Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 12

“Thank you, Master!”

Jiang Xiaobai took the egg from Huang Linyuan’s hand, full of novelty: “Is this… a monster egg?”

Ever since encountering monsters, he had actually become quite fascinated by them.

He hoped to have his own monster follow him, the thought alone filled him with endless joy.


Huang Linyuan responded: “However, you might be disappointed because this egg comes from a very common monster called the Cloud Spirit Sparrow, which is extremely common in the cultivation world… practically a pet!”

With that being said, Huang Linyuan specifically observed Jiang Xiaobai’s expression.

But Jiang Xiaobai did not hesitate because of his words; on the contrary, he looked even more pleased.

A pet?

Isn’t that similar to a domestic pet?

That’s pretty good.

In his past life, he had wanted to raise a dog but never had the chance.

Amidst his happiness, Huang Linyuan once again smiled, saying: “Actually, as your companion monster, if you have exceptional talent, its bloodline can also evolve and even…”

At this point, Huang Linyuan’s gaze revealed a hint of peculiarity: “Even break away from being a mere pet and become your strongest support!”

Even though Jiang Xiaobai was boiling with excitement, his expectations did not stretch so far.

“Anyway, you must cultivate well and not let it down, including yourself!”

“Yes, Master.”

Jiang Xiaobai hugged the egg and said: “I will definitely take good care of it!”


Huang Linyuan laughed again and tossed a pill bottle to Jiang Xiaobai: “The pills inside will let you quickly attune to spirituality and shorten the time needed to break through the first layer!”

“The faster you break through, the earlier it can hatch!”

“When the time comes, remember to come find me first. I will give you another Beast Blood Pill, which will lay a better foundation for that Cloud Spirit Sparrow. Remember this!”

“Yes, Master!”

Jiang Xiaobai clutched the pill bottle, nodding excitedly.

“Go on, then!”

Huang Linyuan waved his hand at Jiang Xiaobai: “From now on, as my disciple, you need not bother with raising monsters, but you need to interact more with monsters!”

“If you absorb enough demonic energy, the egg in your arms might hatch prematurely. Zhou Bin will guide you in this.”


After nodding again, Jiang Xiaobai respectfully bowed to Huang Linyuan and turned to leave.

Watching Jiang Xiaobai’s retreating figure, Huang Linyuan’s gaze rippled slightly, wondering what he was thinking.


Zhou Bin saw Jiang Xiaobai come out, and before he could speak, his gaze was drawn to the egg in Jiang Xiaobai’s arms.

“What kind of egg is this?”

In surprise, Zhou Bin asked.

“Cloud Spirit Sparrow!”

As Jiang Xiaobai spoke, he also told Zhou Bin about being taken in as a disciple by Huang Linyuan.

Zhou Bin listened, equally full of incredulity.

After snapping back to his senses, he looked at Jiang Xiaobai with eyes full of envy: “Brother Jiang, if you rise to prominence in the future, don’t forget me!”


Jiang Xiaobai nodded just as excitedly, full of yearning for the path of monster taming.

However, thinking that he needed to reach the first layer of Qi cultivatation to interact with the path of taming monsters, his heart sank again.

The first layer of Qi cultivation seemed so far away, but he had to reach it as quickly as possible!

“Come on, didn’t Elder Huang tell you to interact more with monsters? Let’s go for a walk now!”

Without knowing Jiang Xiaobai’s thoughts, Zhou Bin spoke with a smile and took the lead to leave.

Jiang Xiaobai followed closely behind, holding the egg.

On the way, Zhou Bin began to introduce the Spirit Raising area to Jiang Xiaobai.

As he deepened his understanding, Jiang Xiaobai gradually learned about the Spirit Raising area.

It turns out that this area was divided into the East and West Districts.

The West District is where the ordinary disciples’ monsters are accommodated.

The East District, on the other hand, is where the core disciples, and even the elders’ monsters stay.

Because the East District was closer, Zhou Bin first took him there.

Upon arrival, they were met with a large wooden door.

As Zhou Bin pushed it open, Jiang Xiaobai was completely amazed.

In his mind, this place for raising spirit beasts should be filthy and chaotic.

But here, not only was the air fresh, but the environment was also very unique.

Rows of houses were neat and tidy, all appearing very clean.

Additionally, the place was lush with greenery and also had flowers and plants, which truly refreshed the senses.

Just as he was admiring the surroundings, Jiang Xiaobai suddenly felt an anomaly in his body’s spirit.

As if there was an invisible force being absorbed into him.

Could it be the demonic energy mentioned by Huang Linyuan?

Surprised, Zhou Bin introduced: “The dwellings here are all places for the monsters to live!”

“In front of each dwelling, there is a bell, shaking the bell will make the spirit beast come out!”

While speaking, Zhou Bin asked Jiang Xiaobai to wait for a moment, then quickly walked away.

When Zhou Bin reappeared, he had a cart with him, on which were clumps of green grass.

Without waiting for Jiang Xiaobai to ask, Zhou Bin volunteered an explanation: “This grass is for feeding the monsters, and it’s also part of our, oh, my daily tasks as a beast caretaker!”

Since Jiang Xiaobai is now a disciple of Huang Linyuan, he no longer needs to take care of monster raising.

“Ah, shouldn’t monsters eat meat?”

Jiang Xiaobai asked, surprised.

According to his understanding, such ferocious monsters should be carnivores.

“Hehe, this grass is not ordinary grass, but Spirit Grass left over from refining pills in the Dan Spirit Land!”

Zhou Bin spoke with a smile: “Even if it’s waste grass, it contains spiritual power, which is why monsters are very fond of it!”

After saying this, he led Jiang Xiaobai to the first spirit beast dwelling.

“This Wind Lion Beast is said to be a spirit beast of an elder. It’s very ferocious and almost bit a caretaker to death previously!”

As Zhou Bin spoke, he placed a clump of Spirit Grass then shook the bell, ensuring his own safety in the process.

As the crisp sound echoed, a spirit beast two meters tall slowly emerged from the dwelling.

The monster was covered in short fur with blue markings, it had long ears, and blue pupils, looking quite menacing.

Surprisingly, it also had wings on its back.

While Jiang Xiaobai was examining it, Zhou Bin also glanced at his expression.

However, what he saw was unexpected.

Jiang Xiaobai not only didn’t panic at all but seemed very interested in observing the beast.

“Brother Jiang, are you really not afraid?”

Zhou Bin could not help but ask.

“Not afraid! It looks so cute.”

Jiang Xiaobai shook his head.

If Zhou Bin had encountered the big monster in the forbidden area and then faced these small spirit beasts, he wouldn’t talk about fear at all.

“Then you are impressive!”

Zhou Bin remembered how his legs went soft the first time he saw this Wind Lion Beast.

As he was expressing his admiration, he suddenly noticed that the Wind Lion Beast was not eating the grass, but instead its gaze was fixed on Jiang Xiaobai beside him, without any hint of ferocity.


Zhou Bin was surprised again.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai felt his inner spirit become restless as he looked at the Wind Lion Beast.

He now had an inexplicable urge to touch the beast.

Driven by this urge, he reached out his hand.

“No, don’t!”

Zhou Bin saw this and his face changed, but in the next second, his eyes widened in shock.

He saw the Wind Lion Beast willingly approach Jiang Xiaobai and then bowed its head deeply…

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