Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 33

“Haha, sure thing!”

Huang Lin Yuan laughed heartily, raising his hand to take out a book.

However, at this moment, he didn’t hurry to hand it over to Jiang Xiao Bai, but instead, his smile receded, becoming serious: “Xiao Bai, I can give you this sword technique, but remember it should only be used as an aid in your studies!”

“Ah, why is that?”

Jiang Xiao Bai was startled.

“After you practice the Way of Beast Control in the future, your spiritual energy will be tainted by demonic energy, and thus this sword will inherently carry a fierce aura!”

Huang Lin Yuan spoke, “And our Yun Jian Sect is orthodoxy of swordsmanship. If the sword energy is mixed, it will be deemed as heretical by others!”

“Moreover, because of the invasion of demonic energy, the sword technique you learn won’t be able to evoke the spirit of the heavens and the earth, and its power will be weaker than the orthodox by a bit!”

“Therefore, just use it as an auxiliary!”

“I understand!”

Jiang Xiao Bai was taken aback, thinking of the words Chen Feng Nian had said when he left the verification site.

No matter how good the sword, it ultimately belongs to the heretical path.

So that was the reason.


As Huang Lin Yuan spoke, he paused, then said, “I am also worried that because of the sword technique, you will yearn for the orthodox path of cultivation.”

“However, your spiritual root is not suited for it, so do not delay your own progress!”

Both issues were his worries, especially the latter.

If Jiang Xiao Bai truly aspired to follow the orthodox path in the future, then the Way of Beast Control would be neglected by him.

In the end, Jiang Xiao Bai’s cultivation would become an odd mix.

He didn’t want his talented disciple to make a mistake.

“Yes, I will heed my teacher’s words carefully!”

Jiang Xiao Bai bowed respectfully.

Only then did Huang Lin Yuan place the book in Jiang Xiao Bai’s hand.

After taking the book, Jiang Xiao Bai did not rush to flip through it but instead bowed respectfully to Huang Lin Yuan, saying, “Thank you, Master!”

“En, go on. When you have time, walk around the breeding grounds more to absorb some demonic energy!”

Huang Lin Yuan instructed, “And then, devote an hour to come to me tomorrow!”


After Jiang Xiao Bai nodded respectfully, he carried the book of sword techniques and left.

Perhaps due to excitement, he coughed violently a few times while walking outside.

Huang Lin Yuan watched Jiang Xiao Bai’s retreating figure and couldn’t help but smile.

After Jiang Xiao Bai left, Huang Lin Yuan patted his own spirit beast and sighed lightly, “Should I thank Elder Ning?”

Indeed, Jiang Xiao Bai was brought to him by Ning Zhi Xi.

And he… had accepted Jiang Xiao Bai as his disciple to get closer to Ning Zhi Xi.

Such a serendipitous misstep had allowed him to discover Jiang Xiao Bai’s genius.

Amidst his sighs, Huang Lin Yuan’s eyes were filled with longing, and his hearty laughter once again filled the entire cave dwelling…

Here, after leaving the cave dwelling, Jiang Xiao Bai headed straight to his residence.

Along the way, he took the sword out of the storage bag and, as he wielded it, his eyes shone brightly.

Yes, he was aware of the distinct path he took from ordinary people.

His demon-cultivating soul could perfectly integrate and differentiate between demonic energy and spiritual energy.

Just like now, he could precisely draw out spiritual energy, as well as demonic energy.

So even if he practiced the orthodox swordsmanship, it would not affect him in the slightest.

Of course, this secret was not something he would reveal lightly.

Upon returning to his residence, he saw that Zhou Bin had already returned and was sitting on the bed, cultivating.

As he entered, Zhou Bin opened his eyes.

His gaze immediately locked onto the sword in Jiang Xiao Bai’s hand.

At that moment, Zhou Bin excitedly stood up: “Xiao Bai, you… you’ve succeeded in the verification?”


Jiang Xiao Bai nodded with a smile, feeling a bit smug even though he had lived two lifetimes.

As he stimulated the cyclone within his body, a white sword mark on his forehead lit up.

This made Jiang Xiao Bai’s temperament even more prominent.

Zhou Bin naturally noticed the sword mark on Jiang Xiao Bai’s forehead, first with envy, but then with some confusion, and after a while, he couldn’t help but said, “Why didn’t you brand the verification mark on the back of your hand?”

“It’s in such an obvious place…”

“Ah, doesn’t it look good?”

Jiang Xiao Bai was somewhat surprised.

“It looks good, but… it’s not very practical!”

As Zhou Bin spoke, he looked at the puzzled Jiang Xiao Bai and said, “Do you know why everyone chooses to brand it on the back of the hand?”


Jiang Xiao Bai asked curiously.

“Because if it’s on the back of the hand, there are many ways to conceal the mark!”

Zhou Bin explained, “But with it on your forehead, heh, that’s difficult!”

“Why do you need to hide it?”

Jiang Xiao Bai still did not understand.

“There’s more than just our Yun Jian Sect in the world of immortal cultivation!”

Zhou Bin explained further: “If you go out to perform sect missions in the future and meet members from other sects, and that sect just happens to be enemies with our Yun Jian Sect, this mark will expose you!”

“And if you want to join another sect in the future, but Yun Jian Sect doesn’t want to let you go, it’s far easier to deal with the mark if it’s on the back of your hand.”

“I see!”

Jiang Xiao Bai realized and said, “But I am fine, why would I join another sect! Even if I join another sect later on, Yun Jian Sect is still the first sect I entered!”

“Also, even in case of sect rivalries, it shouldn’t come down to personal grudges, should it?”

“Well… I’m not sure about the specifics myself; I heard it from others!”

Zhou Bin said: “But since you’ve already gotten verified, there’s no way to change it now. It will have to do!”

Jiang Xiao Bai pondered for a moment.

Was that why Dai Qiu Hao had repeatedly confirmed with him?

But he didn’t think too much about it; after all, who knows what the future holds?

“Your sword is beautiful!”

At this moment, Zhou Bin’s gaze shifted back to the sword in Jiang Xiao Bai’s hand, his eyes filled with envy.

However, once he breaks through to the second layer, he too would be able to become an official disciple like Jiang Xiao Bai.

Filled with anticipation, he greeted Jiang Xiao Bai and then continued to cultivate with the spirit stone in his hand.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiao Bai sat down on the side and opened the book on sword techniques.

After a quick read, he discovered that the sword technique actually consisted of two moves.

One was named Li Jian (Separation Sword), suggesting that it allowed the sword to strike enemies while leaving the wielder’s side.

The maximum distance it could control was within thirty meters.

The other was called Ta Jian (Sword Tread), which meant standing on the sword and hovering in the air.

However, Sword Tread required at least the strength of the second layer of Qi refining to support it.

The requirements for Separation Sword were not so high; it could be performed at the first layer.

With the sword mark on his forehead lit, Jiang Xiao Bai began to attempt the technique.

At this time, he was surprised to discover that Separation Sword was not difficult and soon had the sword floating in front of him under his control.

Excited, Jiang Xiao Bai felt a pain in his chest and couldn’t help coughing, but this also caused the sword to fall to the ground with a crisp sound.

“Xiao Bai, are you ok?”

Hearing the noise, Zhou Bin opened his eyes involuntarily.

“I’m fine!”

Jiang Xiao Bai shook his head.

To avoid disturbing Zhou Bin, he picked up the sword from the ground and left the residence to try it outside.

As the sword once again floated beside him, Jiang Xiao Bai’s gaze fell on a distant tree, directing it to sweep up towards it.


With a dull sound, the tree’s bark was broken, and the sword was flung away…

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