Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 20

The second day.

Jiang Xiaobai opened his eyes and sensed that there was still no progress with the spiritual energy in his body, his expression revealing a hint of helplessness.

“Xiaobai, do you want to continue exploring today?”

Having woken up, Zhou Bin looked at Jiang Xiaobai and asked.

“Oh, no, I’m waiting for someone!”

After coughing twice, Jiang Xiaobai covered his chest and replied with a wry smile.

“Waiting for someone?”

Zhou Bin was taken aback, then, as something came to mind, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Haha, you’re not waiting for the alchemist girl from yesterday, are you?”

There weren’t many people that Jiang Xiaobai knew around here.

So when he mentioned waiting for someone, the first person Zhou Bin thought of was the alchemist that Jiang Xiaobai had just met yesterday.


Jiang Xiaobai nodded, convinced that if the woman from yesterday managed to concoct the medicine, she would definitely come to find him.

“Alright, then wait!”

Zhou Bin seemed to have more to say, but in the end, didn’t add anything further.

How could a venerable alchemist take the initiative to look for Jiang Xiaobai?

But these words, he did not speak.

Indeed, he didn’t want to discourage Jiang Xiaobai too much.

After all, sometimes having a little fantasy can be a good thing.

Shaking his head, Zhou Bin tidied up his bedding, left the room, and walked towards the breeding grounds.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaobai closed his eyes.

But in no time at all, hurried footsteps came, and then with a ‘bang,’ the door was pushed open.

Zhou Bin’s face was full of shock as he stared at the Jiang Xiaobai inside and managed to say with a trembling voice, “Xiao…… Xiaobai, that…… that girl, she…… she really came!”

The voice of Zhou Bin was shaking uncontrollably.

Because this was indeed unprecedented.

The alchemist girl from yesterday had actually taken the initiative to come to their spirit-breeding place.

If this were to be told to others, would anyone even believe it?

It was simply inconceivable!

“Is Young Master Jiang here?”

A curious voice came from nearby.

Zhou Bin turned his head to look at the beautiful young woman and nodded earnestly after opening and closing his mouth: “Yes, right inside, we share a room!”

Zhao Qinyu, after hearing Zhou Bin’s words, glanced inside.

“Miss Zhao, please come in!”

Jiang Xiaobai smiled and invited the Zhao Qinyu at the door.

Zhao Qinyu nodded and entered.

Zhou Bin swallowed and said, “Then… you two have a chat!”

After speaking, he actively closed the door for the two of them.

At this moment, his expression was still somewhat astonished, he pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

The pain told him it was real.

“Xiaobai is too incredible!” Zhou Bin murmured to himself, after all, Jiang Xiaobai had only had a simple chat with the alchemist yesterday.

Could it be that good looks were really so effective?

With a sense of shock, Zhou Bin walked toward the breeding grounds.

He had not gone far when a roar sounded again, and then a monstrous beast landed not far away.

Amid the howling wind, an elderly voice came from the beast: “Zhou Bin, how is Jiang Xiaobai now?”

“Elder Huang, you’re back?”

Zhou Bin saw Huang Linyuan on the spiritual beast and was surprised, then bowed respectfully and reported: “Elder, Xiaobai is now alright!”


Huang Linyuan responded: “Good to hear. Let him know that I’m waiting for him in my cave dwelling!”

After speaking, Huang Linyuan prepared to leave, but at that moment, Zhou Bin spoke up: “Elder Huang, it might not be possible now!”

Huang Linyuan looked puzzled at Zhou Bin, his brows furrowing: “What do you mean ‘not possible’?”

Zhou Bin replied respectfully: “An alchemist has just come looking for him, and now the two are chatting in the room!”


Surprise flashed across Huang Linyuan’s face, and as his brows relaxed, he smiled: “Well then, never mind. It’s not something important. Let them chat!”

After that, Huang Linyuan rode the beast away.

Zhou Bin stood there, his gaze tinged with puzzlement again.

How come Elder Huang didn’t show any surprise when he heard that an alchemist had come looking for Jiang Xiaobai?

The feeling he got was as if Elder Huang had anticipated this.

Scratching his head, confused, he continued towards the west sector.

Inside the room, Jiang Xiaobai was inviting Zhao Qinyu to sit opposite him.

As soon as Zhao Qinyu sat down, her gaze fell on Jiang Xiaobai and she said, “Junior Brother Jiang, thank you for your guidance yesterday. I’ve managed to concoct the medicine, and its effectiveness is quite good!”


Jiang Xiaobai’s words were accompanied by a smile.

Her ability to concoct indicates that Zhao Qinyu’s alchemy skills were not bad.

“Junior Brother Jiang, you must also know alchemy, right?” Zhao Qinyu asked.

“I’ve only been exposed to theoretical knowledge, never practiced alchemy!”

Jiang Xiaobai said: “After all, I haven’t even reached the first level of Qi refining!”


Zhao Qinyu looked at Jiang Xiaobai in complete astonishment.

Not even the first level of Qi refining?

Since the minimum requirement for alchemy is the third level of Qi refining, Jiang Xiaobai indeed couldn’t be an alchemist.


Full of perplexity, Zhao Qinyu continued asking, “Then where did you learn your knowledge of medicinal theory?”

As a professional alchemist, she wasn’t as versed in medicine theory as Jiang Xiaobai.

So she was full of questions.

Another puzzling fact was that Jiang Xiaobai had not reached the first level of Qi refining, which should not have qualified him to be an official disciple.

“Oh, there is an alchemist in my family. I learned some theoretical knowledge from him!”

As for his explanation, Jiang Xiaobai had prepared it in advance.

Zhao Qinyu’s face showed astonishment, and she instantly understood why Jiang Xiaobai was so adept at medicinal theory.

She also understood why Jiang Xiaobai had become an official disciple even without reaching the first level of Qi refining.

It turns out that Jiang Xiaobai comes from a cultivator family.

“So that’s it!”

As Zhao Qinyu spoke, her expression was filled with admiration.

Being able to understand medicine theory so thoroughly was a skill in itself.

“Miss Zhao, I have a somewhat presumptuous request!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Zhao Qinyu and spoke directly: “Could you concoct a pill for me? In return, I can help answer any medicine theory questions you have in the future!”

Zhao Qinyu’s gaze flashed with an unusual light: “What kind of pill do you want me to concoct? To cure your illness?”

Faced with the frail Jiang Xiaobai, that was the first thing she thought of.


Jiang Xiaobai shook his head, slightly embarrassed: “You could temporarily call it a Spirit-Breaking Pill!”

“Spirit-Breaking Pill, and only temporarily named?”

Zhao Qinyu looked at Jiang Xiaobai in surprise.

“Yes, I came up with the name myself!”

Jiang Xiaobai coughed twice and continued: “Also, the pill formula is my own creation, so…”

“Your own pill formula?”

The surprise on Zhao Qinyu’s face was even more intense.

Modifying an existing pill formula was one thing, but coming up with a new pill formula was another matter entirely.

The medicinal theory knowledge Jiang Xiaobai possessed was probably even more formidable than she had imagined.

For a moment, Zhao Qinyu looked in disbelief: “Then… what’s your pill formula?”


Jiang Xiaobai spoke and detailed the contents of the pill formula.

Zhao Qinyu listened carefully, and gradually her pretty face was once again replaced by shock as she hesitated and said: “Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t concoct this pill!”

“The requirements are a bit high!”

“Ah, high?”

Jiang Xiaobai paused for a moment.

“Yes, it involves a third-grade spiritual herb, which I don’t handle well.”

Zhao Qinyu wore an apologetic expression: “So, this pill… I’m afraid I can’t help you with it!”

“Handling it poorly doesn’t mean it can’t be handled!”

Jiang Xiaobai thought it was some other issue, but upon hearing Zhao Qinyu’s words, he relaxed and smiled saying: “During the concoction, I… I can give you some tips!”

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