to prevent the zombies from following would be enough. It also seemed feasible to use the floe as a raft to reach another island.

Han Sujin looked at Son Taehwan with a serious expression and nodded. It was a sign that she would follow him. Shepherd, not understanding the Korean that was spoken, nodded as well.


However, Son Taehwan took too long to sort out his thoughts. Before they knew it, a fat zombie blocked their path, and zombies that had come from the right now cut off their retreat. Fences from the Chile base flew through the air among the moaning zombies—was this really happening?

Han Sujin hugged Son Taehwan and rolled to the side, while Shepherd cursed as he dodged the structure. The fence, tangled with barbed wire, crashed into where they had been standing, and Shepherd pulled out a metal pipe instead of his gun.

“Damn it! Lieutenant, we’re completely surrounded! You should have given orders faster!”

The area was now full of zombies, and the shape of an iron spike appeared from the back.

“Senior, there’s an iron spike behind us!”

“Damn it!”

Son Taehwan fired his sniper rifle as best as he could, but the nasty face of that thing vanished into the crowd of zombies. Now the Chile base runway was completely overrun, and all that could be heard were the moaning sounds.

Shepherd tried desperately to find a way out, but it was to no avail. They began to feel the creeping fear, just as Red Scorpion had the day before. Even though they could count just over 100, losing the way out made it seem as if zombies were sprouting from the ground.

“Lieutenant, are we really going to die like this? Hahaha!”

“Hahaha! Dying like this isn’t my style! It’s my dream to die in the arms of a beauty!”

“You have such tainted wishes! Hahaha! You really are to my liking!”

Shepherd smirked and Son Taehwan forced a smile too. The alpha zombies now began to aggressively engage in battle. The fat zombie stepped forward with a roar, and from behind, objects were raining without mercy toward where Son Taehwan stood. He threw the sniper rifle toward Han Sujin.

“Take it!”

“But it’s wrong! Don’t do weird stuff!”

“It’s not like that! I’m better at hacking than you are!”

Son Taehwan shouted as he chopped zombies with a fireman’s axe. He had initially prepared for a fight with Red Scorpion and didn’t have something like a chainsaw, a weapon effective against large zombies, on hand. Such weapons had been previously stashed on the opposite side of the control tower as preparation for ‘Sweet Potato Fries—Retreat’.

“Damn Red Scorpion! Should have just shot him!”

Regret was pointless now. Gunfire could be heard somewhere, but the people shooting slingshots and Red Scorpion were completely surrounded. The situation worsened as zombies descending from the hill blended through the gaps between buildings.

Son Taehwan, while blowing away the head of a zombie in front of him, pursued the place where the black smoke was.

“Just as Sujin thought. If the black smoke moves, the beta zombies are moving. They are afraid of the alpha zombies.”

He felled the third beta zombie, watching the black smoke. Apart from the spears, the alpha zombies didn’t show themselves to Son Taehwan or Shepherd. Even the fat zombie that faced Shepherd had disappeared.

Son Taehwan assessed the overall situation, trying to figure out how he could get away. By using the habits of the alphas and betas, there must be a gap. Of course, there were risks if he encountered alphas, but it was better than floundering to death here. Son Taehwan had painfully learned the horror of beta zombies in Chile base.

“Shepherd! Han Sujin! I think I know which way to go, but too many are pouring in!”

“That’s good! But at this rate, we’re going to be too exhausted to escape!”

Shepherd crushed a fallen zombie with his walker boot. The sound of a human skull being smashed was horrific, but no one had the time to care.

The incoming zombies were tightly packed, like the crowd near Bosingak on New Year’s. Despite using the axe, more zombies filled the gaps and kept coming. Han Sujin, too, shouldered the sniper rifle, picked up a pipe, and smashed the ones coming from behind. The three of them now back-to-back, the zombies cornered them next to the container building.

“Well, damn! Lieutenant, I dreamed of being a rock star, and now my wish has come true!”

Shepherd’s dark joke failed to amuse. He bid the rock stars farewell and sent a zombie’s head flying with the metal pipe. Son Taehwan instinctively felt the situation was dangerous.

Being cornered made them easy targets for a precise bombardment by spears. And indeed, wasn’t a container being hurled right between the narrow space in the container building? The container was small, but it weighed well over 10 tons. The three watched the sky turn dark and their faces turned pale. Not the time for jokes or stories—Son Taehwan again embraced her and they flung themselves to the floor as Shepherd did the same.

A crash rang in their ears, and they opened their eyes. A pillar protruding from the container was stuck right next to Han Sujin’s face, her mouth agape. She had almost been killed instantly. Her body shook violently.

“Se-Senior, this time, I might have wet myself a little.”

“Don’t say strange things! Lady, run! Shepherd! The damn spike just opened a way for us!”

Son Taehwan patted her mouth with the back of his hand and led Shepherd and her. It was fortunate that they had been crowded against the container building wall. The container striking the rooftop they had leaned on had created a slide-like path upward. Son Taehwan swung his fireman’s axe to the heads of zombies and crushed the crawling, half-torn ones.

“Lieutenant! With you, we could live longer!”

“Weren’t you the one wanting to go to heaven filled with shady ladies?”

“We have one shady lady right here, so that’ll have to do!”

Shepherd climbed the container-slide first and helped Han Sujin up. Like a gymnast, she climbed atop the container building with his help.

“Hmph! Even if you boost me, it won’t make a difference!”

She shouldered the sniper rifle as Son Taehwan had taught her and blew off a zombie’s head approaching them. Shepherd reloaded his gun, laughing again. The zombies were too clustered. They climbed the container building and saw that on the other side, there weren’t many zombies consolidated.

“Okay! Shepherd! They move in a certain flow!”


“If the ones that don’t produce smoke are afraid of the ones with black smoke, there sure are thick and thin spots like in waves!”

Impressed again by Son Taehwan’s insight, Shepherd noticed areas where less zombies were clumped. Meanwhile, Son Taehwan sighed, realizing why no fat or other alpha zombies had come their way.

The reason why they didn’t attack their location was simple—there was more to eat elsewhere. They saw the spear and ‘Runners’ attacking other people in the distance.

Son Taehwan felt guilty about this. If only he had directed them to escape sooner, might they not have been saved? It was a belated regret but, Son Taehwan regretting and regretting again, jumped towards the next container building.

‘Maybe I was too arrogant.’

With continuous strange strategies and people acknowledging him, he was completely mistaken. Son Taehwan was just a powerless human. He felt helpless again. The control tower blown up as if hit by a shell and the makeshift large slingshot touted as a desperate weapon. All these countless strategies, ultimately, had ended in failure.

Son Taehwan doubted whether he could protect Han Sujin as he looked ahead at her running.

‘I don’t think I can even protect myself.’

Racing forward, Son Taehwan tasted extreme powerlessness. Just this morning, over ten people had been alive at this base, but now, all had been annihilated. Son Taehwan’s group could be surrounded and killed at any moment.

Again, unpleasant gunfire sounded from the other side, and all zombies staggered in that direction. However, another anomaly blocked the trio’s path.

“Lieutenant! They’re coming this way! What the hell is that? How can it be so fast!”

Son Taehwan had no time to feel helpless. He had thought the zombies were gone from the underside of the container building, but now a ‘Runner’ was rushing towards them. Named ‘Runner’ by Red Scorpion’s survivors, this zombie, tearing through the snow, stopped about 10 meters away. The Runner’s appearance was far from normal.

Its jaw had been struck by something and dangled, black blood streaming down and evaporating. With one eye struck by something and emitting black smoke, its remaining eye was fixed on them.

The fat zombie too, now brandishing a bent steel pillar, had blocked Son Taehwan’s way.

‘Shit! I could dodge the fat one if I run, but not that runner!’

Son Taehwan felt ridiculous, realizing he had to strategize again. Overwhelmed by a deep sense of powerlessness, he questioned if he could break through these two zombies. Moreover, if he did, would there be a safe place? He remembered the radio distress call from the day before.

If the land reached after fleeing and fleeing was like this?

Son Taehwan felt more fearful of that possibility than any other terror.

Chiller than anything he could have imagined. Whenever he was anxious, it felt as if the word ‘Dead End,’ worn by someone in a lab coat, loomed closer. Runner and the fat zombie arrogantly watched from between the buildings.

The three were splattered with black blood up to their goggles, exhausted from fighting zombies up close.

“The damn things, acting like country bumpkins at a buffet for the first time. Are they sizing up who to eat?”

And as if in answer to that remark, the fat zombie picked up a beta zombie, twisting its head.

“Ugh, what’s that? Don’t tell me. These things! Are they eating betas!”

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