Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 31

Chapter 31: No Help!

“This is the sword repository for newcomers of our Yunjian Sect!”

Elsewhere, Dai Qiu Hao led three people to the door on the other side.

As soon as the door opened, Jiang Xiaobai felt a piercing chill, making him subconsciously cover his chest and cough a few times.

The man who had been hit by Jiang Xiaobai before sneered and mocked, “Ha, as expected, just a sickly weakling. If you cannot endure the sword aura here, don’t bother entering!”

Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the man without getting annoyed and walked straight in.

At this moment, his eyes were truly opened.

The repository was filled with an abundance of swords, from longswords to shortswords, broadswords to narrow blades, one could say every possible type was present.

“You three may choose any sword from here!” Dai Qiu Hao said, “But you are only permitted to take one each!”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded, already eager to make his choice.

During his search, he couldn’t help but pick up one of the swords.

The moment he held it, he felt as if his soul was half-awakened, and ripples of energy surged through him.

Simultaneously, the sword in his hand also trembled.


The sword in Jiang Xiaobai’s grasp sang with a gentle hum that was quite captivating.

As he looked on in amazement, the ripples within his soul intensified, and the previously piercing sword aura began to differ.

After enveloping him, it was astonishingly devoured by his soul.


Jiang Xiaobai’s expression grew even more surprised.

His demon cultivator soul consumed demonic qi.

His alchemy soul absorbed medicinal qi.

And now, his own soul could also consume sword qi?

Regrettably, his true soul could not leave his body to be placed here; otherwise, he would have wanted his true soul to devour more sword qi in the repository for an extended period.

Shaking his head, Jiang Xiaobai put down the sword and continued to make his selection.

Indeed, he was very cautious about choosing the first sword of his life.

As time passed, when Jiang Xiaobai arrived at another side, he noticed a man and a woman gathered in one spot, seemingly attempting to do something.

Jiang Xiaobai raised an eyebrow and couldn’t help but walk over.

As he got closer, he saw a sword stand with over a dozen swords on it.

Each of these swords looked very exquisite.

In surprise, Jiang Xiaobai stepped forward, and as he neared, he heard an elderly voice, “If you can’t pull out the swords from that stand, don’t force it!”

With those words, Dai Qiu Hao appeared before them.

He looked at the two trying to draw the swords and said, “The swords over there have higher requirements for newcomers. Even with brute force, one must have at least the strength of the third layer of Qi refining to manage it!”

As Dai Qiu Hao’s words fell, the two disciples exchanged glances and had no choice but to give up and leave.

But, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t resist going up to try.

The man Jiang Xiaobai had hit noticed and scoffed but paid no mind to it.

They couldn’t pull the swords out, and there was even less need to mention Jiang Xiaobai.

Dai Qiu Hao also glanced at Jiang Xiaobai and was about to speak when with a ‘clang,’ one of the swords on the stand was effortlessly pulled out by Jiang Xiaobai.

What a smooth sight it was.


Dai Qiu Hao looked completely stunned.

The noise recaptured the attention of the male and female disciples.

Turning their heads to look, they were incredulous when they saw Jiang Xiaobai holding a sword.

How… how did he pull it out?

While they were shocked, Jiang Xiaobai stabbed the sword back into the stand.

Then, with another ‘clang’ sound, he pulled out another one.

Dai Qiu Hao’s mouth dropped open, his expression filled with shock.

To pull a sword from the stand, there were only two options.

First, have a strength of the third Qi refining layer.

Second, be acknowledged by the sword.

Dai Qiu Hao had checked Jiang Xiaobai’s level; he hadn’t even reached the second Qi refining layer.

That is to say, the sword acknowledged Jiang Xiaobai?

But typically if one sword acknowledges, the rest would reject.

But… Jiang Xiaobai had pulled out two swords in succession. What was the situation?

While he was in disbelief, he saw Jiang Xiaobai swapping two more before finally settling on a fine one.

The blade was adorned with blue patterns, sleek and extraordinary at a glance.

As he put away the chosen sword, the man and woman quickly approached, continuing their attempts to pull out swords.

But no matter what they did, they could not pull any out.

At that moment, both their gazes simultaneously fell on Jiang Xiaobai, with flickers of thought in their eyes.

“Help me out, and we can write off any grudges between us!” said the man who had been hit by Jiang Xiaobai, looking at him, “What do you say?”

Jiang Xiaobai turned around, quickly understood the situation, and walked up with a smile, reaching out toward a sword on the stand.

The eyes of the man and woman lit up, but the next moment, their expressions changed.

Jiang Xiaobai firmly pressed down on each sword, one by one, and after finishing, a faint voice resounded, “No help!”

With those words, he walked towards the exit.

“Senior brother, will you help me pull out a sword, just one?” the female disciple urgently spoke out, looking at Jiang Xiaobai’s figure, “I’ll thank you with three spirit stones!”

“I don’t care!”

Jiang Xiaobai left behind the same indifferent response.

Soon, his figure left.

The woman stood there, a trace of coldness flashing in her eyes as she glanced at the swords on the stand and turned to pick elsewhere.

“Sister, wait for me!” The man followed after seeing this.

Here, Jiang Xiaobai directly left the sword repository and went outside.

Huang Lin Yuan saw Jiang Xiaobai come out and his gaze locked onto the sword in Jiang Xiaobai’s hand, an expression of surprise passing over his face: “That’s a decent sword!”

Chen Feng Nian also glanced at it, his face gloomy as he sneered, “Looks pretty average!”

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t argue and continued to wait with Huang Lin Yuan.

A while later, Dai Qiu Hao walked out with the man and woman.

Chen Feng Nian noticed their expressions were off and stepped forward to ask, “What’s the matter?”

After hearing his question, their expressions further darkened and they remained silent.

Eventually, the woman glared coldly at Jiang Xiaobai before heading straight out.

“What exactly happened?”

Chen Feng Nian turned to his male disciple.

After hearing about the inside story, Chen Feng Nian was astonished, eventually turning his gaze onto Jiang Xiaobai, his look of disapproval reemerging.

Facing Chen Feng Nian’s expression, Jiang Xiaobai remained unphased, standing firm.

“Cough cough, this is a storage bag!”

Dai Qiu Hao cleared his throat, took out three storage bags, handing two to the man and one to Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai received the storage bag, curiously examining it.

He had seen how miraculous this item was and did not expect to own one so soon.

While he looked pleased, Chen Feng Nian glanced at Jiang Xiaobai before setting his eyes on Huang Lin Yuan, his voice tinged with anger, “Huang Lin Yuan, what a fine disciple you have!”

“But what’s the use of a good sword if the method is unorthodox and cannot withstand public scrutiny!”

After speaking, Chen Feng Nian huffed and left with his male disciple.

Huang Lin Yuan was still puzzled, wondering what had happened inside?

Just as he looked at Jiang Xiaobai, intending to ask, Dai Qiu Hao’s voice resounded with astonishment, “Elder Huang, your disciple is indeed outstanding!”

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