Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 23

Jiang Xiaobai left his cave dwelling with a smile on his face as he looked at the three spirit stones in his arms, especially thrilled about the benefits he would receive after becoming a certified disciple. On the way back, his gaze lingered on the Yunling Sparrow in his palm.

Should he let this Yunling Sparrow absorb more demonic qi?

The fiercer the better?

For some reason, the first thing that came to his mind was the powerful demon he had encountered.

The ferocity of that demon went without saying.


At this thought, Jiang Xiaobai’s heart thumped wildly.

After a flash of determination, he set his resolve and headed toward the forbidden area.

That’s right, although the demon looked fierce, it was quite good to him at least.

It helped him skip the stage of sensing spiritual power.

It branded him with a life-protecting spirit seal.

Without that demon, he might have cooled long ago.

An hour later.

When Jiang Xiaobai arrived in front of the demon, he saw it lying there with its eyes closed, looking very peaceful.

Jiang Xiaobai felt weird, able to sense that the demon was actually awake.

He spoke up, “Senior demon, I’ve come to see you!”

The demon did not respond, not even bothering to lift its eyelids.

Jiang Xiaobai’s face flickered with embarrassment, after a moment of thought, he cleared his throat and recited:

“Air moves mountains and rivers, desolation everywhere,

Overbearing like thunder shaking all directions.

Golden scales reflect the sun and moon,

Mighty claws whirling, the wind and clouds soaring.”

As his words fell, Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the demon, who then opened its eyes, staring at him.

“What are you looking at? I was just inspired by your presence!” Jiang Xiaobai said, observing the demon and couldn’t help but exclaim, “A roar falls like rain from the stars, unmatched courage and valor in the world.”


The demon stood up abruptly, its overwhelming presence bringing color back to Jiang Xiaobai’s pale face, causing him to cough violently.

The demon then seemed to realize something, quickly containing its own momentum, but still shuddering uncontrollably.

The little verse from the boy had made its blood boil.

After a while, the demon had calmed down somewhat and glared at Jiang Xiaobai resentfully, “Kid, nearly a month without a visit, and when you do… Tell me the truth, do you need something from me?”

“Need you?”

Jiang Xiaobai shook his head, “I just wanted to tell you, I succeeded. Your mark… worked very well, I killed quite satisfyingly!”

The demon’s eyes brightened, “That’s right, if your body could withstand it, the spirit seal I gave you would have been even more advanced, slaying foundation-building experts would be a breeze!”

Jiang Xiaobai’s lips curved up, but he said nothing, gently stroking the Yunling Sparrow in his hand.

The demon’s attention was smoothly drawn over.

Upon seeing the Yunling Sparrow in Jiang Xiaobai’s palm, it scoffed, “This Yunling Sparrow isn’t even enough to get stuck in my teeth, let it grow bigger before you bring it to me!”

It instinctively thought that Jiang Xiaobai had brought it as a thank-you gift.

Jiang Xiaobai’s mouth twitched as he raised his head and said, “I’m studying the art of beast taming, this Yunling Sparrow is my companion beast!”

“Companion beast?”

The demon focused its gaze, and the next second, couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

The loud sound made Jiang Xiaobai’s blood surge once more, and while he couldn’t help coughing, he angrily said, “What’s so funny, I’m leaving if you keep laughing!”

Hearing Jiang Xiaobai say this, the demon finally stopped, looking at Jiang Xiaobai mockingly, “You’re using this Yunling Sparrow as a companion beast? Do you know that in the hands of your human women, this is merely a pet!”

Saying this, the demon once again couldn’t help but laugh.

Jiang Xiaobai’s brow furrowed, without a word, he turned around and walked towards the outside.

The demon saw Jiang Xiaobai leaving and quickly stopped laughing, “Hey, kid, don’t go, ah, don’t leave, this lord will stop laughing!”

With that, the demon looked helpless.

It rarely backed down, but faced with Jiang Xiaobai’s temper, it involuntarily took a step back.

Jiang Xiaobai stopped, looking coldly at the demon, “I admit, you are invincible, in this world, there are few who can compete with you!”

“But remember, even a water drop can wear through stone, don’t underestimate any creature, no matter how weak!”

As Jiang Xiaobai’s voice fell, the demon’s gaze rippled, and after a moment, it sighed, “You truly are that old Confucian Sword’s disciple!”

Then, the demon focused on Jiang Xiaobai, “You could have pursued the path of the Confucian Sword, why did you decide to take the path of beast taming?”

Jiang Xiaobai was silent for a moment before saying, “If I hadn’t met you, perhaps… I wouldn’t have chosen this path.”

His simple words stunned the demon, its gaze changing.

It was clear that Jiang Xiaobai had chosen the path of beast taming because of its influence.

Thinking of its own mockery just now, the demon felt ashamed and full of regret.

“Kid, that… the path you’ve chosen isn’t an easy one, the art of beast taming among your humans requires a very high sensitivity to demonic qi!”

As the demon was speaking, it suddenly sensed something and looked at Jiang Xiaobai in disbelief.

Yes, at that moment, it felt an extremely familiar aura from Jiang Xiaobai.

Stunned, the demon’s voice trembled with shock, “You… your demonic qi is so pure!”

“It’s probably because you helped me form the Golden Core!” Jiang Xiaobai replied, “I wanted to share this good news with you and thank you, but who knew… instead, I was met with mockery.”

“It seems our fate has run its course; we should not meet again in the future.”

After speaking, Jiang Xiaobai turned to leave.

“Don’t, don’t!” The demon said urgently, “Kid, this lord apologizes.”

“Apologize? Heh, you think I’d forgive you just like that?” Jiang Xiaobai sneered, “What kind of person do you take me for? Unless… unless you compensate me!”

“Fine, what compensation do you want?”

The demon agreed very readily.

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