Dead End Chapter 54

Dead End

Dead End Chapter 54

Chapter 054

Be cautious of infection… to the nearest military base or… designated shelters… I repeat… the government considers this situation critical… to overcome this Dead Blood incident… I repeat… this is… Survivors…”

Han Sujin looked blankly at her senior, while Son Taehwan listened to the crackling broadcast, unable to grasp the full message due to interference.

“This location is currently experiencing the Dead Blood situation… This message is being broadcasted… If you are hearing this message, please evacuate… The government is collaborating. Do not lose hope. Evacuate.”

Due to the weather conditions on King George Island, the radio communication was highly unstable, with the message cutting in and out, leaving them with nothing but static noise after a brief moment of connection. The unexpected termination of the transmission left Han Sujin collapsing into a chair.

“Dead Blood…”

“That must be referring to the black blood.”

“Senior, does this mean… does this mean this is happening outside Antarctica too?”

There was no way for Son Taehwan to deny it; the broadcast, though unclear, was certainly not about Antarctica alone.

Han Sujin seemed on the verge of tears, realizing that the crisis wasn’t confined to their location but was a worldwide catastrophe.

Son Taehwan began to understand why the person below had committed suicide. The individual was a CDC researcher who probably realized the situation was beyond control.

Filling in the blanks from the fragmented radio transmission was futile; too many pieces were missing. They could only speculate based on the suicide below.

Facing a dead end, Son Taehwan was reluctant to accept defeat. He adjusted the radio, attempting to contact the mainland.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Make contact with the mainland.”

“If this situation has spread beyond Antarctica…”

“The broadcast mentioned ‘the government’ is taking action. If they’re setting up shelters and cooperating, there must still be hope.”

“That makes sense?”

If even the formidable Spike Alpha fled from gunfire, then humans armed with guns were indeed a force to be reckoned with. Shepherd smirked at the thought, agreeing that the military involvement could turn the tide against the undead horde.

“But senior, that message…”

“Sujin, we don’t know where that radio came from or who it was intended for. But I refuse to freeze or become a zombie. We’ve been preparing for the worst since yesterday. It’s not the worst yet.”


“Are you not going to eat the jjajangmyun? Damn it, no matter what happens, I’ll make sure you get to eat jjajangmyun.”

Avoiding direct mention of the potentially grim reality, Son Taehwan changed the radio’s frequency and began broadcasting.

“Here is Chile’s Frei Base! This is Frei Base on King George Island! Can anyone hear me? Can anyone hear me?”

Following the loss of the mysterious emergency channel, only static noise filled the control room, and they observed the encroaching ominous clouds.

Frustrated by the weather conditions that should have allowed long-distance communication, Son Taehwan frantically entered new frequencies into the radio, hoping for a connection.

Shepherd watched the skies alongside them, cursing the weather.

“It’s because we’re on an island in Antarctica.”

“Try a different frequency, senior.”

With Han Sujin’s help, they attempted different frequencies until finally, a crackling response came through from Punta Arenas Airport in Chile, asking for details in Spanish.

“English, please! English!”

“English? No problem! This is Punta Arenas! Speak, Frei!”

Hesitant, Son Taehwan debated what to disclose about their situation. If Punta Arenas was unaware of the zombie crisis, mentioning it might jeopardize their chances of entry, even though immediate departure was unlikely.

“This is Chile’s Frei Base! Are you all right there?”

“All good! Come anytime! We have soldiers here! This place is safe!”

Receiving that message, Son Taehwan swallowed hard. The choice of words from the other side made the situation painfully clear. Though it was normal for Punta Arenas Airport to have military presence, the assurance of safety hinted at the widespread crisis.

“Punta Arenas! I ask again. Is the airport safe?”

“Safe! There’s enough water and food prepared! I repeat, all survivors are welcome!”

Han Sujin and Son Taehwan smiled broadly. They now had a destination beyond Antarctica. Son Taehwan remembered Punta Arenas from before they arrived here. Chile, known for its mountainous terrains and abundant agricultural produce, had Punta Arenas at its southernmost tip, the southernmost large city in the world. Even amidst such chaos, it was likely to have a considerable aggregation of people and supplies. Reaching there was all they needed to do to survive. Han Sujin held back her tears and nodded, while Shepherd sighed in relief.

Son Taehwan then asked the crucial question, “Can you send a plane here? We have about twenty to thirty survivors!”

There was static noise before the response, “Currently, securing long-distance aviation fuel is difficult. But we’ll try our best to arrange something.”

“Thank you, Punta Arenas! This is King George Island! And…”

Son Taehwan hesitated about mentioning the AC-130 present here. Even though it was a converted cargo plane, it could easily be shot down by a passenger jet in terms of speed. He stared at the static-filled radio console and then shouted, “This is King George Island, Frei Base! Many people are struggling to survive and have made it here! Please, try to arrange a flight for us!”

“We’ll do our best! And if we can’t send one…”

The person on the other end also hesitated, holding the radio key, seemingly overwhelmed. Son Taehwan felt a surge of emotion, realizing they too were desperately fighting for survival.

“Understood, Punta Arenas! Stay alive! You are our hope!”

The person on the other end, moved by Son Taehwan’s voice, replied emotionally, “Understood, Frei! We hope to see you alive! We’ll be waiting here for you!”

“Got it! And should we keep in touch through this frequency?”

“Of course! And…”

Just as Punta Arenas was about to say something more, the transmission cut off amid static noise. Son Taehwan instinctively looked outside; there was still a bit of time before the blizzard hit.

“Why did it cut off so soon?”

“The antenna…”

Just then, with a groaning noise, the long-wave antenna next to the control tower collapsed. It had been barely standing after being attacked by the AC-130 and likely fell due to the wind.

“Damn it. That explains the intermittent static. It’s a miracle we managed to communicate with Punta Arenas at all…”

“What do we do now, senior?”

Son Taehwan looked towards the runway, where fires from the AC-130’s indiscriminate bombing were still burning. Despite the damage, the size of the base meant that there were still intact buildings like this control tower.

“We hold on. It’s better than yesterday. We have heating and food… With many people turning into zombies at once, resources should be abundant. Hey, Shepherd, we have enough supplies, right?”

“Probably. The team brought some in, but considering the population, there should be plenty left.”

This place had served as a base camp for Red Scorpion and the AC-130 until the previous night.

Han Sujin stood up, filled with resolve. Without having to say it, the three of them knew what they had to do next.

“Let’s get moving. Before sunset, we need to set up shelters and gather food to hold out. And…”

Whether or not Punta Arenas could send a plane was uncertain, but at least they saw a glimmer of hope.

So they had to endure.

They needed to survive and return to Korea.

“Red Scorpion. Are they now the biggest variable?”

Son Taehwan looked out at the base, still patrolled by Beta zombies, and began to formulate a defense plan.

Dead end.

Son Taehwan had no place left to flee. Their only way to survive was to fend off the attackers here and make their way to Chile.

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