Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 34


Jiang Xiaobai looked at the sword that was flung away, his expression blank for a moment.

Was he too weak?

How could this sword seem to lack any power at all, and it couldn’t even penetrate a single tree?

With a frown creeping in, Jiang Xiaobai continued to try.

As time passed by, dusk fell.

Jiang Xiaobai lay not far away, his gaze fixed on the tree, his face full of confusion.

Indeed, for such a long time, not only had he failed to penetrate the tree, but also exhausted himself excessively.

Until now, he didn’t understand why.

At this moment, Zhou Bin walked out of the room, and when he saw Jiang Xiaobai lying not far from the door, he thought something had happened.

His face changed slightly, and he quickly walked up, “Xiaobai, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!”

With Zhou Bin’s support, Jiang Xiaobai half sat up, looking at the distant tree and said, “I was practicing swordsmanship, trying to pierce through that tree, but… it seems to be a bit difficult for me!”

Following Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze, Zhou Bin looked over and after seeing the scattered tree bark on the ground, his expression turned to one of shock, “Xiaobai, did you do this?”

“Yeah, but after all the hard work, it’s just a little bit of bark!”

Jiang Xiaobai said with a bitter smile.

“Hisss, isn’t that losing just a bit of bark still something?”

Zhou Bin looked at Jiang Xiaobai in shock, taking a deep breath and said, “Do you… do you know what kind of tree this is?”

“What kind of tree?”

“This tree is called Changtian Qing, the material is incredibly hard!”

Zhou Bin explained, “Forget about you; even those at the third or fourth level of Qi refining might find it difficult to pierce through it!”

“Is that so?”

Jiang Xiaobai was stunned.

He truly didn’t know that.


Zhou Bin continued, “Moreover, I heard them say that if you want your sword to become sharper, you must go to Jian Xiao to comprehend the Sword Intent!”

“The stronger the Sword Intent, the more powerful your sword will be!”

With that said, Zhou Bin paused then looked at Jiang Xiaobai, “Even though you have just learned to wield a sword and have not comprehended any Sword Intent, you were able to break through the tree bark. Think about how amazing that is!”

Saying this, Zhou Bin looked towards the scattered tree bark with a still-surprised gaze, “If you comprehend Sword Intent, I’m afraid you will be even stronger.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai thought about the towering cloud-piercing building he saw when following Huang Linyuan for certification.

He was merely curious before, but now, hearing Zhou Bin say this, he was keen to go and see for himself.

“Thank you, Brother Zhou, for alleviating my confusion. I understand now!”

As Jiang Xiaobai spoke, he stood up, put away his sword, and was ready to follow Zhou Bin back to their residence, but just then, a voice called out from a distance: “Junior Brother Jiang!”


Jiang Xiaobai looked up and saw a figure rushing towards him from afar.

As the figure landed not far away, a gentle breeze swirled around.

The person was Zhao Qinru.

Jiang Xiaobai was a bit surprised; why would Zhao Qinru come looking for him at this time?

While he was curious, Zhou Bin beside him showed a smile, “Haha, you two talk, I won’t disturb you!”

After saying that, he let go of Jiang Xiaobai and walked inside their residence.

In fact, he was hoping the two could develop some kind of relationship.

That way, even if Jiang Xiaobai later learns about Xiao Shuyun becoming Dao companions with someone else, he believed Jiang Xiaobai wouldn’t be too sad.

After Zhou Bin entered the residence, Jiang Xiaobai turned his gaze to Zhao Qinru and coughed twice before asking, “Miss Zhao, do you need something?”

“Yes, there is something!”

Zhao Qinru’s expression showed a flash of embarrassment, then she handed a pill formula to Jiang Xiaobai, “This is something my master asked me to refine, but… but I don’t understand it!”

She had studied it for a long time, but unable to figure it out herself, she had no choice but to come and ask Jiang Xiaobai.


Jiang Xiaobai took it and looked over it carefully, pondering for a moment before slowly saying, “Your formula is missing two types of herbal ingredients!”

“They are Phoenix Tail Fruit and Xuan Ou!”

“After adding these two herbs and then dividing the total into two pills for refining—one main pill and one auxiliary pill!”

With that said, Jiang Xiaobai handed the pill formula back to Zhao Qinru, “Taking just the main pill is toxic! Only with the addition of the auxiliary pill can its medicinal effect be fully displayed!”


Zhao Qinru listened with an incredulous face. There was such a thing as main and auxiliary pills?


“Don’t worry, there won’t be any changes in the medicinal effects!”

Jiang Xiaobai saw what Zhao Qinru meant and explained with a smile, then he detailed the divided pill formula to her once more.

“Try it with this method, I guarantee you can refine it!” Jiang Xiaobai confident.

Zhao Qinru’s face showed astonishment, and finally she bowed to Jiang Xiaobai, “Thank you, Junior Brother Jiang!”

With that, Zhao Qinru turned and left, while Jiang Xiaobai returned to his room.

“Eh, you just talked for a while?”

Seeing Jiang Xiaobai coming in, Zhou Bin was obviously surprised.

“It was just a little matter!”

Jiang Xiaobai smiled, sat cross-legged on his bed, and closed his eyes to cultivate.

The next day.

After Zhou Bin left, Jiang Xiaobai set off towards the mountain peak.

Indeed, his target was Jian Xiao.

Now his Pill Soul and Demon Soul, one was still learning, and the other was absorbing demonic energy as usual.

And for his own cultivation, because of his poor spiritual roots, progress was slow.

He did not want to waste his ample time, so… he set his sights on Jian Xiao.

He was curious to see if he could also comprehend that so-called Sword Intent within Jian Xiao.

While he was climbing the mountain, within the Dan Spirit Domain, Zhao Qinru handed a pill bottle to Nie Yuan, “Master, I have refined the pill. I’m not sure if it’s correct, please have a look!”

While speaking, Zhao Qinru appeared slightly anxious.

It was refined according to Jiang Xiaobai’s method, but she was uncertain if it was proper.

Nie Yuan took the pill bottle, poured out two pills from inside, and began to observe them.

The pills were of different sizes, with a rich fragrance.

“Master, these pills…”

Zhao Qinru looked at Nie Yuan cautiously.

Nie Yuan’s expression showed surprise, “Eh, you actually refined them? No wonder Elder Ning… Ahem, okay, go on, I’ll notify you if there’s something!”

Confusion flashed across Zhao Qinru’s face. Was it successful just like that?

Full of curiosity, Zhao Qinru turned to leave.

However, Nie Yuan’s gaze continued to examine the two differently-sized pills.

Just then, a breathtakingly beautiful figure happened to walk in.

Nie Yuan looked up and smiled, “Elder Ning, your timing is perfect!”

“Oh? Has she refined the pills?”

The beautiful voice carried surprise.

“This is it!”

Nie Yuan handed the two pills, one large and one small, to Ning Zhixi.

Ning Zhixi took them into her hands, her exquisite face showing unusual colors, and then she swallowed the two pills by her lips.

After a moment, slight ripples spread across her body.

Ning Zhixi closed her eyes as if to feel something carefully.

Moments later, she opened her eyes, the look of amazement deeper, and she turned to the puzzled Nie Yuan, “Elder Nie, I have a pill formula here, entrust her to refine it!”

With that, Ning Zhixi handed another pill formula to Nie Yuan.

Nie Yuan took the formula, furrowed his brow, and said, “Elder Ning, what is this formula?”

Like the previous one, he did not understand this formula either…

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