Dead End Chapter 65

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 65

Chapter 065

Aboard the snowmobile, the fierce Red Scorpion was shouting something and then pointed at the trap. Suddenly, he abandoned the snowmobile and began waving a white flag.

“Surrender, it seems.”

Son Taehwan noticed the rising black vapor in various places. He spotted at least five Alpha zombies in an instant. The situation was even more dangerous with the addition of the metal spikes.

“They’re in for it now. Looks like they’ve been hit too!”

It was an absurd situation. The very ones who came to wipe out everything including zombies were now being chased by them, from the east all the way here. Apparently, they’d even lost their radios, since they kept on screaming and waving white flags.

At a distance of 300 meters out. Son Taehwan was in a position where he could shoot them with his sniper rifle. The six remaining members of the Red Scorpion used the snowmobile as cover and sporadically fired at the direction with the metal spikes.

It was like a solar eclipse unfolding. The white expanse was slowly, ever so slowly tarnished with the black blood of the zombies. The spikes were still, from a distance, watching the approaching brigade of zombies on the hill.

“Lieutenant! What should we do?”

“Damn it! What do we do! Red Scorpion breaking the 300-meter line!”

They were all witnessing the Red Scorpion, waving white flags, crossing the 300-meter mark. Son Taehwan was also conflicted. It was for stopping those very Red Scorpions that he initially intended to set up defenses.

However, absurdly enough, the Red Scorpions were chased by hordes of zombies, and now, waving white flags, they had turned to the survivors of the Chilean base for help. Now, Son Taehwan was the only person who could take their lives at this moment. Even as this moment passed, the Red Scorpions were slowly breaking through the defenses they had set up.

“What the hell do we do now, Han Sujin?”

Son Taehwan ultimately turned to Han Sujin, but she just bit her lower lip and watched as the Red Scorpion approached. They were armed. Even if they came under a white flag, this could create problems since they didn’t have enough guns to go around.

While they hesitated, the Red Scorpion came within 200 meters and then fell into a trap they had dug nearby.


On the far right, a Red Scorpion member fell into a trap covered with thin ice, screaming. Those traps were initially meant to stop snowmobiles but were lethal for zombies and people alike. The person who fell into the trap screamed his last and ceased to breathe, and the Red Scorpions stopped in their tracks, shouting something again. All Red Scorpions looked behind and used their guns as canes, tapping ahead as they moved forward.

“You bastards! I told you not to touch it!”

Son Taehwan cursed as well. With the trap exposed, there was a high chance zombies would avoid it. Now, it wasn’t just the Red Scorpion or Son Taehwan shouting. In the unexpected turn of events, those on the right and left flanks were also shouting at Son Taehwan, asking what to do.

And behind them, over a hundred zombies were slowly approaching, nearing the 400-meter line. Son Taehwan took binoculars from Han Sujin to check on the zombies’ ranks. No need for a detailed analysis – if the heavily armed Red Scorpion were surrendering like this, they were pushed back by quite a margin.

“Damn it all.”

The situation desperately forced a choice on Son Taehwan. He was so stressed that he almost vomited.

“Shepherd. Tell Red Scorpion to stop.”


“Yeah. We’ll provide covering fire but if they come closer, we’ll shoot.”

Son Taehwan craftily contemplated as he watched the Red Scorpions cross the 200-meter line. He had three options for attacking the 200-meter line. If he wanted, he could kill every last one of them.

“Stop there! If you don’t stop, we will open fire on everyone!”

“Shepherd! We need to cooperate!”

“Cooperate, my ass! They wanted to kill all the survivors just yesterday!”

“The situation has changed now! Those damn zombies took out ten of us! We wouldn’t have made it through if we hadn’t fled with the snowmobile! They are strong!”

“Bullshit! Stop! You can’t attack us, but we can attack you!”

“You suggesting we snipe them?”

“Not just sniping!”

They were near the 200-meter line, and as Shepherd said, it was a tricky distance. An elite sniper could hit a target beyond 200 meters, but they had a weakness. Their M4 series carbines had short barrels, not suitable beyond 100 meters.

The chief of Red Scorpion lowered his skull scarf while watching the slowly forming ranks of zombies. Since last evening, Red Scorpion had been relentlessly ‘hunted.’ Except for a few Alpha zombies that were slower, the zombies didn’t eat or sleep and just kept following them. What’s more, the terrifying Alpha zombies hidden amongst them were beyond imagination.

Losing ten team members was due to the bizarre behavior of the Alpha zombies. It wasn’t just the metal spike throwers, but there were other zombies with completely different movements.

Sure, Red Scorpion had firearms, and one could easily kill a zombie like the spike thrower if it was alone. However, the cunning Alpha zombies were using the Beta zombies as a ‘forest.’

As the zombie forest drew closer, the Alpha zombies moved. Red Scorpion was pitifully shivering, having been ruthlessly preyed upon using this hunting method. They might have been battle-hardened PMC, but this was possibly more terrifying than any battlefield they had known.

With their guns raised overhead, they once again shouted towards Shepherd.

“We’re all gonna die! Let us inside the defenses! We’ll do anything! We’ll all die to that Smoky!”

Reflexively, Shepherd looked towards Son Taehwan, also noticing the eerily approaching horde of zombies. Moreover, he was someone who barely managed to capture a one-arm with Son Taehwan before. If it weren’t for Son Taehwan’s resourcefulness, Shepherd would have been dead.

Cooperating with Red Scorpion now would increase their chances of survival.

“Shepherd. Look at that. It’s a complete disaster.”

“Damn it! Did that spike thrower retreat to lead this army?”

The zombies were now stepping over the 400-meter line, and from afar, objects began to fly. A snowmobile that traveled nearly 300 meters crashed a few dozen meters away from the right flank. The snowmobile’s engine hit the snowfield and flew up, crashing into a building; where it landed, the snow pit was deeply cratered like a meteor crash site.

Han Sujin’s mouth hung open in shock, and Son Taehwan gritted his teeth. Even among the Red Scorpion, someone burst into tears. Another snowmobile soared into the sky, and everyone realized who the real ‘enemy’ was and just how terrifying they were.


Son Taehwan turned his sniper rifle toward the spike throwers at a distance of 600 meters. Not quite a rookie’s range for Son Taehwan, but it was within the effective range of his rifle. However, as if the spike thrower knew he was being targeted, he withdrew into the forest of zombies.

“Shepherd! You see! There’s no use even with a sniper rifle! Our sniper was killed by that spike thrower chucking a generator! It listens for sound!”

Red Scorpion started moving forward again, disregarding the warnings from Son Taehwan’s side. It was as if they were betting on the side that at least gave them a chance to survive, akin to the race between Achilles and the tortoise. They avoided the traps, feeling their way like a blind person, while the leading group of zombies crossed the 300-meter line with ease.

A few among the Red Scorpion fired nervously toward the back. The zombies were now in effective range for the Red Scorpion. Their shouts grew more desperate.

“We’ll give anything! We refuse to die as zombies!”

“Yeah! If you say to drop our guns, we’ll do it!”

Except for the one with the skull mask, they were all completely beside themselves, indiscriminately shooting down the ‘forest’ of Beta zombies before the black vapor-emitting Alpha zombies could reach them. Bang bang bang. However, their firepower was insufficient against the overwhelming number of zombies.

Gotta shoot the head.

The ‘limit’ was more serious than anticipated. As Son Taehwan experienced yesterday while facing the one-armed, zombies kept walking unless their heads or necks were destroyed. Even for the skilled Red Scorpion, it was impossible to conserve ammo and only hit the head.

As the zombies began crossing the 300-meter line, Son Taehwan gritted his teeth and finally made a decision.

“F-ing bastards. You like artillery? We’re starting an artillery battle too. Shepherd! Fire! Fire!”

“Okay! Artillery!”

Shepherd was a good subordinate. He took the snowmobile over to the left flank, spoke a few words, and then pulled out the makeshift weapon they had crafted that morning.

“Target at 320 meters. Let’s fire a few rounds! Aim for the zeroed target we established yesterday!”

Son Taehwan’s need to differentiate distances in 100-meter increments wasn’t just to set up a rifle defensive line. The survivors of the Chilean base ingeniously recycled debris to devise an extraordinary weapon, which unleashed its power splendidly.

“What is that? Are there zombies on their side too?”

A gear weighing about 20 kilograms bounced skyward. Following an arc, it landed around 310 meters out, tearing a zombie to shreds before bouncing off to the side. It was like watching bowling pins flying after being struck, as the zombies next to the target were knocked down by the flying metal.

“Okay! Impact! The elevation was good! Keep the direction!”

“Got it!”

Shepherd, behaving like artillery, repeated Son Taehwan’s words and flung the heavy metal to the shooter(?) next to him. What they had created was a sort of giant slingshot. Son Taehwan found a wide belt rubber from broken generator parts and also a Y-shaped frame from airplane wreckage.

The survivors combined the two components, crudely but with gradients, and built a makeshift sight. They even completed a firing test that morning. This launcher(?) was solely intended for targeting zombies.

Survivors from Chile base cheered as they watched the zombies fall, while the Red Scorpion stuporously watched them firing projectiles.

“Smart. Very smart. But can they beat the black vapor? They need our strength, don’t they?”

The leader of the Red Scorpion narrowed his eyes as he watched the projectiles fly. Indeed, Son Taehwan’s large slingshot was breaking through the zombie forest. But their firepower wasn’t that much stronger than the Red Scorpion.

As Han Sujin watched the enemies with a smile, a scenario beyond their expectations unfolded. Flares from both the right and left erupted simultaneously.

“Senior! Both flanks!”

“Damn it, they’ve outflanked us!”

As Son Taehwan had anticipated, this formation was vulnerable to side attacks from the runway. Whether commanded by the spike thrower or another attack, the Chile base now faced assaults from three directions.

“Could it be? Was showing us the zombies and throwing those objects meant to fix our attention upfront?”

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