Dead End Chapter 61

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 61

Chapter 061

At that moment, an unexpected event occurred that no one had anticipated. With a thud, Han Sujin kicked the pastor away with her foot.

“Senior! If it comes to that, just cut off my head and throw it away. If that’s the only way that you and these people can survive, then I’m all for it.”

The tough lady had resolved the situation in one blow. The pastor, now seated on the ground, could only blink his eyes as he looked up at Han Sujin.

“Why should the living sacrifice for the dead? Why don’t you go out onto the plains first? Try to convince the Red Scorpion with those eloquent lips of yours. Using the same method. Wouldn’t that ensure everyone’s survival? Go ahead, convince them that humans should not kill each other in order to remain human.”

“That… That is…”

The pastor’s eyes immediately went to the guns held by Shepherd and Son Taehwan. Threaten with a gun to make them walk through the snow? After a while, Han Sujin used the scalpel she carried to cut his cable ties, then she casually handed him his Bible.

“Go ahead? The Red Scorpion must be somewhere to the east.”

“No, I…”

“If you can convince the Red Scorpion, I’ll applaud you for it. I’ll even apologize if I’m wrong. If you can’t, you’re a hypocrite. If not that, then I’m counting on you, Senior.”

Having cleanly knocked out the pastor, Han Sujin returned to Son Taehwan’s side and playfully flicked his forehead.

“Babbling. Don’t get shaken by something like this.”

Shepherd whistled softly. If she hadn’t intervened, he might have smacked the pastor on the head with the butt of his gun.

“Ahem. Anyway, those who are injured should take turns keeping watch here. The rest of us need to dig traps in the snowfield.”


Son Taehwan explained the plans he had discussed with Han Sujin. Shepherd became impressed by the strategy as he listened to the explanation.

“I may not know much, but I’ve heard an officer from a military academy discuss this… It’s that…”

“Hehehe, right. A tactic used by the Soviet army in World War II. The snowmobile and that spike-zombie are like tanks. We are the infantry.”

Son Taehwan had measures for different distances planned out as he tried to draw in as many enemies as possible. If his schemes worked, the Red Scorpion and the zombies would sustain considerable damage.

As Son Taehwan told Han Sujin, he wasn’t thinking of a complete victory that would utterly defeat the enemy of any kind. If the enemy suffered enough damage to abandon the Chile base, they could buy some time. There was also the chance of rescue planes arriving here. That was the most important reason why they couldn’t leave this place. Son Taehwan clapped his hands sharply again to get everyone’s attention.

“Since we’ll be working in the snowfield, it’s better to eat well first.”

A grand breakfast started once again. People ate as much as they could as if it were their last meal.

“Senior, you never get teased for eating a lot, do you?”

“Eat plenty. We may have to run at any moment.”

Han Sujin understood exactly what he was talking about. The three Koreans were planning to abandon these people and flee. To escape over the control tower required considerable stamina, and in some cases, they would have to take care of the injured Bak Donghyuk as well.

Han Sujin gobbled down all the biscuits and drinks, and Son Taehwan did the same. It was still snowing outside, and Son Taehwan was staring vacantly at his watch again.

“Time is the issue.”

“It’s okay. With this weather, the enemy won’t bother moving either.”

“Why? Maybe it’s because of the planes… Oh, the weather.”

A blizzard was still raging fiercely. Launching an airplane in this weather was a suicidal act.

‘Maybe they’ve realized the bluff. Then there’s even less reason for the enemy to hurry.’

If the enemy had something like a telescope, they could tell that there were no planes on the runway. There was one more thing that could make them complacent: according to Shepherd, the Red Scorpion fighters were all combat-experienced armed with rifles. Son Taehwan didn’t expect them to rashly execute an operation when they still had the advantage of numbers.

“Shepherd, how many members of the Red Scorpion do you think are left?”

“We took care of about three or four here. You took out three. Roughly fifteen to twenty, I’d say. If they’ve been hit by zombies or friendly fire, then the number would be even fewer.”

Twenty was not a number eleven or twelve people could easily handle. Son Taehwan suddenly went over to the pastor and untied his cable. The pastor’s circumstances for being in the boiler room were suspicious, but it couldn’t be helped now.

“What’s wrong, Lieutenant? Why are you untying the pastor’s hands?”

“Every single person counts right now. Pastor, you said something good earlier. If you don’t want that predicament to become your future, it would benefit you to choose wisely.”

With an embarrassed face, the pastor nodded. Following that, people started preparing to go outside, dressing up in their cold weather gear. Son Taehwan briefed everyone on the tools they needed to bring and the strategy briefly before leaving the flight control room. As Son Taehwan had said, it was likely to be a monotonous job. Everyone started making remarks as they gathered their items.

“Phew, I won’t even look at snow for a while.”

“I won’t touch ice cream again for the rest of my life.”

“Not even fresh strawberry ice cream?”

“Hehe, let me think about that one.”

The black man and the Japanese laughed heartily before opening the door and heading out. Son Taehwan and Han Sujin also carried their shovels and tools and went outside. The snowstorm outside was worse than it looked from within. The people quickly became like snowmen as they walked into the blizzard.

“Son! How far are we walking?”

“300 meters from that building! And don’t talk! I’m counting the distance in paces!”

Son Taehwan was measuring the distance based on his stride. By the time they had gone approximately 100 meters from the flight control room, Son Taehwan shouted to the others.

“This is the 100-meter line! We don’t know who will have the rifle, but do not shoot at targets beyond this range with a rifle! The same applies to zombies or Red Scorpion members!”

Shepherd watched with interest as Son Taehwan positioned incapacitated zombie bodies as markers at this point. It was a peculiar landmark that the enemy would not find unusual, and he understood why Son Taehwan was setting up such markers at this distance.

“The effective firing range for a rifle. True, beyond this, it won’t be a world where an amateur can estimate and hit anything.”

Although a rifle has a longer effective range, this was the practical combat distance. Without optical equipment, it’s impossible to hit a person at a range of 100 meters. Shepherd was already aware of Son Taehwan’s defensive plans and admired the deep attrition warfare he had instigated.

“Attrition warfare, huh. Hey, Doctor Lady, what’s the background of that lieutenant?”

“I don’t really know either. Hehe.”

“Aren’t you two dating?”


Han Sujin frowned with her pretty eyebrows as she removed her goggles. She was quite pretty, no matter the race. Her white breath escaped from between her red lips and vanished as it grazed her soft cheeks. She continued to gaze at the back of Son Taehwan, who still seemed to be giving some directions.

“The senior has a lover, doesn’t he? He said he has a girlfriend back in his home country.”

“Hmm… I see.”

Han Sujin smiled again and Shepherd put his goggles back on, scanning the surroundings. His current mission was to immediately fire and repel the enemy if they appeared on the hill. And the enemy wasn’t just the Red Scorpion.

“Doctor Lady, but what about that weird zombie? The one with a spike in its neck.”

“It must be a form of infection of some sort.”

“Infection? But isn’t this Antarctica? Can a virus or pathogen even survive here? Look at them, still moving in the snowfield?”

“I think it’s very likely to be a virus.”

“A virus? But no virus can live in Antarctica, right? Not even a cold virus.”

“There are many types of viruses. Also…”

She explained that a virus is a ‘partially living material’ that only starts synthesizing protein once inside the body. Shepherd nodded as if he caught on to something after hearing her explanation.

“If your theory is correct, then something must have been here in Antarctica and we came to eradicate whatever virus or pathogen it is.”


“And the current situation is that there’s chaos outside Antarctica too.”

Shepherd squinted and spat. The three of them were the only ones who heard the mysterious radio message earlier; the others only knew that an airplane might come via radio communication.

Shortly after, Son Taehwan divided the people and directed them to work at the 100-meter line. A work team consisting of the black man and the Japanese began digging traps on the 100-meter line with their snow shovels, while Son Taehwan and the remaining group advanced to the 200-meter line. Shepherd stuck close to Son Taehwan, glancing at his map occasionally.

“But, Lieutenant, will the enemy fall for these traps?”

“We’ll make them fall for it. We’re not here to win the fight; we just need to show them that messing with us is a bad idea.”

“Heh, hedgehog strategy, huh?”

“It’s the best we can choose from.”

Son Taehwan stationed a few workers there and grabbed a snow shovel himself. Dug-up snow piled up here and there, and Son Taehwan even used the snow in curious ways.

“I never expected to be making snow sculptures in my life.”

“Senior, you probably were terrible at art.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know I was a shining artist of the future with a Gangdong District Office award.”

“Pfft. What’s that?”

“Anyway, it’s a masterpiece recognized by the Gangdong District Office. As long as the enemy is fooled for even a moment, that’s all we need. Hey, Bak Donghyuk! How does this look from your perspective?”

Son Taehwan inserted a cylinder retrieved from the debris into the piled snow and shaped it into a figure of a person lying down with a gun aimed. At a glance, it resembled someone lying in the snowfield aiming a rifle. People dug around here and there, looking at the snowman dummies that Son Taehwan had created.

“Bro! I can’t see well!”

“With binoculars!”

“Even with binoculars, it’s not clear at this distance!”

“Damn it. Hopefully, the enemy will be mistaken too.”

The slightest hesitation from the enemy would be beneficial. Son Taehwan looked at the scene and advanced again.

“Shepherd! Wait here! Just make it as I instructed earlier! But there’s no need to connect every spot!”

Son Taehwan looked at the protruding jagged rocks and clumps of snow and ice that had rolled together, forming obstacles. The people broke the snow heaps large enough for a person to hide in with a hammer and left the rocks as they were. Then they scattered pieces of ice and debris here and there.

The snowmobile, although capable of riding on snow, was not invincible. Before leaving the flight control room, Son Taehwan had already thought of a plethora of tricks to defend the base. Son Taehwan looked out at the 300-meter and 400-meter lines as the snowstorm raged.

“Sujin, help out with the work back there.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Aish, really. Six years old and already so stubborn.”

As if anticipating her reaction, Son Taehwan pulled out snowshoes shaped like slap-stick fans and handed them to Han Sujin. They were improvised snowshoes, made with pot lids or wide rectangular metal plates tied with wire or string. With these, it was possible to scout almost without leaving any trace in the snow.

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