Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 1


Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 1: Prologue

The Raymond House

There were many names by which this house was once called.

A noble house of founding contributors, who alongside the founding king, pioneered the northwestern part of the continent and established a nation.

The first ducal family of the kingdom.

A staunch ally of the royal family, and more…

But as seven hundred years passed, the once lofty honor of the Raymond House was long forgotten.

Now, there was only one name for the Raymond House, stripped even of its title.

A fallen noble house.

Russell was the sole descendant of this Raymond House.

“A freelance wizard, Russell… Raymond?”

In the continent, his uncommon black hair and deep crimson eyes, along with his sharp gaze, were notable.

A soldier, upon checking the name ‘Raymond’ written on the identification badge, trailed off.

But only for a moment.

“You’re cleared. You may enter.”

Leaving the soldier’s voice behind, who returned the badge and permitted passage, a twenty-five-year-old young man, Russell, entered through the city gates.

‘This is the royal capital, Camelot.’

The only city in the continent that could rival an empire, the capital of the Kingdom of Endymion.

Perhaps that was why. The view of Camelot was dazzlingly splendid.

Well-arranged urban landscapes, tidy buildings, and the diverse people traversing above them.

A notable observation was the unusually high number of individuals wearing robes.

‘It makes sense.’

It had been two months since the White Tower, one of the royal capital’s four great towers, announced the hiring of freelance wizards for a short-term contract.

With the test just a few days away, it was only natural for the kingdom’s wizards to flock to the capital.

‘I am one of them too.’

Turning his head around fully, Russell observed the outskirts of the capital.

Four buildings constructed along the cardinal directions, east, west, north, and south, stood tall as if guarding the capital – spiral towers combining spiral and tower architectures.

‘Those spiral towers are the-’

The so-called Four Great Towers of the capital.

Among the twenty-some towers in the kingdom, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow were the pinnacle, represented by these four towers in the capital.

‘There was a time when I desperately wished to enter those.’

Or at least to join any ordinary tower while attending the academy.

But now, that was nothing more than an unattainable dream.

‘Since I was expelled from the academy.’

As the word ‘academy’ flashed in his mind, memories of that time surfaced.

-‘That person?’

‘You know, the senior who’s been repeating years for three years now.’

‘Ah, that senior. But if he’s still at the first circle after repeating years in the final class, doesn’t that mean he just doesn’t try?’

‘No, actually, I heard he’s incredibly hardworking.’

‘Then what?’

‘There’s an issue with his mana rod.’

‘Russell Raymond. The first student in the academy’s history to repeat three times.’

‘There’s no fourth repetition in our academy, Mr. Russell. It’s regrettable, but you must leave now.’

‘Even if your written exam scores are passable, we can’t graduate someone who hasn’t even completed the second circle.’

‘I’m sorry.’

Memories he never wanted to recall again. Russell frowned and let out a deep sigh.

It was obvious why the academy set the completion of the second circle as a graduation requirement.

‘One should at least reach that level to not feel ashamed of introducing oneself as a wizard anywhere.’

Indeed, some outstanding graduates even reached the third circle.

Years after being expelled and wandering as a freelancer and mercenary, abandoning even the honor of once being a noble,

perhaps by sheer luck,

Russell had acquired two special spells, finally achieving the second circle.

‘Of course, it was too late by then.’

Remembering the past, Russell wore a self-mocking expression.


The loss of the estate and the noble title was his own story.

Just a decade or so ago, in his father’s time, the Raymond House still held the title of earl.

They even owned a small estate.

‘Although it wasn’t anything grand.’

Even then, the house was already on the brink of ruin.

His father, attempting to revive the house, led the estate’s soldiers into war.

‘To achieve military glory.’

The image of Earl Raymond riding off with his soldiers, leaving the estate, was Russell’s last memory of his father.

‘After my father passed away…’

The royal evaluators dispatched by the royal court reclaimed the granted land and title from the house.

The decision was made due to the house’s inability to maintain its title and land.

However, this didn’t mean that the Raymond House was completely devoid of hope.

Despite weakening over generations and ultimately losing their estate and title, the Raymonds were a house of founding contributors.

They had one unique privilege unlike other noble houses.

‘The privilege to regain the title of earl upon the birth of a fifth-circle wizard and the title of duke with a seventh-circle wizard.’

But considering his own lacking talent as the only remaining blood of the house,


He felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

‘This accursed fate, consuming the life of a wizard. If only I could fully resolve this fate-’

‘I would be much better off.’

Mana Rod Constriction Syndrome.

The name of the affliction Russell suffered from.

A congenital condition where the mana rod is too narrow and weak, preventing the mage from handling or discharging mana beyond a certain threshold.

Thanks to the two spells he gained while wandering as a freelancer, his condition had somewhat improved compared to the beginning.

‘Thanks to them, I was able to reach the second circle.’

However, as long as there’s no way to completely neutralize this affliction, life as a wizard still seemed distant.


Finally, Russell let out a long sigh.

‘First, I should find a place to stay.’

At that moment,


Something caught Russell’s eye.

Among the buildings lined up in the capital, one stood out sharply – a massive pyramidal structure.

‘The Rubrium Museum.’

The only museum in the Kingdom of Endymion.

There were still a few days left until the job interview.

Since he had come to the capital, he thought it wouldn’t hurt to broaden his horizons with a visit.

‘If I’m lucky, I might find a clue to cure my ailment.’

Although the chance was slim, the museum was royal property.

‘All sorts of artifacts and national treasures must be on display.’

Of course, most of them would likely be replicas.

Considering theft and other issues, it’s safer to store the genuine articles in the royal vaults or archives.

‘But still.’

Even if replicas, the descriptions written beneath them wouldn’t be false or fictitious.


Despite not having made a decision, Russell found himself unable to take his eyes off the museum.

“Let’s go.”

With that decision, he turned towards the museum as if led by some destiny.



“Is this your first visit?”

A soldier conducting ticket inspections at the museum entrance asked.

“There’s a lot to see.”

When Russell responded affirmatively, the soldier’s face beamed with pride.

“If you’re trying to see everything in one day, I’d recommend dividing the areas and visiting them separately.”

“Divide the areas?”

“That’s right. If you rush trying to see everything in a day, you’ll end up not properly appreciating anything. Better to take your time and see things thoroughly, don’t you think?”

The soldier, having worked at the museum entrance for years, seemed to have seen many such cases.

‘It won’t hurt to heed his advice.’

Russell nodded politely, and the soldier smiled lightly, ushering him inside.

“Enjoy your visit.”

Inside, the museum seemed quite expansive.

It was clear why the soldier at the entrance had given such advice.

‘It’s not just what’s visible from outside; there are several floors underground…’

The veteran’s words were accurate.

Thus, following the planned route, Russell spent some time touring the museum.

‘The next section is… the fantasy species?’

Unknown beings about which little was revealed.

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t intrigued.

As he continued his tour, suddenly,


Without realizing it, Russell’s steps came to a halt.

More instinctual than deliberate, like a sense of destiny.


Immediately, he felt a powerful attraction gripping his heart. Quickly, he turned his head.

Facing something that seemed to call out to him.

‘Is this a stone?’

It was a stone.

Not too large, about the size of a fist.

Or perhaps something like a withered apple, completely dehydrated.

But why couldn’t he take his eyes off this unremarkable object?

The distance between him and it was about ten meters.

Like being bewitched, Russell slowly moved closer.

A long-awaited destiny.

Or perhaps an inescapable fate enveloping his entire body.

Step, step.

Finally, only a few centimeters separated Russell and the object, with only a thin, magically treated glass wall between them.


An intense vibration was felt from his inner pocket. This time, it was clear and powerful enough for him to feel.

‘This is…’

It was a ring, and an heirloom.

Faintly remembered, a gift from his mother before she passed away when he was young.

‘A ring with a gem carved to resemble a dragon’s eye.’

Though fallen, his mother also came from a noble family. Was it something handed down in her family as a treasure?

The gem in the ring faintly glowed.

The pounding of the heart, the fate or attraction felt from the stone.

And even the trembling of the ring.

It seemed as if the three were resonating.

As a peculiar silence descended, almost freezing time.

Russell slowly reached out towards the ring with his finger.

Simultaneously, as if possessed by the inscribed words beneath the dried stone.

“The heart of a dragon…?”

Even if it were called a dragon species, it wouldn’t be a real dragon’s heart.

In the first place, it was unlikely for a real dragon’s heart to be displayed here.

“But it might still be the heart of a relatively high-ranking dragon.”

In any case, it would be a fake.

And even if it were genuine, all the remaining magic would have been depleted, leaving only an empty shell.

That was undoubtedly a logical judgment.


“Why can’t I take my eyes off it when I know that?”

Although reason denied its authenticity, the trembling of the heart felt as if it were shouting that it was real.

And finally, the moment the ring filled his finger.


A piercing sound engulfed everything.

Just like gold on the gears that make up the world, the world reflected in Russell’s eyes became distorted.

Stone and heirloom.

The will of a great existence flowing from the heart and eyes swallowed Russell’s consciousness.

A spiritual explosion so intense that he couldn’t resist shook Russell’s mind.


With a groan, a voice reverberated in Russell’s crumbling ears.

“When the heart and the eyes meet, a new eye shall open, becoming the cornerstone of a new myth.”

“For that myth, I shall grant you one more chance.”

Before the voice had finished, Russell’s consciousness was abruptly cut off.

Yet, the voice still continued to be heard.

“The Eye of the Dragon Deity shall confirm the information of the world.”

“The inheritor, Russell Raymond, and his mission have been activated.”

Unlike the first time, the voice was hard, yet light. However, Russell, who had already lost his consciousness, couldn’t hear those words.

As the voice finished, the time surrounding Russell.

Tick, tock.

Began to flow backward.


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