Dead End Chapter 55

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 55

Chapter 055

The crisis was far from over.

Undoubtedly, an enemy equipped with tremendous weaponry would swarm this place, and they would annihilate any survivors left here.

‘Negotiation is not going to work.’

They did not see humans as people but as a source of bounty.

Without presenting solid evidence, cooperation was out of the question.


Son Taehwan looked at Han Sujin at that point.

As he had said to Shepard earlier, the one with the choice was the ‘one holding the gun.’

No one knew what kind of dangerous situations Han Sujin might fall into.

This place was frozen not just in terms of law and morality but also literally.

What made Son Taehwan even more anxious was the unpredictability of when they would be attacked.

They only had two rifles and a sniper rifle with one round left, and they would need to search to find more ammunition or any other useful weapons.

“We don’t have much time. Let’s get moving.”


Han Sujin looked at Son Taehwan with worried eyes.

The pair of them had killed dozens of zombies today and rushed here without proper rest, but Son Taehwan had been relentless in searching and preparing.

It was already 4 PM.

“Senior, wouldn’t it be better to rest even for a little?”

“Not yet. We have to defend this place by all means.”

Shepard had mentioned the reason.

“The Red Scorpions will be back soon.”

“Right. We need to prepare as much as possible before they arrive. Luckily, we have some food and weapons here. Shepard, do you know where the armory is?”


“Having a guide makes it easier.”

Shepard smirked and surveyed the Chilean base like Son Taehwan.

“It won’t be easy.”

“That’s right.”

“Let’s even use the civilians in the control tower. We are going to face professionals among professionals. Ah, of course, the hands of that cute doctor as well.”

Both men looked at Han Sujin, who blinked cutely.

Shepard and Son Taehwan burst into laughter, and Han Sujin tilted her head, looking puzzled like a question mark was floating above her.

Soon the trio came down from the air traffic control room, chattering like high school girls.

Han Sujin whimsically sniffed at Son Taehwan’s head and grumbled.

“Wow, it smells like uncle here. Senior, keep away from me. Don’t stick around.”

“Be quiet. Your head smells too because you haven’t bathed.”

“To say such things to a lady.”

“Lady? Where is such a thing?”

The two bickered in English about ‘lady’, and Shepard chuckled while stroking his mustache.

“You two should date.”


“F***, who?”

Shepard laughed again while watching the pair.

What followed happened swiftly.

Park Donghyuk rode a snowmobile to the control tower to shoot the beta zombies there.

People inside the tower cheered “Bravo” as they burst outside, subsequently joining Son Taehwan’s group on the runway.

“Thank you! If you hadn’t come, we would have been dead!”

“Really, thank you!”

Survivors like Xiao Wen were brimming with tears.

Son Taehwan and Han Sujin didn’t exactly come here to rescue them, but upon seeing those survivors, they had long forgotten such reasons.

The survivors’ number, including Shepard, totaled eight.

This morning, when the blizzard was at its peak, they had found the absence of guards and had stepped outside.

Yet, what awaited them outside were zombies.

Eventually, they were chased by spiked zombies and others into the control tower.

If not for Son Taehwan’s group, they would have either starved to death or been killed one by one in the control tower, considering the combat abilities of the spiked creatures.

“There’s one injured on our side, and two on yours. That means we have exactly eight who can fight properly.”

Out of 11, four were injured, leaving only seven individuals fit for combat.

Son Taehwan sighed while looking at the people who had twisted ankles or injured hands.

“Shepard. How many are you folks in total? You must know that, right?”

“No, I’m not sure about the exact number. A few joined us in Punta Arenas last.”

“Then roughly?”

“Thirty? Maybe, at the most forty. The chief wouldn’t want more than that; he always grumbles about having to split the loot.”

“Chief? What kind of person is he?”

As Son Taehwan sketched about thirty circles on the snowy ground, he asked.

“He’s one of the company’s executive-level men. But not an office worker, he’s a field worker, a legend in his own right.”

“How legendary?”

“Somalia Mogadishu, the Gulf War, and even this recent war in Iraq. Do you know how terrifying an old marine can be on the battlefield?”

Son Taehwan found the story dreamlike, having never been deployed or even part of a combat unit.

But irrespective, the enemy commander was someone with ample chaotic battle experience.

Son Taehwan felt something stirring uncomfortably in his stomach. With the injured and women among them, they had to defend the base against professional warriors.

“It won’t be easy.”

“Lieutenant, your command experience?”

“I’ve done several base defense drills. But it might be better if you take command, Shepard. You’ve got the experience in actual combat.”

“Haha, I can shoot when ordered but never commanded. You’d better do it.”

Shepard subtly passed the command to Son Taehwan.

Without command training, Shepard had no other choice.

“This is maddening.”

Eventually, Son Taehwan accepted the role of commander with a sigh.

He took the stiletto that Han Sujin had brought and struck it on the ground.

“Alright, we’ll split into two groups. One rifle each. Shepard, you’ll take the other group. The injured will stay in air traffic control. Shepard, if anything happens, blow this whistle or fire a shot.”

“Aye-aye, sir! Lieutenant!”

Shepard saluted jokingly and walked toward the temporary armory with the people Son Taehwan assigned to him.

“Xiao Wen. You said you were from the People’s Liberation Army, right? Go with Shepard.”

“Okay! Boss.”

As Son Taehwan divided the people into groups 1 and 2, and the injured, his eyes met with Park Donghyuk’s.

“Bro, I can walk. Include me in the search team.”

“F***, watch your mouth. I’ll call you if we need you later, so conserve your strength.”

“But, bro…”

“Listen. The only ones around here with military experience are only you, me, Xiao Wen, and Shepard. Those who can shoot properly need to be preserved.”

Park Donghyuk was dissatisfied, but he had no choice but to nod at Son Taehwan’s words.

Ironically, Frey Base—an air force base in Chile—had no soldiers left alive.

Having experience with guns, Park Donghyuk was considered a valuable asset.

Food. Weapons. A safe place to rest.

The survivors knew what was needed without saying it, and Son Taehwan distributed the tasks as logically as possible. Though it felt like he had returned to his active duty days.

“Our doctor. Will you take care of the injured?”

“Yes, Senior.”

Then Son Taehwan whispered something cruel in her ears.

‘If the others threaten you or try to harm you, shoot them.’


‘It’s the same for Shepard and Park Donghyuk.’

The only one he could trust in this situation was her.

Despite their near-death experiences together, Son Taehwan did not fully trust Shepard.

Their relationship was supposedly beyond betrayal, but circumstances could always change.

He was also wary of a situation where too many people had weapons.

With guns in hand, on what basis could he trust the people here?

Biting her lower lip and nodding slightly, Han Sujin understood.

If she hadn’t fought the snowmobile alone earlier, she might have shaken her head at Son Taehwan’s words.

But she had already experienced the harshness of Antarctica.

“I feel like my heart keeps getting colder.”

“Me too. Anyway, doctor, I’m counting on you.”

“Are you no quack?”

“Yeah. Doctor.”

Blushing slightly, Han Sujin kicked Son Taehwan’s buttocks and turned away.

“Hey, f***, you’re not really hurt, are you? Didn’t you say earlier moving too much was bad?”

“Just shut up. Half of it is malingering, right?”

Park Donghyuk grinned, and Son Taehwan instinctively smacked the back of his head.

“Ah, bro!”

“You laugh at your brother? Anyways, protect Sujin when treating. I can’t trust the others. It’s not without reason that I’m leaving you behind. Especially Xiao Wen, he understands Korean, so be careful what you say.”

“Ah… yeah, I got it, bro.”

Son Taehwan handed over the chainsaw he had been holding to Park Donghyuk.

Most were injured, and she was armed, but Son Taehwan had taken out another insurance to protect Han Sujin.

To her, the advice was also to be wary of this ‘insurance.’

Then, as the injured left for air traffic control, Son Taehwan started moving with the remaining three.

All the while, he kept glancing at the hill to the east.

If a snowmobile emerged from that hill, the war would begin anew.

‘I have to think. To survive, I need to think.’

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