Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 30

Although Master Huang’s disciple has not reached the second layer, he is only one step away from it! At this moment, Daiqiu Hao couldn’t help but defend Huang Linyuan. Oh? When the elderly man heard this, his gaze fell back on Jiang Xiaobai with disbelief in his expression. This sickly person is only one step away from the second level of Qi Refining? But no matter how he looked, he didn’t seem like it. “Is his spiritual root very good?” the elder asked immediately. “This…” Upon hearing the elder’s question, Daiqiu Hao’s voice hesitated. “Heh heh!” Seeing Daiqiu Hao like this, the elder couldn’t help but laugh out loud again. It seemed this sickly person’s spiritual root was not very impressive. The reason for being close to the second level barrier was clear without further explanation. The elder then looked at Jiang Xiaobai and said, “Young man, step aside, my two disciples also need to go through the certification!” As his words fell, the young man following behind the elder, with a smile on his face, walked up first. On his way past Jiang Xiaobai, he deliberately bumped Jiang Xiaobai’s shoulder. A force struck Jiang Xiaobai, making him stagger back a few steps. “Oops, I’m really sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!” The man saw Jiang Xiaobai’s reaction and immediately scoffed in his heart; this sickly person was really just sickly. Amidst a sneer, the man quickly stepped forward and after supporting Jiang Xiaobai’s body, he said, “Are you alright?” Jiang Xiaobai looked at the man supporting him, a brilliant smile appeared on his pale face and said, “Oh, I do mind!” Huh? The young man was clearly taken aback. Jiang Xiaobai’s response caught him off guard, and the next second was followed by the crisp sound of a slap. The man felt a burning sensation on his face. At this moment, not only the man, but everyone else was stunned. Even Huang Linyuan looked surprised. As for Daiqiu Hao and the elder, as well as the other female disciple, they were also in shock. Clearly, none of them had expected such a frail-looking person to have such a temperament. “You… you dare to hit me?” The man regained his senses, looking at Jiang Xiaobai with angry, trembling body. However, as soon as the man’s voice fell, the crisp sound of a slap rang out again. Yes, Jiang Xiaobai had slapped him another time, looking indifferently at the man and said, “What if I hit you?” “What are you to dare to bump into me, an official disciple?” “These two slaps are just a lesson from this young master; have some better judgment next time! Oh, and lastly, learn something good from your master, don’t behave in such an uncouth manner!” Saying this, Jiang Xiaobai forcefully pushed the man aside and walked over to Huang Linyuan’s side. Huang Linyuan’s eyes were filled with amazement. At this moment, he unexpectedly had a new appreciation for his disciple. Daiqiu Hao was also full of astonishment, looking at Jiang Xiaobai with newfound respect. Indeed, Jiang Xiaobai had just been officially recognized, and now he indeed was an official disciple. And the man had not been certified yet, still considered a common disciple. The difference was just a matter of succession, but it meant the man had to gratuitously withstand those slaps. The man’s master, who previously had a smile on his face, could not smile at that moment. His expression turned gloomy as he looked at Jiang Xiaobai. Yes, not only was Jiang Xiaobai’s slap direct, but his last sentence “learn something good from your master” undoubtedly taught him a lesson across the air. At this time, Daiqiu Hao reacted quickly, waving towards the man and saying, “Come here, let me certify you!” The man, with a livid face, eventually walked up.

When the man was certified, Huang Linyuan’s voice rang in Jiang Xiaobai’s ear: “You did well!” This time, Jiang Xiaobai’s performance truly impressed him. His response in the situation was something not every ordinary person could achieve. His disciple was good. Really good! It was evident that Huang Linyuan’s smile was beaming. Jiang Xiaobai nodded calmly. With his experience from two lifetimes, facing Yang Cheng who once wanted to kill him didn’t make him flinch, let alone someone who only played petty tricks. “Qi Refining second layer, medium quality spiritual root, not bad, not bad!” Daiqiu Hao’s voice was filled with praise. A low-quality spiritual root barely met the standard, but a medium-quality spiritual root was considered quite excellent. The man, hearing this praise, finally had a smile on his face. He raised his left hand, and as the certification ended, a clear white sword imprint appeared on the back of his left hand. After getting up, the man locked his gaze on Jiang Xiaobai, his eyes flashing with cold light, he sneered and moved aside. Next was the certification of the young woman. Her level was also at the second layer of Qi Refining, but her spiritual root had reached high quality. This made Daiqiu Hao full of surprise, and he couldn’t help but turn to the elder and say, “Elder Chen, you’ve accepted a good disciple!” The woman, hearing the praise, her expression revealed a faint smile and a hint of pride. And Chen Fengnian’s aged face was also full of smiles, mockingly glancing at Huang Linyuan and said, “Of course, I am not like someone, proud to take out a sickly person!” Just when Huang Linyuan was about to react, a faint voice sounded: “Master, don’t be angry, you are a beast tamer, if this beast has bitten you, we certainly cannot bite back, right?” Hearing this, Huang Linyuan couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Ha ha, right, you’re absolutely correct!” Chen Fengnian’s expression stiffened, and looking at Jiang Xiaobai with a cold attitude he said, “You dare to humiliate me?” “I’m talking to my master, how did I humiliate you?” Jiang Xiaobai looked fearlessly at Chen Fengnian and said, “If you insist on taking it personally, then… I can’t do anything about it!” “Boy!” Chen Fengnian stepped forward, his aura billowing, but Huang Linyuan snorted coldly and stood in front of Jiang Xiaobai: “What, as an elder, you’re going to quarrel with a junior?” “If you want to fight, I’ll keep you company!” As he finished speaking, Huang Linyuan’s aura also started to swirl. “This is not a place for you to fight!” Daiqiu Hao’s voice rose, his tone conveying displeasure: “What kind of example are you setting in front of the juniors?” Chen Fengnian’s aura receded, and once again he coldly glared at Jiang Xiaobai before pulling his gaze back. Huang Linyuan snorted again and also moved aside. At this moment, Daiqiu Hao looked at Jiang Xiaobai with an interested expression and said, “You three juniors, come with me!” With that, he walked towards the right side of the hall. “Go!” Huang Linyuan looked at Jiang Xiaobai and said, “Choose a good sword that suits you!” “This sickly person might not even be able to pick up the sword!” Chen Fengnian no longer hid his feelings, directly scoffing. “Yes, yes, you’re right!” Jiang Xiaobai replied, following behind Daiqiu Hao with a smile on his face. Chen Fengnian watched Jiang Xiaobai’s nonchalant attitude, and he was seething inside. This sickly youngster, despite his young age, why was he so composed? In this respect, the two disciples he brought along were probably not comparable. And Huang Linyuan was full of praise. Now, looking at his disciple, he was more and more satisfied. So happy, he couldn’t help but laugh heartily… “This is our Yunjian Sect’s Newcomer’s Sword Vault!” On another side, Daiqiu Hao led the three to another area. As the door just opened, Jiang Xiaobai felt a bone-chilling sensation and couldn’t help but cover his chest and coughed a few times. The man who had been slapped by Jiang Xiaobai before had a sneer on his face and sarcastically said, “A sickly person like you, if you can’t withstand the sword energy here, then don’t enter!”

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