Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 27

Is this right?

Zhao Qinru looked at the elixir in her palm and sighed, “It’s not as good as when he guided me to refine it, those two elixirs were top-notch.”

“This barely qualifies as medium quality…”

Saying this, Zhao Qinru frowned. Was the gap really this big?

“How… how did you do that?”

Chu Yao did not understand what Zhao Qinru meant.

Her beautiful face still carried confusion.

Indeed, she really didn’t see how Zhao Qinru refined the elixir.

With such a haphazard method, it actually succeeded?

“Call me sister…”

Zhao Qinru raised her head and smiled, “Call me sister, and I’ll teach you!”

“I’m older than you!”

Upon hearing this, Chu Yao lifted her skirt slightly and then pounced over, “Asking me to call you sister, the world’s upside down!”

“Giggle, elder sister Chu, I was wrong, stop tickling me!”

“I’ll say, I’ll say!”

As Zhao Qinru begged for mercy, Chu Yao finally stood up satisfied and moved in with a face full of curiosity, “Quickly tell me!”

Zhao Qinru now spoke seriously and began explaining what she understood.

Chu Yao listened, her expression gradually moved, and finally said in disbelief, “Who taught you this?”

“Right, I remember you said ‘not as good as his guidance’, who is he?”

“Nobody, you heard wrong!”

Zhao Qinru shook her head, not daring to easily reveal Jiang Xiaobai’s affairs.

After all, Jiang Xiaobai didn’t even have the first level of Qi cultivation and was from the Land of Spirit Tamers. He had her refine elixirs, probably also wanting to keep a low profile.

Spreading this out would inevitably have a big impact.

If this displeased Jiang Xiaobai, it would be a loss not worth the gain.

Chu Yao looked doubtful, certain that Zhao Qinru was hiding something.

With such an odd method of elixir refining, there must have been an expert behind her.

However, at this moment, she did not pursue further and instead turned her gaze back to the elixir in Zhao Qinru’s palm, marveling, “What effects does this elixir have?”

“Ah, this…”

Zhao Qinru’s face suddenly turned red.

That’s right, Jiang Xiaobai never mentioned the specifics of the medicinal effects.

“You refined it yourself, you can’t possibly not know, right?”

Chu Yao’s suspicions deepened.

Without knowing the effects, to rashly refine it and still succeed?

This shocked her even more.

“Of course I know!”

Zhao Qinru spoke, “I just don’t want to say it!”

“What spiritual herbs did you use in this recipe?” Chu Yao asked.

Zhao Qinru didn’t hide it and shared the contents of the elixir recipe.

Chu Yao listened thoughtfully and then again turned her gaze to the elixir in Zhao Qinru’s palm, “Ruru, give me this elixir!”


Upon hearing that, Zhao Qinru instinctively refused.


Chu Yao thought for a moment, then seemed to come up with an idea, and raised her hand to take out a bottle of elixir, “There are two Soul Awakening Pills inside. My master refined them; I originally kept them for myself, but I will give them to you!”

Soul Awakening Pill?

Upon hearing this, Zhao Qinru’s expression immediately rippled. Just as she was about to say something, the elixir was snatched away by Chu Yao.

“That settles it!”

Saying this, Chu Yao placed the elixir bottle aside and swiftly walked out.

Her speed was so fast as if she was afraid Zhao Qinru would regret it.

“Hey, this person…”

Zhao Qinru sighed, but when she held the elixir bottle in her hand, joy inevitably emerged.

Soul Awakening Pills were good stuff.

For an alchemist, they were particularly useful.


Chu Yao, holding the elixir, came to a certain cave dwelling.

Observing the beautiful figure refining elixirs in meditation, she hesitated not to disturb and quietly waited by the side.

Half an hour passed, and Ning Zhexi lifted her hand, capturing an elixir in it.

“Master, how is this elixir you’re researching?” Chu Yao curiously asked Ning Zhexi.

Ning Zhexi shook her head. As she crushed the elixir, a melodious voice said, “It’s not very good!”

Saying this, her beautiful eyes fell on Chu Yao, “Do you have something?”

“Master, look at this elixir!” Chu Yao immediately passed the ‘Spirit Breaking Pill’ to Ning Zhexi.

Ning Zhexi took it and after examining it, brought it to her nose. A moment later, her expression of surprise intensified, “You refined this?”


Chu Yao shook her head, “It was Zhao Qinru!”


Ning Zhexi’s surprise grew, “What are its effects?”

Chu Yao spoke, “I haven’t fully grasped this recipe, I always feel there’s something wrong with it!”

Saying this, she recounted what Zhao Qinru had said.

Ning Zhexi listened, blinked thoughtfully, and after a moment, said, “The effects of this recipe do indeed clash, it shouldn’t have turned into a pill!”

“Right, I also found it strange!” Chu Yao said, “Moreover, Qinru’s method of refining differs from the standard.”

“How does it differ?”

Ning Zhexi raised her head and asked.

On that perfectly beautiful face, a rare curiosity could be seen.

Chu Yao did not hesitate and narrated what she had observed.

Ning Zhexi’s serenity was disturbed upon hearing Chu Yao’s account, and when Chu Yao finished, Ning Zhexi looked down in contemplation, then with amazement said, “To use the Guilin method so exquisitely, it seems Qinru has an expert guiding her behind the scenes!”

“Guilin method?” Chu Yao was a bit confused, “What is that?”

“There are some tricky elixirs that require breaking the norms!” Ning Zhexi looked at Chu Yao, “These topics are very advanced, not something you can delve into right now!”

“Because the changes with different elixirs will also be different!”

“What you just described, is only suited for this elixir!” Ning Zhexi said, gazing at the elixir in her hand, “According to your account of the recipe, this should be a Spring Opening Pill!”

“Of course, for those who’ve already entered the Qi cultivation level, it also has a considerable enhancing effect, with not many side effects! This recipe is a good one!”

“Unfortunately, not everyone can refine it!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Chu Yao, her face brimming with awe, “Then who exactly is guiding Qinru, could it be Elder Nie?”

“It shouldn’t be!” Ning Zhexi shook her head, “Elder Nie’s Guilin technique is also good, but not so refined. There must be another person behind her!”

Saying this, Ning Zhexi’s expression couldn’t help but show curiosity: “It seems our Yunjian Sect has a hidden master.”

“Master, you haven’t fully studied this elixir, right?” Chu Yao suddenly thought of something, “If we can find this person and discuss with them, can we find out the reason for the failure?”

Her master had been studying an elixir since yesterday, but had been failing continuously.

Upon hearing Chu Yao’s words, Ning Zhexi’s expression rippled and she pondered deeply, “That’s not a bad idea!”

Since someone could guide Zhao Qinru to refine this elixir, their alchemy skills had to be extraordinary.

“I’ll go ask her!” exclaimed Chu Yao with joy, ready to leave immediately.

“No need!” Ning Zhexi shook her head and refused, “She didn’t mention it at the time, and if you ask her now, she won’t say either.”

“Then what should I do?” Chu Yao dimmed upon hearing this.

“I’ll figure out a way myself!” Ning Zhexi, handing the elixir back to Chu Yao, said, “Swallow this elixir, it should speed up your breakthrough…”

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