Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 5

“Brother Jiang, you can’t go in there!”

Zhou Bin, who was following behind, may have been slow, but he still noticed Jiang Xiaobai’s movement from a distance, and his face couldn’t help but change.

Jiang Xiaobai was heading towards a forbidden area.

He had asked Elder Huang why it was forbidden.

He clearly remembered that even when Elder Huang heard about the forbidden area, a look of fear flashed in his eyes.

A year ago, out of curiosity, he secretly ventured a short distance into it.

At that time, he heard the collision of chains and a piercing sound like grinding teeth, which scared him and made him retreat.

Although he did not discover anything, as a result, he had nightmares for an entire month.

So there must be something ‘inside’ the forbidden area.

Naturally, Jiang Xiaobai heard Zhou Bin’s shout, but he couldn’t stop his footsteps.

Because if he stopped, with his constitution, and facing Yang Cheng’s revenge, he would be dead without a doubt.

So, even if it was dangerous ahead, he had to bite the bullet and rush in.

And as he rushed in, Yang Cheng, who was in hot pursuit, slowed down, and after following a distance, he stopped his footsteps.

He stared at Jiang Xiaobai’s back from afar, with his hands creaking tightly.

This time, he truly stumbled.

He didn’t manage to seize the pills and spirit stones, and his face had been “decorated” as well.

One could imagine how angry he felt inside.


At this moment, two people caught up from behind, looking out of breath and sweating profusely.

Yang Cheng glanced at the two, and with the blood smeared all over his face, plus his awful complexion, it gave a particularly gloomy feeling.

This made the two men who were following, feel a thump in their hearts, bowing their heads and daring not to say a word.

“If Elder Huang inquires, say this person ran into the forbidden zone on his own!”

Yang Cheng’s words were directed at the two men beside him, but they were also for Zhou Bin who was catching up from behind.

The two men nodded respectfully.

Zhou Bin, faced with Yang Cheng’s coldness, could only nod along as well.

After taking another look at the path, and cursing silently, Yang Cheng led the way and walked away.

After watching the three leave, Zhou Bin looked towards the depths of the forbidden zone with a deep sigh.

He turned and left in the direction of Elder Huang’s cave residence.

Moments later.

Zhou Bin entered Elder Huang’s cave and reported Jiang Xiaobai’s entry into the forbidden zone.

During this process, his hands were clenched tight.

He hesitated, wondering whether or not to mention that Jiang Xiaobai was forced in.

So he waited.

Waiting for Elder Huang to ask what exactly happened.

But after Elder Huang heard his narration, he didn’t even mean to open his eyes, and simply responded, “I know, you may leave now!”

Zhou Bin was slightly stunned, his tightly clenched fists loosened, and he let out a wry smile with a hint of desolation in his eyes.


He was just an animal caretaker.

Who would care about his life or death.

Even he, probably, was no exception.

After a sigh, Zhou Bin bowed to Elder Huang and, without saying anything more, turned and left directly.


Jiang Xiaobai didn’t know how long he had run.

When he was completely out of strength, he collapsed onto the grass.

At this moment, his chest heaved violently, and his face was extremely pale.

He tried hard to open his mouth to breathe, but each breath was like a knife, slicing through his lungs.

The intense pain made his face twisted, and his hands clenched tightly over his chest.

He wanted to cough but couldn’t, which made him feel like he was about to suffocate at any moment.

Just when he was feeling more uncomfortable, he suddenly thought of that spirit pill.

Jiang Xiaobai, trembling, opened the purple pill bottle and, without thinking, popped a brown pill into his mouth.

The pill melted immediately upon entering his mouth, bringing a warm flow.

It was this warm flow that made his breathing smoother, and the next second, he turned on his side and began to cough violently.

After a while, he spat out a mouthful of bloody sputum, wiped his mouth and the moisture from his eyes, and lay on the ground.

His pale face was full of resentment and unwillingness.

He had just come to this sect.

His life was full of hope, but he didn’t expect to encounter such a thing on his first day.

Now he seemed to understand why Zhou Bin said he wanted to take an ordinary path back then.

Because this path was full of darkness.

Even as a newcomer to the sect, he had to face this darkness.

Sitting on the grass, Jiang Xiaobai rested for a while and then slowly stood up, leaning on a stone next to him.

Looking around, a change appeared on his pale face.

What he thought was a stone to support himself, was actually a very thick chain.

Shocked, he staggered back a few steps.

This place was a bit ominous.

No wonder Yang Cheng had not rashly followed him in.

Now, ready to leave, just then, the chains around started to tremble, and immediately after, an incredibly terrifying suction force emerged.

In that moment, it was as if a fierce wind had started.

Caught off guard, Jiang Xiaobai was rolled in towards the direction inside.

Finally managing to stop, his whole body crashed to the ground.

The pain nearly caused him to pass out.

Barely managing to get up, he encountered two huge pupils.

Jiang Xiaobai instantly turned pale, took a few steps back, and then saw the full body of its owner.

It was a monstrous beast, seven or eight zhang tall.

The beast was covered in fine scales, its four limbs and body were tightly bound by chains, and it currently lay there, watching him with cold eyes.

“Hello,” Jiang Xiaobai said, trying to control his body, but being face to face with such a colossal beast for the first time, his legs couldn’t help but go a bit weak.

“I’m not well,” the cold voice replied indifferently.

Jiang Xiaobai was stunned; the beast could talk?

While he was incredulous, the cold voice of the beast rang out again, “You have two choices!”

“First, help me break these chains, and I’ll let you live.”

“Second, I crush you!”


Looking at the one-meter-thick chains, Jiang Xiaobai’s pale face was suddenly filled with question marks.

Was this a choice?

He really wanted to ask, does this esteemed beast offer a third option?

Seeing the beast’s gaze becoming colder, Jiang Xiaobai’s mind raced.

Just as the beast slowly lifted its paw, Jiang Xiaobai suddenly spoke up confidently, “Wait, it’s our Ru Jian Ancestor who sent me here!”

He intended to use the reputation of Ru Jian Ancestor to pressure this beast.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, the beast suddenly stood up with an unimaginable terror and pressure surrounding Jiang Xiaobai, filled with endless killing intent, “This little old man, who has deceived and confined me for over a hundred years, didn’t even dare to show his face in all this time!”

“Now, he sent you to do what? Mock me?”


Jiang Xiaobai’s face changed, he had not anticipated that such a casual lie would provoke such a reaction from the beast.

Moreover, the killing intent emanating from the big demon was stronger than before.

Could it be that there was a grudge between this beast and Ru Jian Ancestor?

Now he was done for!

In a panic, his brain rushed to find a solution, but facing the crisis, his mind went blank, and finally, he blurted out bravely, “Ru… Ru Jian Ancestor didn’t… He didn’t say anything!”

“Didn’t say anything?”

The beast’s gaze suddenly narrowed, giving Jiang Xiaobai a look and said, “Didn’t say anything and just sent you over?”

That said, the demon suddenly snorted with laughter, “It can’t be, he wants you to help me… No, even he can’t do it, so how could a sickly wretch like you?”

Indeed, Jiang Xiaobai looked frail, a single breath from the beast could blow him away.

Could this fellow actually help him?

Amidst doubt, the beast invoked a special force and once more entered Jiang Xiaobai’s body.

In a moment, the beast’s eyes obviously showed surprise, “Huh, well, your soul force really does have something…”

“No, your soul force is more than just something!”

The voice of the beast grew more and more surprised.

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