Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 21

“You’re offering guidance to me?” Zhao Qinru paused slightly, her face full of surprise, “That’s not right, you’ve never refined pills before, have you?”

The term ‘pill medicine’ breaks down to ‘pill’ and ‘medicine’.

The study of medicinal effects is one field, while pill refining is another field entirely.

It’s only that a pill master has thoroughly mastered both fields.

Jiang Xiaobai is strong in terms of medicinal effects, which she acknowledges.

But pill refining… Jiang Xiaobai has never touched it, so how could he offer guidance?

Is he bragging?

But the attitude Jiang Xiaobai gave her didn’t quite seem like it.

“Oh, indeed I have never refined any pill medicine!”

Seeing the astonishment on Zhao Qinru’s face, Jiang Xiaobai spoke rather awkwardly, “But I feel confident in giving you some advice!”

“In that case… okay then!”

Zhao Qinru hesitated for a moment but finally agreed.

Of course, in her heart, she wanted to see if Jiang Xiaobai really had any ability in this aspect.

After speaking, Zhao Qinru thought of something and said, “However, the pill recipe you brought up involves third-grade spiritual herbs, I will need to report this!”

“Once the spiritual herbs are approved, I’ll send someone to notify you!”

“No problem!”

Jiang Xiaobai agreed readily.

As long as Zhao Qinru had agreed, he could wait for the time.

“Then, goodbye!”

Zhao Qinru didn’t linger, rising to leave.

Watching Zhao Qinru walk away, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but cough a few times. Although he was still in pain, his pale face was filled with expectation.

Indeed, if successful, this ‘Spirit Breaking Pill’ should allow him to reach the first layer of Qi refining.

With a smile, Jiang Xiaobai dripped a drop of blood onto the egg.

Watching the egg absorb the drop, just as Jiang Xiaobai was about to close his eyes and cultivate, a very light ‘crack’ sound caught his attention.


Following the sound, his gaze once again fell on the egg as an expression of surprise flashed across his face the next second.

Indeed, he saw a very clear, fine crack appear on the egg.

Suddenly, he had no more mind to cultivate, his attention was all on the egg.

But as he waited, there was no more movement from it.

Just when he was feeling disappointed, something suddenly crossed his mind, and he acted upon it without delay.

Not long after, the Soul of Monster Cultivation from afar swiftly drifted into the room, merging into his body.

With the Soul of Monster Cultivation integrating, Jiang Xiaobai held the egg in his arms.

You see, his Soul of Monster Cultivation had stayed in the breeding grounds for a long time and has absorbed quite a lot of demonic energy.

Theoretically, this should have an inducing effect on the egg.

And just as he thought, as the ripples of the Soul of Monster Cultivation undulated, another crack appeared on the eggshell.

Jiang Xiaobai’s face once again bore surprise, and his expectation grew strong anew.

And just as he was filled with eager anticipation.

In the western area of the Beast Taming Grounds.

Zhou Bin opened a dwelling, looking at the man leading a spiritual beast out, and handed over a wooden tag, respectfully saying, “Brother Zheng, please leave your name!”

The man raised his hand and with a spark of spiritual power, imprinted his name onto it.

After taking the tag, Zhou Bin offered praise saying, “Truth be told, Brother Zheng, this spiritual beast of yours is definitely among the fiercest in our western area!”

The man chuckled heartily upon hearing the compliment, “That’s right, I paid a hefty price for this spirit beast!”

After listening, Zhou Bin added more praises and then accompanied the man towards the exit of the western area.

On the way, the man handed Zhou Bin a spirit stone, “You’ve done well in taking care of my beast, this spirit stone is for you!”

“Thank you, Brother Zheng!”

With a face full of joy, Zhou Bin took the stone and then suddenly thought of something, “Brother Zheng, I remember you have great popularity in our sect, may I inquire about someone with you?”


The man looked at Zhou Bin and said, “Let’s hear it, I do recognize all the notable people in our Yunjian Sect.”

“Her name is Xiao Shuyun!”

Zhou Bin mentioned the name that Jiang Xiaobai had brought up before.

“Xiao Shuyun?”

The man’s expression flashed with surprise, eyeing Zhou Bin up and down and asked, “How so, you know her?”

“No, I’m asking on behalf of a friend!”

Zhou Bin scratched his head, looking a bit embarrassed.

The man didn’t press on, smiling and said, “She’s extraordinary. Though it’s only been half a year since she entered the mountain sect, due to her excellent Spirit Root, she has already broken through to the third level of Qi refining and became a disciple under the Third Elder.”

“That formidable?”

Zhou Bin was visibly shocked.

Half a year, to reach the third level of Qi refining?

To him, it seemed like a fantasy.


The man paused and then said, “Moreover, under the Third Elder’s organization, she became the dao companion of Brother Fu Qingyun; ha, she’s surely someone we will all admire in the future.”


Zhou Bin’s face shone with admiration, then he bowed respectfully to the man, “Thank you for the answer, Brother Zheng!”

The man smiled and shook his head, and when they arrived at the gate, he led his spiritual beast and departed.

Watching the man’s retreating figure, Zhou Bin stood still with a moved expression.

Is Xiao Shuyun’s talent so great?

And she has even become Fu Qingyun’s dao companion?

But what is her relationship to Jiang Xiaobai?

If Jiang Xiaobai had feelings for Xiao Shuyun, then he would have to find a way to console him.

With these thoughts, Zhou Bin busied himself with his work.

By noon.

Having finished his tasks, Zhou Bin returned to his residence.

Upon arrival in his room, he saw Jiang Xiaobai excitedly holding an egg.

Approaching him, his expression visibly froze.

He could see that a small head had poked out of the eggshell; though its eyes were not open yet, it was shaking and swaying, looking very cute.

“Xiaobai, has your egg hatched?”

Zhou Bin was surprised.

From the time Jiang Xiaobai started holding this egg until now, it had only been just over twenty days.

It had hatched so soon?

Jiang Xiaobai lifted his head with a smile, “Yes, I also did not expect it to be so quick!”

After speaking, he gently patted the small head, finding it very interesting.

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

Zhou Bin exclaimed with joy, then he sat down opposite Jiang Xiaobai, smiling, “Xiaobai, I have good news. I have inquired about Xiao Shuyun for you!”


Jiang Xiaobai’s heart jumped as he looked at Zhou Bin and asked, “What’s her current situation in Yunjian Sect?”

“She’s quite amazing. They say she has now broken through to the third level of Qi refining and has been accepted as an official disciple by the Third Elder.”

Zhou Bin smiled while speaking, then suddenly asked, “By the way, what exactly is your relationship with her?”

“Oh, she…”

Jiang Xiaobai hesitated and then confessed, “Actually… she’s my fiancée!”

Speaking this, his heart was somewhat heavy.

Having genuinely delved into cultivation, he understood clearly how difficult this path was to walk.

And Xiao Shuyun had actually reached the third level of Qi refining.

So much higher than him.

That made him very uneasy!


Upon hearing this, Zhou Bin’s smile on his face stiffened immediately.

He had wanted to tell Jiang Xiaobai that the other party already had a dao companion, but ended up swallowing his words back.

He was afraid that after telling him, Jiang Xiaobai would directly go to challenge the other party.

This was something Jiang Xiaobai was capable of doing.

After a bit of contemplation, Zhou Bin said with a stammer, “She… She is actually your fiancée?”

“Yes, it’s an arranged marriage set by our families since we were young!”

Jiang Xiaobai sighed inwardly, and noticing Zhou Bin’s change in expression, he asked with some confusion, “Big Brother Zhou, are you okay?”

Indeed, he always felt that there was something off about Zhou Bin’s state.

“No… nothing!”

Zhou Bin forced a smile, “It’s just that today I nearly got bitten by a beast, and now I am still frightened when I think back on it, nothing else.”

Jiang Xiaobai laughed, and just as he was about to say more, he was distracted by a crisp sound, turned his head, and discovered that the shell of the egg completely broke open.

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