Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 17

“Xiaobai, how do you know all this?”

Zhou Bin looked at Jiang Xiaobai with disbelief on his face.

As he listed the characteristics of the Red Pattern Fruit, he also mentioned two other herbs he hadn’t heard of,

claiming to be able to neutralize the poison and maximize the effects.

Only a pill master should be able to combine them, right?

But Jiang Xiaobai was just a newcomer who hadn’t been in the field for long.

Logically, Jiang Xiaobai shouldn’t have access to such knowledge.


Faced with Zhou Bin’s astonishment, Jiang Xiaobai realized he had said too much and explained, “I… I came across it in a book, which just happened to have detailed annotations.”

“Do mundane books even have such annotations?”

Zhou Bin looked surprised and then admired Jiang Xiaobai, saying, “It’s impressive that you can remember that. If it were me, I’m afraid I would’ve forgotten it completely.”

Indeed, he had no doubt about it.

He still remembered the first time he met Jiang Xiaobai and the knowledge Jiang Xiaobai showed.

“I’ve been sick since I was young and hardly had any friends, so I had a lot of time to read every day!”

About this, Jiang Xiaobai indeed did not lie; when he first crossed over to this world, he was unfamiliar with everything.

Gradually, reading books indeed became his routine.

Zhou Bin praised him again, then turned his gaze towards the depths of the back mountain and continued, “However, speaking of herbs… there are actually some in the back mountain!”

“Oh? You mean, there are herbs in the deep forest?”

Jiang Xiaobai’s heartbeat sped up slightly when he heard this.

“Of course, and it is said that the deeper you go, the better the condition of the herbs!”

Zhou Bin said, “But Elder Huang has ordered that we are not to go there!”


Jiang Xiaobai looked puzzled.

“The deeper into the forest, the more complex the terrain becomes, and it is easy to get lost, plus there are demon beasts!”

Zhou Bin explained, “That’s why even the people from the Pill Spirit Land need to go looking for herbs with a core disciple as a companion!”

“Alas, so we should just forget about it, without the protection of a core disciple, we can’t just tread there easily!”

Saying this, Zhou Bin chuckled, “Moreover, even if we do come across any herbs, it’s not certain we would recognize them.”

One needs special training to recognize spiritual herbs.

What they look like, their names, and their medicinal effects involve profound knowledge.

It’s difficult for non-professional alchemy cultivators to understand so clearly.

“It’s not necessarily the case!”

Jiang Xiaobai spoke up with a mysterious look in his eyes.

His current reservoir of knowledge was not comparable to before.

“Not necessarily?”

Zhou Bin was taken aback, then looked at Jiang Xiaobai seriously, “Xiaobai, I don’t deny that you know a lot of things!”

“But you might not be really aware of how many types of spiritual herbs there are and how many herbs each type contains!”

“The number… it’s simply beyond your imagination…”

“I’ve spoken arrogantly!”

Jiang Xiaobai actually had a concept of the number Zhou Bin was referring to.

He believed that if he continued to learn, he would sooner or later master that number.

Hearing Jiang Xiaobai say this, Zhou Bin smiled, “Xiaobai, I don’t mean to discourage you, and I even believe that with your abilities, you will do well in alchemy in the future!”

“Thank you!”

Jiang Xiaobai replied.

Zhou Bin waved his hand, “Eat the fruit, after we finish the fruit, I’ll take you to the Pill Spirit Land!”


Hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but speed up eating the fruit.

As the two finished the three fruits, Zhou Bin checked the sky, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the Pill Spirit Land!”

After speaking, he led Jiang Xiaobai away from the back mountain, following the main road toward the Pill Spirit Land.

Jiang Xiaobai followed behind Zhou Bin, looking around with curiosity.

Indeed, it was his first time leaving the Spirit Raising Land and coming onto this main road, now the distant scenery was in full view.

Half an hour later, when the two reached a high point, the wind was howling.

At this moment, Zhou Bin couldn’t help but grab Jiang Xiaobai’s arm.

Indeed, he was truly worried that the frail Jiang Xiaobai might be blown away by the wind.

“Thank you!”

During their conversation, Jiang Xiaobai gazed outwards at the vista of mountains and forests with clouds and mist, feeling a sense of vast openness.

Subconsciously, he exclaimed, “Floating clouds and mist soar high, mountains and rivers abundantly show grace. The wind animates an illusion like a dream, peaks and valleys like the realms of the immortals…”

Listening beside, Zhou Bin once again showed admiration, “Xiaobai, your poetry is impressive!”

Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but smile, continuing, “The eternal landscape enters the scroll, the fairyland before our eyes. The mountains and rivers have feelings, the world is boundless, all things coexist, life is like a dream.”

As he spoke, Jiang Xiaobai paused, his mouth curving up, “Willing to be an idle man in the green mountains, watching immortals dance gracefully.”

Hearing this, Zhou Bin had goosebumps.

Poetry came naturally to him.

And the verses recited by Jiang Xiaobai were truly grand, Zhou Bin could feel the strong imagery and sense of the scene.

This… was not something an ordinary person could achieve.

Therefore, he firmly believed that if Jiang Xiaobai could get in touch with Scholar Sword Ancestor, he would definitely be recognized by him.

Amidst his amazement, Jiang Xiaobai suddenly looked in the direction of the sky, puzzled, “Eh, did someone just pass by?”


Zhou Bin looked confused and checked around, “Someone?”

Jiang Xiaobai looked around too, seeming unsure.

However, he did indeed feel something just then.

As if a figure in white had crossed the sky, but now, looking again, there was no one.

An illusion?

In confusion, Jiang Xiaobai didn’t think much of it and continued on the journey with Zhou Bin.

At this moment, in the hall of the Pill Spirit Land, a beautiful figure descended.

After the figure landed, she glanced back with admiration in her stunning eyes, then turned and entered.

“Greetings to Elder Ning!”

Inside the hall, those refining pills all paused to rise and bow respectfully when the woman entered.

One could see many of the men admiring the woman, and the less disciplined ones were completely captivated by her.

This Elder Ning, Ning Zhixi, held a high position in the Yunjian Sect, and at a young age had already reached the Foundation Establishment stage.

Rumors were she was not far from reaching the Core Formation stage.

Furthermore, Ning Zhixi was a pill master herself, highly accomplished in alchemy, even surpassing the elders responsible for the Pill Spirit Land, as stated by the elders themselves…

“No need to stand on ceremony, continue with your pill refining,” Ning Zhixi said as she walked further inside.

Each disciple looked longingly at her retreating figure.

They were truly curious about what kind of person would be worthy of such a celestial-like woman.

“Elder Ning!”

An elder inside the hall, seemingly having waited for some time, hurried forward when Ning Zhixi entered, “Elder Ning, I can’t produce the pill that the ancestor asked for, so I fear I must trouble you!”

Speaking, the elder’s expression carried a sense of discomfort.

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