Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 32

“Oh, how so?”

Huang Lin Yuan still didn’t know what happened until now.

“Your disciple, he has something special about him in the way of the sword!”

Dai Qiu Hao said, narrating the events that occurred in the Sword Repository.

During the conversation, one could see an expression of disbelief still hanging on Dai Qiu Hao’s face.

The swords on the sword platform are the best swords in the newcomer’s Sword Repository.

These swords had been specially tempered within the Sword Heaven and thus contained spiritual Qi.

Because they possess spiritual Qi, the swords already had the basic ability to recognize a master.

Logically, once one sword is pulled out, others should not be able to move again.

Yet Jiang Xiao Bai was able to pull each one out with ease.

He, as an Elder of certification for so many years, had never seen such an inconceivable thing before.

While speaking, Dai Qiu Hao thought of something, and a look of regret appeared on his face as he sighed deeply.

Regrettably, Jiang Xiao Bai’s spiritual root was too ordinary.

Calling it ordinary was already putting it mildly.

If Jiang Xiao Bai’s spiritual root had been at least low-grade, his future accomplishments would have certainly been remarkable.

It’s as if the heavens are playing tricks on people.

Upon hearing Dai Qiu Hao’s words, Huang Lin Yuan’s expression also flashed with surprise, and his gaze involuntarily fell on the sword in Jiang Xiao Bai’s hand.

No wonder this sword looks so extraordinary just by looking at it.

It’s also no wonder why Chen Feng Nian left in such an annoyed manner.

However, unlike Dai Qiu Hao’s sighing, Huang Lin Yuan wore a broad smile and looked at Jiang Xiao Bai with even more appreciation.

Indeed, for Jiang Xiao Bai to perform so well in this area was a pleasant surprise for him.

“Not bad, not bad!”

After patting Jiang Xiao Bai on the shoulder twice, Huang Lin Yuan turned to Dai Qiu Hao and said, “Elder Dai, we’ll be leaving now!”

“Go ahead!”

After Dai Qiu Hao nodded, his gaze couldn’t help but follow the departing silhouette of Jiang Xiao Bai.

If Jiang Xiao Bai were his disciple, his feelings would undoubtedly be of the sort that is tasteless to eat yet a pity to discard.

Afflicted with a strange illness, ordinary talent, yet so astonishing in the way of the sword.

This couldn’t help but make him sigh repeatedly.

On the other hand, as Jiang Xiao Bai followed Huang Lin Yuan back towards home, holding the sword in his hand, he couldn’t help but spontaneously move it about.

Huang Lin Yuan looked at the amusing gestures and once again couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Xiao Bai, although I mainly focus on beast taming, I also have a set of techniques for sword manipulation!”

“When we get back, I will teach it to you!”


Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiao Bai immediately showed a look of excitement while also trying to suppress a few coughs.

Although there were still four chances left to use the spirit imprint given to him by the great demon,

having a set of sword manipulation techniques would make him feel more secure.

After all, once learned, that would become something of his own.

“Hehe, would I lie to you?”

Huang Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Let’s go, we’ll head back first!”

With that, he waved his hand simply, and with a roar, a beast charged out.

The beast was covered in fine scales, looking quite majestic.

Of course, it was still somewhat inferior compared to the great demon Jiang Xiao Bai had seen in the forbidden area.

“Get on!”

As Huang Lin Yuan spoke, he mounted the beast.

He didn’t ride when he came because he wanted Jiang Xiao Bai to get to know the way up the mountain.

And going down, naturally, it was about how quickly they could make the trip.

Jiang Xiao Bai swallowed hard. It was his first time riding a beast, and he couldn’t wait to jump on.


Following Huang Lin Yuan’s command, the beast roared and charged toward the mountain base.

What would have been a journey of more than an hour was accomplished in just a few minutes, and they arrived at the Land of Spirit Taming.

The extreme speed made Jiang Xiao Bai’s heart pound, and amidst the emotional turbulence, he c…

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