Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 14

A character was condensed between his eyebrows, pure and without flaws.

It was clear that the second one was the result of the new strike with his black sword.

It seemed to be successful!

His conjectures weren’t wrong.

A slight smile appeared on Jiang Xiaobai’s pale face.

However, the smile was somewhat bitter.

Was the side effect a bit too strong?

Why didn’t it happen the first time?

Could it be because the interval between the two soul-slaying acts was too short?

While he was deep in thought, Zhou Bin’s voice came from beside him: “Brother Jiang, Elder Huang asked me if there was anything unusual before you passed out, so I described the behavior of the wind lion beast at that time!”

“But… Elder Huang said something very strange at that time!”

“Strange? How strange?”

Jiang Xiaobai was somewhat puzzled.

There didn’t seem to be anything special about his encounter with the wind lion beast.

“Oh, Elder Huang said that if it’s a wind lion beast, it’s quite normal, after all, that’s ‘his’ beast!”

Zhou Bin said, looking at Jiang Xiaobai: “Then I went to look up some information and found that the person associated with the wind lion beast is Chu Yao.”

At this point, Zhou Bin’s face was full of confusion: “Do you know this Miss Chu Yao?”

He still clearly remembered that Elder Huang’s expression was very calm, without the slightest surprise.

Chu Yao?

Jiang Xiaobai was also puzzled when he heard this name; he had never heard of it before.

So, what did Elder Huang mean by his words?

At this moment, he couldn’t figure it out.

Seeing the confusion on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, Zhou Bin knew the answer, and his confusion deepened. But soon, he smiled again and said: “Why think so much about it now? The main thing is you’re alright!”

“That’s true!”

Jiang Xiaobai responded, then added: “Now that I’m awake, should I go and talk to Elder Huang?”

“No need!”

Zhou Bin waved his hand: “Elder Huang went out on business a few days ago and might not return for ten days to half a month!”

“It won’t be too late to make a trip there after he returns!”


Jiang Xiaobai nodded, exhaled, coughed twice, and then said somewhat awkwardly: “Brother Zhou, where do you normally take a bath? I would like to take one!”

Indeed, he slept for half a month, his body covered in a sweaty sheen, feeling sticky all over.

“If you can move, I’ll take you to a place!”

Zhou Bin said with a smile.

Jiang Xiaobai nodded, walked down from the bed, and felt a slight dizziness when he got up but soon after, he felt normal again.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Xiaobai spoke out.

“Are you sure you’re up to it?”

Zhou Bin looked at Jiang Xiaobai with some concern.

“I am!”

“Ah, still, let me support you a bit!”

As they talked, Zhou Bin held Jiang Xiaobai’s arm and walked outside.

After more than ten minutes, the two arrived at a stream.

“The water here is all alive!”

Zhou Bin said: “Moreover, it flows down from the Spirit Elixir Land and is full of spiritual energy. Just wash up here!”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded, began taking off his clothes, and at that moment, a letter fell out.

His expression froze, and then he remembered that he had a letter on him, left by Grandpa Song.

He had forgotten to read it!

Jiang Xiaobai picked up the envelope and proceeded to open it.

The first four words that came into view were:

“My son, personally writing.

This time, I had old Song send you up the mountain, not just for the elixir, but also for seeking immortality.

When you read this letter, it is enough to prove that you have succeeded in staying there.

I did not make these things clear at the time, actually, there was a favor involved, your fiancée Xiao Shuyun is also on the mountain, and is an official disciple there.

It was also Xiao Shuyun who informed me that there was an immortal on the mountain.”

Jiang Xiaobai was momentarily stunned upon reading this.

Xiao Shuyun.

He had a very deep impression of this name.

It was the person his father had arranged a marriage with since he was a child.

Ten years ago, shortly after he had transmigrated, they had met once.

He remembered very clearly, although Xiao Shuyun was very beautiful, her temperament was very aloof.

She had not spoken a single word to him.

In fact, it could be said that from beginning to end, she never looked him squarely in the eye.

So, at that time, he didn’t give Xiao Shuyun any good expressions either.

In the ten years since then, he had also refused to meet with Xiao Shuyun.

But what he didn’t expect was that his ability to stay here was actually due to her.

This was quite surprising to him.

He couldn’t understand why she would help him.

With his doubts, Jiang Xiaobai continued reading the letter.

“Your father knows that you have a strong spirit and don’t want to get too entangled with her, but she is your fiancée after all. Now that you can stay on the mountain, you should connect with her and not neglect her.

Your father is looking forward to the day when he can see you marry her.

Father: Jiang Zhuo.”

After reading the letter, Jiang Xiaobai’s brows furrowed, still puzzled.

He couldn’t understand.

Couldn’t understand, why such an aloof person would be willing to help him?

Pity him?

If that’s the case… that would make him even more uncomfortable.

He didn’t need her pity!

“Brother Jiang, are you alright?”

Zhou Bin, who was next to him, saw Jiang Xiaobai’s complexion change and was concerned.

Jiang Xiaobai snapped back to reality, glanced at Zhou Bin, hesitated, and then asked: “Brother Zhou, do you know Xiao Shuyun?”

“Xiao Shuyun?”

Zhou Bin shook his head puzzled: “I don’t know, is she also from our Yunjian Sect?”

“Yes, she is an official disciple here!”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded: “I want to know her specific information here!”

Zhou Bin looked surprised and couldn’t help but speculate about the relationship between the two. He naturally assumed that she was the person Jiang Xiaobai was pursuing. Then he smiled and said: “Alright, I’ll ask around for you. If there’s any news, I’ll let you know!”

“Thank you, Brother Zhou!”

As Jiang Xiaobai nodded, he put away the letter, stripped off his clothes, and got into the stream.

The cool stream water washed over him, a comfortable sensation made him squint his eyes, and then he thought of something, turned his head and said: “Brother Zhou, you don’t have to specifically stay with me, I’ll go back once I’m done!”

“Okay, then take care of yourself!”

Zhou Bin instructed Jiang Xiaobai before turning around and leaving.

Jiang Xiaobai lay in the water, looking up at the starry sky with a melancholic expression, still thinking about why that woman would help him.

Uneasy to understand.

After a while, he put his thoughts aside and pulled out his second soullike shadow.

This shadow was pure and flawless.

According to his conjecture, when he had a strong desire for a certain path, this soul shadow would develop in that direction, awakening the talent attributes of that aspect.

Just like the first soul shadow, at that time he desperately wanted to learn the Path of Beast Mastery, so his first soul shadow had a special sense of affinity with beasts.

What about this soul body?

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t think too much, and he already had an answer in his mind.

Yes, he wanted to refine pills!

He wanted to cure his own illness!

But when he had this desire, in the blink of an eye, a black mark once again condensed, heading towards his second soul shadow.

Once the mark was imprinted on the forehead of the second soul shadow, the entire soul body carried waves.

It was verified!

Jiang Xiaobai, seeing this scene, again confirmed his guess.

This soul shadow should be very suitable for pill refinement.

Then this soul could probably be called the Soul of Pill Refinement, right?

As for the first one, it would be the Soul of Beast Mastery.

With a smile, he closed his eyes, focusing all his attention on the Soul of Pill Refinement.

At this moment, he could feel the difference in the entire environment.

Indeed, it was as if he could hear the low murmurs of the surrounding vegetation.

When the wind blew, the grass and trees swayed towards him, as if singing praises to him.

The sensation was extraordinarily wonderful.

Upon closer inspection, he also felt a strong attraction to his soul shadow.

That was coming from above the stream, which was also the Spirit Elixir Land mentioned by Zhou Bin.

A restlessness rose in his heart.

He was curious if he could go there with the soul shadow form.

With this thought, he didn’t hesitate, controlling his Soul of Pill Refinement, heading towards the area above the stream.

As the distance extended, he could see everything the soul shadow saw.

After the time it takes an incense stick to burn, an area of buildings gradually came into Jiang Xiaobai’s sight.

The buildings here were quite different from the Beast Raising Grounds.

The Beast Raising Grounds had mostly single-story houses, but the buildings here looked very grand and imposing.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai controlled the soul shadow, went straight through the outer wall, and entered inside……

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