Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 18

He is called Nie Yuan, and he is responsible for the supply of elixirs to the entire Yunjian Sect. Now, he faces the awkwardness of having to seek advice on alchemy from Ning Zhixi. Yet, it is recognized that Ning Zhixi’s alchemy skills indeed surpass his.

“Where are the elixirs you’ve made?” Nie Yuan asked.

Ning Zhixi replied in a voice that was pleasant and melodious, but contained a coolness that instinctively made others feel a distance. Following her inquiry, Nie Yuan handed over the elixir that he had directly synthesized to her.

Ning Zhixi took it in her hand and quickly glanced at it. After sniffing it, she looked at the elderly man and said, “This elixir is indeed incorrect!”

“I followed the prescription precisely, not a single error can be said to exist, yet the elixir is wrong!”

Nie Yuan smiled bitterly, “Elder Ning, can you identify the problem?”

As he spoke, Nie Yuan handed the prescription to Ning Zhixi and asked, “Could it be that there’s an issue with the prescription itself?”

Ning Zhixi examined the prescription and after a moment, she announced to Nie Yuan, “The prescription has no issue!”

“If there is no problem with it, why is there a problem with the finished elixir?”

This left Nie Yuan even more puzzled. In fact, he had not been idle all this time and had been relentlessly looking for information, but to no avail.

“Let me try to synthesize it and see,” Ning Zhixi said without further ado and sat before a cauldron.

Nie Yuan prepared the spirit herbs and observed from the side.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaobai followed Zhou Bin into the Danling Land.

Under Zhou Bin’s guidance, the two arrived in front of a magnificent building. The doors were open, and Zhou Bin led Jiang Xiaobai straight inside.

Upon entering, Jiang Xiaobai looked around with a slightly peculiar expression.

Yes, the place was lined with cabinets, each divided into dozens of compartments, resembling an ancient Chinese medicine shop from a previous life.

Could it be that this place stores Yunjian Sect’s spirit herbs and medicinal materials?

Just as he thought this, Zhou Bin’s voice rang out, “This is the Danling Land’s storage place for spirit herbs!”


Jiang Xiaobai muttered to himself and examined the cabinets more closely.

At this moment, Zhou Bin headed towards the back and saw a middle-aged man concentratedly reading a book. Two young men were busy organizing spirit herbs.

Zhou Bin hesitated for a moment, respectfully looked at the middle-aged man, and bowed, “Greetings Manager Liu, we’re here to collect waste herbs!”

Liu Yanjie, who was suddenly interrupted, looked up with a hint of irritation. He said upon seeing them, “You’re two days early, aren’t you?”


Zhou Bin nodded awkwardly, “There’s a special situation, so we’re here to collect them early!”

Manager Liu nodded, not making things difficult, and held out his hand.

Zhou Bin understood and handed over a palm-sized pouch.

Taking it, Manager Liu passed it to a young man behind him, “Xiaofeng, go and bring the waste herbs from the past three days for them!”


The younger man respectfully nodded, took the pouch, and left.

“Wait a moment, please,” said Manager Liu before returning his attention to his book.

Zhou Bin exhaled and pulled Jiang Xiaobai aside, “Let’s wait.”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded and asked curiously, “What is that pouch you just gave?”

“Oh, that’s a storage bag!”

Zhou Bin explained with a smile, “It can hold many items; otherwise, it would take us two days just to transport waste herbs once!”

The beasts in both the eastern and western regions need to be fed. One can imagine how large the daily quantity must be.

“Ah, I see!” Jiang Xiaobai nodded, still somewhat astonished.

Storage bag.

Indeed a wondrous item. Just as he was about to inquire further, footsteps sounded from outside, and a figure walked in.

Manager Liu looked up at the sound of footsteps and burst into a smile when he saw the person, “Miss Zhao, what medicinal materials would you like this time?”

While Manager Liu spoke, Jiang Xiaobai also glanced at the newcomer. He noticed a young woman with a delicate and clear appearance, although her brows expressed a slight worry.

The woman stepped forward, sighed and handed a piece of paper to Manager Liu.

After looking it over, Manager Liu couldn’t help but smile, “Miss Zhao, the content of this prescription has changed again. Has the pill you’ve been developing still not succeeded?”

“Yes,” the woman said with a look of distress, “Ah, I don’t know where the mistake is.”

She furrowed her brows tightly. They, as official alchemists of the lower ranks, face examination tasks every year. There are missions to improve prescriptions as well as purely research-oriented tasks. This year she chose the latter, confident at first but realizing the difficulty of research as she went on. Now, nearing the task deadline, she had still not succeeded with the pill she wished to develop. Changing the contents of the prescription, she had done so countless times.

“Hehe, Miss Zhao, you’re the official disciple of Elder Nie, with outstanding talent, you will certainly succeed!” Manager Liu said as he began to gather the spirit herbs according to the prescription. He laid out each herb on the table.

Jiang Xiaobai observed from the side with a clear mind. He could identify the name of each spirit herb, as well as its effects.

After Manager Liu placed the last herb down, Jiang Xiaobai’s eyebrows rose.

There was a problem!

This combination of herbs had a conflicting effect.

“Thank you, Manager Liu!” The woman collected the materials and turned to leave.

At the same moment, the person who had gone to fetch the waste herbs came out and handed over the storage bag.

Zhou Bin accepted it, offered his thanks, and then left with Jiang Xiaobai.

Outside, Jiang Xiaobai noticed the woman had not gone far. After a brief pause, he said to Zhou Bin, “Big Brother Zhou, wait for me for a moment!”

“What are you going to do?” Zhou Bin asked, surprised.

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t explain much and quickly pursued the woman.

His purpose in coming to Danling Land was to hope to acquaint himself with an alchemist. Hasn’t this opportunity just presented itself?

But Zhou Bin was unaware of Jiang Xiaobai’s intentions. Watching this scene, his expression changed slightly, “Xiaobai, come back!”

But Jiang Xiaobai seemed not to hear and in a moment, had run quite a distance.

Zhou Bin was about to follow, but after thinking it over, he gave up.

Indeed, Jiang Xiaobai is now an official disciple, and with that status, as long as he isn’t too abrupt, there shouldn’t be too many problems.

Jiang Xiaobai caught up with the woman and directly intercepted her.

The woman, deep in thought with her head lowered, suddenly looked up to see the approaching Jiang Xiaobai and nearly bumped into him. Regaining her senses, she asked with a puzzled look, “Who are you?”

The woman sized up Jiang Xiaobai curiously.

A very handsome young man, but… his hair, a mix of white and black against his pale complexion, gave her the impression he was quite unwell.

“That… cough…” Jiang Xiaobai, caught off guard by a sharp pain in his chest, couldn’t help but cough. After a while, he looked at the woman and introduced himself, “My name is Jiang Xiaobai, I’m an official disciple of Elder Huang of the Feed Spirit Land!”

“Do you need something?” The woman asked Jiang Xiaobai, involuntarily taking a step back, raising her eyebrows.


Jiang Xiaobai took a deep breath and said directly, “There’s a problem with your pill formula…”

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