Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 10


With the door pushed open, Zhou Bin stepped inside, his face still showing signs of exhaustion.

But the fatigue did not last, as he soon perked up.

He saw a figure sitting on the bed inside the room, who was smiling at him at that moment.

“Jiang… Jiang…”

Shocked, Zhou Bin stared at the figure, suspecting his eyes were deceiving him, and rubbed them.

When he confirmed that Jiang Xiaobai was indeed sitting there, Zhou Bin said with a trembling voice, “Brother Jiang, you’re not dead?”

After speaking, his face showed disbelief.

“Mm, not dead!”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded, coughed twice while covering his chest, and then looked at Zhou Bin with a smile, “See, I’m alive and well!”

Zhou Bin quickly approached, examined Jiang Xiaobai, and asked, “You… you went in there but didn’t encounter any strange creatures?”


Jiang Xiaobai concealed the fact that he had encountered a powerful demon and then shifted the topic by looking deeply at Zhou Bin, “Big Brother Zhou, there is something I want to ask you!”

With a pause, he continued, “Yesterday, Yang Cheng and his two companions, it was you who informed them, right?”

They had just returned from Old Huang’s place and were intercepted by Yang Cheng and the others.

He didn’t believe it was just a coincidence.

Startled, Zhou Bin showed a look of remorse and honestly said, “Indeed, it was me. I’m sorry to you.”

As he said this, he further explained, “But I had no choice. You’ve seen his methods, and moreover, he has a cousin who is an official disciple of our Yunjian Sect.”

“I can’t afford to offend him. At that time, if you had just handed over the pills and spirit stones to him, you would have been safe, but I didn’t expect you to…”

Confronted with Zhou Bin’s confession, Jiang Xiaobai resolved in his heart and said mildly, “Didn’t expect that I would actually dare to fight back against him, right?”


Zhou Bin nodded bitterly, recalling the scene from yesterday where Jiang Xiaobai smashed Yang Cheng’s face with a rock.

He really hadn’t expected that.

After all, Jiang Xiaobai seemed weak, but when he struck, he was ruthless.

It was like he was a different person.

Zhou Bin sighed and then looked earnestly at Jiang Xiaobai, persuading him, “Brother Jiang, take advantage of the fact that Yang Cheng and the others don’t know you’re back, and leave the mountain quickly. This place is no longer suitable for you!”

That’s right, if Yang Cheng were to know that Jiang Xiaobai was still alive, given his vindictive nature, he would surely not let things rest.

And given Jiang Xiaobai’s frail constitution, it was doubtful he would survive another day.

“If you flee from the mountain, you might still have a chance…”

“Escape the mountain, and I will die too!”

Jiang Xiaobai cut Zhou Bin off with a mocking laugh.

It wasn’t clear if he was mocking Zhou Bin or himself.

After a moment, Jiang Xiaobai looked seriously at Zhou Bin and said, “Big Brother Zhou, can you do me a favor?”

Zhou Bin, puzzled, asked, “What favor?”

Jiang Xiaobai took a deep breath and whispered a few words.

In less than a moment, Zhou Bin stood up and his expression changed drastically, “No, no, that’s too dangerous!”

“Big Brother Zhou, our innate talent as beast tamers is already not high, and if we let resources be plundered, we’ll only ever be beast tamers for the rest of our lives.”

Jiang Xiaobai gazed at Zhou Bin and coldly said, “Others may have gotten used to it, but I won’t. Even if there’s a glimmer of hope, I want to continue, even if…”

At this point, Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes flared with passion. He covered his chest and coughed violently a few more times before continuing, “Even if the road is rough, even if the road may lead to death, it is better than living in obscurity.”

Yes, having lived a second life, he was not afraid of death, but that did not mean he was resigned to it.

He wanted to have his own life story!

Zhou Bin looked stunned, as Jiang Xiaobai’s words reminded him of his original aspirations.

Once upon a time, he had also dreamed.

Only, he did not have the courage that Jiang Xiaobai did.

“Big Brother Zhou, our fate is to be controlled by ourselves, not dominated by others!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Zhou Bin again, took a breath, and said firmly, “So, unless Yang Cheng is removed, we will never have a chance to rise.”

Zhou Bin stood there, his complexion changing. Finally, he looked at Jiang Xiaobai and asked, “But… but are you sure you can do it?”

Hearing Zhou Bin’s question, Jiang Xiaobai knew that he had wavered. Clutching the hand with the spirit seal, a smile appeared on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, “I am!”

Zhou Bin, seeing Jiang Xiaobai’s confident face, clenched his fists, “Okay, I’ll help you, but, prepare for the worst…”

“Hah, death at worst!”

Jiang Xiaobai spoke indifferently, “Moreover, I’ll try not to involve you!”

Zhou Bin’s gaze flickered with complexity, “When do you plan to put this plan into action?”

Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the hazy sky outside and with a smile said, “How about now?”


Zhou Bin was startled inside.

“No need to leave tonight’s worries for the new day!”

Jiang Xiaobai’s face was icy, “Instead of waiting for him to find out about me, better to take the initiative!”

After listening, Zhou Bin paced back and forth, clinching his teeth, “Okay, now then, now!”

After speaking, he no longer hesitated and headed straight outside, while Jiang Xiaobai sat there, waiting quietly.

It wasn’t a long wait, less than the time for an incense stick to burn, before hurried voices were heard from outside.

Jiang Xiaobai lifted his head, coughing, suppressing his heartbeat, and his eyes were filled with a cold light.

Outside, Yang Cheng arrived in a hurry with two others.

Jiang Xiaobai had actually come back alive?

Remembering how his face was disfigured by Jiang Xiaobai the day before, rage surged to Yang Cheng’s head.

As he approached the door and was about to kick it down, the door opened on its own and Jiang Xiaobai walked out from inside.

“The kid is really alive?”

Yang Cheng, seeing Jiang Xiaobai unhurt, was first stunned, then a cruel smile appeared, and without any nonsense, said, “Come on, beat him!”

As he spoke, he took the lead and kicked viciously towards Jiang Xiaobai’s stomach.

Jiang Xiaobai, seeing the kick coming, gritted his teeth and did not dodge.


The kick was so powerful that it curled up his body in pain.

The two men who followed Yang Cheng also began to punch and kick Jiang Xiaobai.

“Kid, you were so capable, weren’t you?”

While speaking, Yang Cheng also kept kicking Jiang Xiaobai, showing no mercy.

In just a short moment, Jiang Xiaobai was covered in cuts and his mouth was bleeding, but his face still bore a cold smile.

That’s right, he was waiting…

As time passed by.

Tired from kicking, Yang Cheng put his foot on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, looking down with a sneer, “Kid, you really shouldn’t have messed with me here!”

“Shouldn’t have? What are you worth?”

Jiang Xiaobai stared at Yang Cheng with a pale face, his weak voice full of disdain.

“You’re seeking death!”

Seeing Jiang Xiaobai still defiant, a murderous look flashed in Yang Cheng’s eyes. He lifted his foot, intending to stomp down hard on Jiang Xiaobai’s head.

At that moment, an old voice shouted, “Stop!”

With the voice, an elderly figure tore through the sky, arriving swiftly.

It was Elder Huang Linyuan of the Beast Spirit Enclave.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai breathed a sigh of relief, his pale face showing a smile, which looked very bright.

And when Yang Cheng noticed Huang Linyuan, he was not nervous, his gaze looking at Jiang Xiaobai on the ground and scoffing, “Well, let’s leave it at this for today, and we shall… play more tomorrow!”

After speaking, he prepared to withdraw his foot, but at that moment, Jiang Xiaobai grabbed his ankle.

Yang Cheng was startled and clearly saw Jiang Xiaobai forcing a smile, his mouth full of blood.


Confusion flashed through Yang Cheng’s mind, and just then, Jiang Xiaobai’s voice followed, “You, are nothing special!”

With those words, Jiang Xiaobai squeezed the spirit stone in his left hand, drawing the spiritual power from within, while channeling all that force into his right hand.


As the spirit stone shattered, Yang Cheng only felt a pain in his ankle, thinking that Jiang Xiaobai had scratched it.

His face twisted with an ugly expression as he stomped down harder on Jiang Xiaobai’s head.


Jiang Xiaobai’s body shook, his mind went blank.

But in a daze, he heard a scream.

He tried to stay conscious and took a look.

When he saw that Yang Cheng’s body was bleeding all over, he laughed again, but the laugh cut short as he passed out.

At that moment, Huang Linyuan also landed on the ground, looking at the bleeding Yang Cheng, his expression was one of horror.

Immediately, he rushed over, but just as he approached, he sensed an overpowering force.

Frowning, he rapidly retreated.

The next second, an explosive sound erupted, and Yang Cheng turned into a cloud of blood mist.

The sheer force formed a wave of energy, causing the two men who followed Yang Cheng to turn pale and retreat.

After a few seconds, the scene was terrifyingly silent.

The two followers of Yang Cheng, their gazes fixed on the blood mist on the ground, were filled with fear.

What had just happened?

How did Yang Cheng explode?

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