Dead End Chapter 68

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Han Sujin also looked in that direction, her complexion turning ashen. Shepherd fired bullet after bullet at the obese zombie, but the creature shielded its vital points using the pillar it carried or its own body. Like a tank, the zombies brought down the right flank of the defense and Park Donghyuk’s machine gun thundered away.


Screams of people trying to escape could be heard from somewhere. Those within the range of the machine gun or slingshot were still safe, but those who had fled might as well have chosen death themselves. The number of beta zombies was larger than expected, and before anyone could sprint down the runway, they were surrounded by the horde.

“Son of a bitch! They’ve nearly completed the encirclement! Damn bastards! Did they learn this at some military academy?!”

It was a classic encirclement. While the central forces advanced, the zombies on the right flanked around to where Son Taehwan was located, and the left moved towards the slingshot area.

The beta zombies moved at the pace of a toddler taking its first steps. They could be avoided by running, but unless their heads or necks were struck, they wouldn’t stop their advance. Son Taehwan looked to the right and front, deciding the situation was hopeless.

They had managed to halt a significant number of zombies with bombs and flames, but it wasn’t enough. About a hundred zombies were still left, and the weapons they had on hand were not enough to handle them.

“Got it. It’s a sweet potato fry!”


“When I signal, tell Donghyuk to come out to the control tower! Donghyuk! Sweet potato fr—”

Son Taehwan caught himself. He gave firing orders to Park Donghyuk but had forgotten to instruct the slingshot unit. He couldn’t; as soon as they fired, they had to constantly change positions to avoid the metal shards targeting the sound of gunfire. At the very least, he should have ordered Park Donghyuk to come out first.


A heavy chunk of metal plummeted towards the direction of the gunfire. Son Taehwan watched as windows shattered, and fragments turned into shrapnel bombs, falling upon those inside.

The metal penetrated the control tower, bursting out the other side, with shards sprinkling down inside.

“Iron rod! Donghyuk! Donghyukaaa! Sweet potato fries!”

The iron rod had disabled the machine gun with terrifying force. The machine gun on the right went silent, and the obese zombie moved even quicker towards Son Taehwan’s position. If the right flank led by the obese zombie converged with the frontal zombies, the encirclement would be complete, and escaping would come at a great cost. This was how the grand battle at Chile Base had concluded.

Son Taehwan held his radio and looked towards the slingshot area. They were closer to the 100-meter line, and if they weren’t informed, they’d be completely enveloped by the encirclement. Additionally, it was clear that powerful alpha zombies were joining the fray, given what Shepherd was dealing with. But if he called for the slingshot’s retreat, the zombies’ attack line would concentrate on them. The slingshot kept the zombies’ formation at bay, keeping Son Taehwan and Han Sujin’s location safe for the moment. The zombies at the front line were being hit by the slingshots like bowling pins. And then, there were the Red Scorpions too. If they managed to join Son Taehwan and the others, the situation would become even more complicated.

‘It’s better for us if the Red Scorpions end up completely surrounded and dead.’

The Red Scorpions were people who killed others without compunction. Right now, due to the overwhelming horde of zombies, they were forced to cooperate, but they could turn on them at any time. Son Taehwan didn’t feel the need to take on that risk.

While his mind understood this, he unexpectedly brought his lips close to the radio, even though he thought it odd.

“We’re completely breached on the right! Retreat, retreat!”

“Son! Where should we retreat to!”

“I don’t know! Everyone needs to survive on their own!”

“This, impossible! Are you leaving us!”

Son Taehwan had no response. It was another futile act.

“If you survive, meet me at the westernmost part of King George Island!”

“Western end! Got it!”

Across the way, the slingshot unit was abandoning their posts along with the Red Scorpions. Son Taehwan suppressed a sigh of overwhelming sadness. It was a continuous series of unbearable choices. Since the outbreak of the zombie incident, he had been forced to make such ruthless decisions. He looked at Han Sujin as a child would look to a teacher.

“Sujin, I did all that I could, right? I… I… shouldn’t have any qualms, right?”

Han Sujin stared blankly at Son Taehwan, not fully understanding the pressure he was facing. Since their reunion at the Sejong Base, she had been under his protection.

‘My goal is to ensure your safe return.’

Son Taehwan had been repeating this to her since they left Sejong Base. In the midst of the destruction around them, Han Sujin hugged him tightly.

“Where should I kneel when there’s nowhere left to stand? In such a situation, all I can do is close my eyes and think… Winter must be made of steel.”

Embracing Son Taehwan tightly, Han Sujin whispered into his ear once more. Son Taehwan was taken aback, recalling a poem he had seen in a textbook. Han Sujin acknowledged that Son Taehwan was standing on the razor’s edge of a situation where there was nowhere left to stand.

“No one will blame you, Senior. You’ve done all you could. It’s just how things have turned out.”

“That’s right.”

Son Taehwan sensed her breath on his face as he held his gun. It didn’t carry the sweet scent of perfume but rather the smell of the food they had that morning. Yet, to Son Taehwan, it couldn’t have been sweeter. He looked towards Shepherd and then turned his rifle in that direction, shouting loudly.

“Shepherd! Come this way! It’s okay to abandon the right! Everyone, retreat!”

“Damn it! There’s no helping it!”

Shepherd hurried back to Son Taehwan, joining him after desperately fighting the heavyset zombie.

“What about the black guy?”

“He’s dead. That damned creature got him.”

As Shepherd kneeled, aiming his rifle, he continued the conversation with Son Taehwan.

“The survivors?”

“The slingshot unit is retreating. We’ll have to see how many are left in the control tower.”

“The machine gun?”

Son Taehwan looked towards the control tower and shook his head sadly. If there were any injured people still alive inside, someone would have taken up the machine gun. The machine gun had been silenced ever since it was struck by the iron rod.

Son Taehwan ground his teeth as he thought about Park Donghyuk. Of course, he had never trusted Donghyuk and had planned to abandon him if needed. Memories of their time together at Sejong Base flashed through his mind. As they were both in technical fields, he and Park Donghyuk had gotten along quite well.

“Donghyuk. I… I… You…”

He couldn’t bring himself to say he trusted Donghyuk. Regretting that and more, he ground his teeth and stifled his tears.

On the other hand, Shepherd fired at the approaching obese zombie, shouting at Son Taehwan. Son Taehwan had been expected to give sharp commands as he did when facing alpha zombies the previous day, but now he appeared confused, simply pointing his rifle.

“Lieutenant, what should we do!”

“Now that we’re here, it’s over.”

“What? But the slingshots are still flying!”


Son Taehwan was sure he had ordered the slingshot unit to retreat.

“Damn! We’ve let the fox and the sheep go at once!”

He immediately realized his mistake. Someone with a gun had fled the front lines of the slingshot unit.

“Son! Save me! The Red Scorpions are aiming at me!”


Bang. The ruthless sound of gunfire echoed once again. Someone from the slingshot unit screamed, and four of the Red Scorpions safely made their way to the back. They had positioned the giant slingshot further forward so they could retreat, using it as a protective wall to cover their escape.

“Those damned bastards!”

Son Taehwan aimed his gun in their direction. It was too precious a bullet to waste in this situation, but he felt he could take a shot at them now.

But once again, the scenario changed. Burning zombies approached where the slingshot unit was, and alpha zombies began to move en masse as more zombies entered the densely populated area.

“Yiiikes! Chief! There it is! A runner!”

Son Taehwan, about to pull the trigger, watched incredulously as blood spurted in a scene reminiscent of the one-armed zombie encounter the day before. From between the buildings, something came flying through the air. The remaining three Red Scorpions fired their guns madly, but no one could hit that zombie.

‘The same type as the one-armed from yesterday! Some are incredibly strong, while others are incredibly fast!’

Son Taehwan recalled the alpha zombies he had encountered, tilting his head slightly. All the zombies he had faced at Sejong Base were almost exclusively alphas.

Black blood that evaporated into steam indicated an alpha zombie. Those that didn’t were beta zombies.

Although this was a convenient classification, the issue was the first zombie he fought, named Han Young. That zombie didn’t quite fit the ‘alpha’ label, something about it was odd. And among the vehemently evaporating zombies, there were significant individual differences. Some hunted alone, others in groups; some were clever, others, not so much.

‘Could it be…’

Son Taehwan, noticing the individual differences, suddenly remembered three words: theory of evolution.

“Lieutenant, are we just going to wait here? Decide what to do!”

“Senior, snap out of it!”

As Son Taehwan gathered his thoughts, the zombies’ legions steadily advanced. The zombies on the left were almost upon them, and from the slingshot unit, people abandoned their weapons to fend off zombies with clubs and other items. The Red Scorpions, facing a ‘runner,’ were fleeing backwards.

“We should also fall back.”

“Lieutenant, where are we going!”

Son Taehwan bit his lower lip. The poem Han Sujin recited kept running through his mind. Nowhere to fall back, nowhere to escape. Son Taehwan scolded himself just as he had scolded those who ran away at the start. He looked at Han Sujin, pulling out a pistol, and wondered if it wouldn’t be better to just commit suicide right there. The dreaded words ‘dead end’ haunted his mind. Give up on survival and die. At least if he turned the gun on himself, there was a good chance he wouldn’t turn into a zombie.

The end.

And then, like magic, a briefing of the King George Island’s environment popped into Son Taehwan’s head. It was only a basic intro briefing about the island’s climate and features, but one particular scene stood out as a bright idea.

“Ice floes! That’s it! There will surely be ice floes at the end! We just have to make it there!”

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