Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 9

“This mark can be released five times!” The demon gazed indifferently at Jiang Xiaobai, “The moment it is activated, it only takes a mere breath to kill anyone below Foundation Establishment instantly!”

A breath?

Jiang Xiaobai’s pupils shrank and he swallowed, staring blankly at the mark, “Is it that powerful?”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but lift his head and ask, “But won’t this attract attention?”

Such a large sect as Yunjian Sect must have rules against killing. If it goes unnoticed, that’s fine, but if discovered, the consequences would surely be severe.

He did not want to finally escape one predicament only to fall into another.


The demon chuckled lightly, “This spirit mark is special—while it has a terrifying external force, when used internally… you just need to place your hand on the person’s body to activate it.”

As he spoke, a red light flashed in the demon’s eyes, and his voice suddenly dropped low and eerie, “At that time, the force of the spirit mark will burrow into their body and explode their meridians!”

“In the end, the person will burst from blood all over their body and die a rather stimulating death…”

After speaking, the demon grinned.

That laugh was sharp and eerie, like a Shura devil crawled up from hell, “Hey, boy, I have given you this killing weapon; it is up to you whether you dare to use it or not!”

Jiang Xiaobai, despite feeling goosebumps, thought of Yang Cheng who pushed him to a dead end, and his gaze turned cold.

Gripping the hand with the spirit mark, he lifted his head proudly, his pale face calm, “What have I to fear?”


The demon showed a hint of surprise in his eyes, “What? You don’t think this spirit mark is cruel?”

“Indeed it’s cruel!”

Jiang Xiaobai could not deny that, but followed up with, “If I show mercy to my enemy, then I’m being cruel to myself!”

“So, I… don’t mind being cruel to my enemies!”

The demon’s eyes initially held a hint of mockery, but now revealed a change. Before he could speak, Jiang Xiaobai’s voice rose again, “A noble who deceives in kindness is no different from a villain’s blatant evil. A noble who changes his ways is less than a villain who can reform.”

As he spoke, Jiang Xiaobai smiled faintly and walked towards the exit, “Senior demon, the world may find you cunning and brutal, but for me, you are a guiding light!”

“So, thank you…”

He came to Yunjian Sect to survive, but the people here wanted to cut off his path.

Although the demon seemed fierce, he had illuminated a path for him.

“Thank you?”

The demon was stunned, watching Jiang Xiaobai’s back, “Boy, let me make it clear, I did not intend to help you. This spirit mark is only a reward for pulling out that sword for me!”

However, Jiang Xiaobai’s response was just a wave of his hand, his voice carrying from afar, “I just give damn thanks!”


The demon opened his mouth intending to say something, but eventually sighed and muttered while watching Jiang Xiaobai’s back, “Heh, this lad speaks pearls and jades.”

“In some ways, even that Confucian Sword old man cannot keep up, interesting, very interesting…”

On this end, by the time Jiang Xiaobai returned to his previously arranged accommodation, half an hour had passed.

Back in the room, he first checked Zhou Bin’s bed.

Seeing the bedding neatly folded, he knew Zhou Bin had not returned since going out.

Lying on the bed, he lifted his hand to look at the spirit mark in his palm, deep in thought.

Now, even though he had a lifesaving trump card, he still felt uneasy inside.

Yes, it’s easy to kill, but how to do it without being held accountable is difficult.

Yang Cheng always had two followers by his side; Jiang Xiaobai had no chance for an assassination.

Unless he killed the two followers as well.

He remembered the demon saying the spirit mark could be activated five times.

But did he really have a chance to kill three people?

Frowning deeply, Jiang Xiaobai pondered, and soon a plan formed in his mind.

But… this plan still needed the help of someone else.

At this thought, his gaze unconsciously shifted to the bed across from him.

Without a doubt, Zhou Bin was his best choice.

But would Zhou Bin agree?

Jiang Xiaobai sighed, but soon his eyes brightened.

Wrong, Zhou Bin will surely agree!

Indeed, no one wants to be endlessly stripped of their rights by someone like Yang Cheng.

Not even Zhou Bin.

With that, he relaxed entirely, lying down and unknowingly drifting off to sleep.

In his dreams, he became an immortal, his illnesses all disappearing.

But the sweet dream did not last long; he dreamt he suddenly found himself in chaos.

In front of him was a black flying sword circling.

Just as he was about to touch the sword in the dream, it turned black and uncontrollably pierced through his body.


Jiang Xiaobai awoke from the dream in shock.

His first instinct was to sit up, but he froze the next second.

He was actually floating above the bed, a black short sword weaving in front of him.

At this point, he would have been resigned, but when he looked down, he was shocked to find his body still lying on the bed.

A dream within a dream?

Jiang Xiaobai’s face slackened, and then he closed his eyes. A moment later, as he carefully opened them, he found himself still in the same situation.

How could this be?

Jiang Xiaobai panicked—could it be that he cooled off after a sleep?


The sudden thought of the dream he had came to him, and his gaze focused on the floating sword in front of him.

The sword was the one he had pulled from the demon’s head.

Could it be because of this short sword?

With this thought, Jiang Xiaobai swallowed hard and reached out to the short sword.

The moment he touched it, the black short sword vibrated, followed by ancient characters leaping out from the blade.

As these characters condensed on his body, they formed bizarre patterns, and the deep pain that penetrated his bones re-emerged.

He felt as if he had been split in two.

This made him let out a scream; his consciousness then went blank.

After an indeterminate amount of time, as the pain subsided and his consciousness returned, he found himself lying on the bed, drenched in cold sweat.


Jiang Xiaobai propped himself up, first coughing violently, and as a pang of pain hit his chest and he breathed heavily, a smile appeared on his face.

Pain meant he wasn’t dead!

But at that moment, something caught his eye, causing his pupils to constrict, and cold sweat to trickle down again.

He saw a phantom.

The shadow was pure and flawless, looking exactly like him. At the moment, it was peacefully floating with closed eyes.


Jiang Xiaobai swallowed, his body hair standing on end.

What was this phantom all about?

At this moment, his first thought was to escape the room.

As this thought came to him, he saw the phantom open its eyes and, at lightning speed, pass through the room to the outside.

Then the outside environment appeared clearly in his mind.

It felt as if he were witnessing it with his own eyes.


While being dumbfounded, Jiang Xiaobai considered a possibility.

Could it be… that he could control this phantom?

With this thought, he gulped and cautiously tried.

And the result left him astonished.

He really could control the phantom, and as it moved, he was as if he had an extra pair of eyes.

Previously, he couldn’t understand what it felt like for a fly to see a 350-degree view.

Now he understood.

Especially when he controlled the phantom to face himself, that feeling became clearer.

He could see the phantom, and the phantom could see him.

He continued his research.

When half an hour passed, he found he could even bring the phantom back into his body.

At this moment, he thought of a possibility.

Could it be that the sword had split his soul?

Or had it… copied one?

But what was the use of that?

Was it just to have a broader field of vision?

Could it pick up things?

He couldn’t help but continue trying.

Starting from a table to a chair, but not knowing if it was too heavy, he constantly failed.

Only when he came outside and tried to pick up a leaf, the leaf reacted.

But it was just a reaction.

However, since there was a reaction, it meant there was promise.

So, he kept trying.

After another half hour, he succeeded.

Surprised, Jiang Xiaobai planned to try something heavier than a leaf, but then he heard footsteps.

Looking up, he saw Zhou Bin walking from a distance.

At this point, he hadn’t controlled the phantom to return; instead, he stood anxiously at the door, watching Zhou Bin approach.

As Zhou Bin walked past his phantom without noticing it, Jiang Xiaobai laughed.

No kidding, this phantom seemed to be quite something…

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