Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 26

Zhao Qinru truly felt it incredible at the moment.

The quality of a medicinal pill is distinguished by its fragrance and color.

And the pill just refined had a pure fragrance and pure color.

In terms of quality, it was absolutely top-notch.

Yet, as an alchemist, she did not understand and could not comprehend the refining process this time.

She was still baffled – how had the pill been formed?

Jiang Xiaobai, gazing at the red pill and after a few excited coughs and wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, explained: “Oh, the reason I let you spread the Tianzhu root was to allow for an even distribution of the medicinal effect.”

“Heating the furnace in advance was to let the cauldron evenly absorb it during this process.”

“In the later stages of your refining, the changes in the flames allowed the medicine’s potency to be reabsorbed.”

“Of course, it also has another function, which is to better dissolve the Qingling flowers!”

“What about after?”

Zhao Qinru continued to ask: “Why did you have me expand the imprint during fusion?”

“And why was the soul imprint delayed for so long?”

“Right, why could the pill come out even without incubation?”

She had so many questions she felt she couldn’t ask them all at once.

Just like why the intensity of the fire was doubled before the pill came out – she hadn’t understood that either.

Jiang Xiaobai smiled: “Actually, the core thing is still the medicinal effect!”

“You think these illogical methods are to maximize the effect of the medicine, and because of that, you can produce pills without incubation.”

As he spoke, Jiang Xiaobai went on to explain in detail to Zhao Qinru.

She gradually became dumbfounded and once again incredulous.

“You don’t need to be so surprised!”

Jiang Xiaobai continued: “If you took the normal route of pill refining, because of the impact of the third-grade spirit herb’s potency, with weaker control, it would lead to a failed refinement!”

“But… my master never told me about these things!”

Zhao Qinru was still somewhat shocked.

After Jiang Xiaobai’s guidance, it was like she had opened a huge door.

So, it turns out that there could be so many techniques in pill refining.

“Because this method is also something I figured out through the medicinal effects!”

Jiang Xiaobai said: “The results prove it’s effective.”

During the conversation, his expression also carried admiration.

But the admiration was for his own soul of pill refining.

That understanding and calculating ability was simply against the heavens.

If it hadn’t been for this, he would have been clueless now as well.

“I… I’ll try again!”

Zhao Qinru’s gaze fell on the remaining two portions of ingredients.

To truly understand, she still needed more firsthand experience.

Immediately, she manipulated the ingredients and continued to attempt to refine.

Jiang Xiaobai did not leave her side, occasionally offering guidance.

An hour later, as another pill emerged, Zhao Qinru’s eyes shone with a bit of light.

It seemed like she understood something.

Jiang Xiaobai naturally noticed Zhao Qinru’s expression, but even more of his attention was on the pill: “Miss Zhao, that makes two pills now… and it’s also night. Maybe…”

Zhao Qinru came back to her senses, raised her hand, and handed over the two well-refined pills to Jiang Xiaobai: “Both are for you!”


Jiang Xiaobai showed pleased surprise.

According to his calculations, with one Spirit Breaking Pill, he could break through to the first layer of Qi refining.

With two pills, even if he couldn’t reach the second layer, he should be infinitely close.

Thinking this, he became excited again.

But in his excitement, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help coughing violently again.

“Are you okay?”

Zhao Qinru looked at Jiang Xiaobai, who was pale and coughing, and her expression flashed with concern.

She wanted to pat his back to help but hesitated because of their social status, making the scene somewhat comical.

After a while, seeing Jiang Xiaobai stop coughing, Zhao Qinru spoke again: “I’ll take the last one!”

In fact, by giving both pills to Jiang Xiaobai, she wanted to force herself to try refining on her own without his observation.

After taking the two pills, Jiang Xiaobai said: “Then, do I need to stay and guide you?”

“No need!”

Zhao Qinru shook her head firmly: “This last one, I want to refine it myself!”

“Well, then!”

Holding the two pills in his hand, an exhilarated Jiang Xiaobai declared: “Then I’ll take my leave!”

Having said that, he walked out and closed the door behind him.

As the place became quiet, Zhao Qinru did not rush to start refining but closed her eyes to review.

Thinking about every detail that Jiang Xiaobai had pointed out to her.

After a while, Zhao Qinru opened her eyes and was about to start refining when a knock on the door sounded.

Thinking Jiang Xiaobai had returned, she promptly said: “Come in!”

As her words fell, a figure entered: “No wonder I didn’t see you in the pill refining hall!”

“So you’re here secretly refining pills?”

As the figure spoke, its nose twitched: “Eh, what kind of pill is that, such strong pill fragrance, has your skill improved again?”

Surprised, Zhao Qinru glanced at the figure and said helplessly: “What do you mean secretly refining pills!”

Then she said: “What brings you here, Miss Chu?”

Hearing Zhao Qinru’s words, Chu Yao had a smile on her face: “Nothing much, I’m just short of two herbs, could you get them for me?”

“Why can’t you go get them yourself?”

Zhao Qinru replied impatiently.

“I’ve gone several times these last two days!”

Chu Yao said with an awkward expression: “Help me, will you?”

She paused and then added: “Since you are refining pills, I can give you some tips, consider it payment!”


Hearing this, Zhao Qinru curves her lips into a smile: “Then I will refine now, guide me!”

“No problem!”

Chu Yao patted her chest, full of confidence.

Zhao Qinru then started the refining process without speaking further, stirring the flames in the cauldron.

When she introduced the Tianling root into the cauldron, Chu Yao was stunned but restrained herself from speaking.

But as the Zhen Ling imprint fluctuated, Chu Yao couldn’t help exclaim: “What are you doing, this is wrong!”

As soon as she finished, she was stunned again: “Third-grade spirit herb? Why are you putting the Qingling flower in now?”

“Oh no, it’s wrong!”

Chu Yao’s voice became more anxious, especially towards the end, seeing Zhao Qinru’s series of maneuvers, she became even more agitated.

“RuRu, you’re doing it wrong!”

“Ah, why are you using an expansion imprint!”

“RuRu, have you gone stupid, hurry and add the soul imprint!”

“It’s ruined, ruined, how are you controlling the fire!”

“If you can make a pill this way, I’ll call you sister from now on!”


Zhao Qinru lifted her head and asked Chu Yao.


Chu Yao nodded affirmatively.

With Zhao Qinru’s chaotic approach, if a pill could be produced, it would be against all reason.

“Well then!”

A cunning look flashed in Zhao Qinru’s eyes, she changed her mystic imprint, and the flames suddenly doubled in strength.

Confronted with this, Chu Yao’s lips parted slightly.

Just as she was about to continue speaking, the mystic imprint converged and with a force of traction, a pill settled into Zhao Qinru’s palm.

“Eh, your pill actually succeeded?”

Chu Yao looked at Zhao Qinru in astonishment: “Also, why didn’t you incubate the pill?”

As soon as she spoke, Chu Yao sniffed.

In the next second, she stepped forward quickly, incredulous:

“Impossible, impossible, how can the quality of your pill be good?”

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