Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 306


Therefore, in this plane, if one wants to become a god and especially recover the cultivation of a God King level, one really needs to think of a good path, a path that can create opportunities for oneself. Tang Haoxuan naturally was fine; under the influence of the lucky aura of the Sky Fox Eye, combined with the fact that he had already completed his tribulation, and with Tang San’s timely rescue—even though he was affected by the three lightning tribulations just now—as a divine being whose divinity was deepened, it was akin to receiving further baptism and tempering. Although he was injured, it also strengthened his tempering.

However, at this moment, Tang San also did not dare to use the life energy from the sea to replenish him, as manipulating divine sense was really too dangerous. Especially since the tribulation clouds had just begun to dissipate, it was better to be cautious.

Therefore, he could only drag Tang Haoxuan’s body, not daring to surface, quickly swimming towards the direction they came from, under the sea.

The marine creatures in the sea watched from a distance and did not approach, the restrained divine sense of Tang San still gave off a familiar and intimate aura. In fact, this sea area was still close to the shallow sea near the Fairy Continent and did not have too strong marine creatures.

Swimming was, of course, much slower than flying, even though Tang San’s movement speed in the sea was already quite swift. It still took quite some time before he could finally drag Tang Haoxuan ashore.

Lying on the sand, listening to the echo of the waves beside his ears, Tang San was also too tired to even lift his fingers. After all, he was only at the eighth rank, and even with the recuperative properties of the Mysterious Heaven Technique, he would still get tired.

Tang Haoxuan remained in a comatose state, but a natural suction force emerged from his body, absorbing the Qi of heaven and earth to replenish himself. He was excessively depleted and needed ample time to recover. The best course would obviously be to return to the Golden Valley for replenishment. However, Tang San was now physically drained and had to rest first.

At this time, his mind was unusually clear. He recalled the entire process of Tang Haoxuan’s breakthrough to godhood.

In this process, there was no doubt that the enhancement from the plane’s power was a test for him to undergo his tribulation. And from Tang San’s perception, this tribulation process was much simpler than what he had experienced back in the Douluo Continent.

Back then, when he became a god, he went through countless difficulties and obstacles—it wasn’t something that could be explained by a single lightning tribulation. Ultimately, it took him enormous effort to finally become a god and a part of the divine realm. Of course, this also had to do with the loftiness of his godly position.

Becoming a god in this plane, or at least reaching this level of cultivation, was considered the easiest in Tang San’s knowledge. Yes, the easiest.

This means that on this plane, cultivating to the peak of the ninth rank, the success rate of passing the tribulation was quite high. Tang Haoxuan was still human, and the bodily talent of humans had a significant difference compared to monsters, but as long as one accumulated knowledge and experience, even if Tang San had not been here today, he would have been able to complete the tribulation, with a success rate of at least eighty percent.

This indicates that the master of this plane supports the further advancement of its own plane’s creatures. Guarding itself? No, not just that, more importantly, it was for the evolution of the plane.

If this plane really wants to ascend to the level of the divine realm, the most important thing is still a breakthrough of sublimation. Simply put, there is a need for the emergence of a strong being at the God King level. Just like before Tang San’s reincarnation, his own grandson, Tang Xuanyu, did on Dragon Star and Pegasus Star. He became a God King and eventually became the Dragon God, leading that powerful planet to complete its metamorphosis.

Just talking about the energy levels, the combined Dragon Star and Pegasus Star might not even be as good as Phelan Star. And if both the Dragon Star and Pegasus Star could become divine realms, the likelihood of Phelan Star achieving the divine realm was even greater. And once achieved, it would not be an ordinary divine realm.

But why, after so many years, has it not been achieved? What was the reason? It seems there were some hidden worries in this plane. Otherwise, with such vast resources, there would be no reason not to break through!

Various thoughts wandered in Tang San’s mind. He knew he had to figure all this out in order to have the possibility of tribulation and becoming a god.

Becoming a god was a must for him, not only for a longer life but also to regain his former strength. Only in this way could he bring his wife back to their past world and reunite with his family and friends.

After resting for two hours, Tang San had fully recovered his strength, and after no longer feeling the oppression from the plane, he reactivated the Golden Wing Transformation and flew back to the Golden Valley with Tang Haoxuan.

When Tang Haoxuan woke up from his deep sleep, the first thing he felt was warmth and the bursting vitality. The rich life force enveloped his body, making him feel warmly comfortable all over. Although he was a bit weak, it was very comfortable.

“Did I get struck dead?” Tang Haoxuan said to himself, somewhat confused.

“Teacher, you are alive and well,” a familiar voice came.

Tang Haoxuan steadied his mind and finally saw Tang San and Wu Bingji and others beside him.

He blinked, subconsciously looking down at himself—his clothes had been changed to a clean set, probably by Tang San, and more importantly, it seemed he was different.

“Did I… succeed?” Tang Haoxuan asked Tang San directly.

Tang San smiled and nodded.

At this moment, the chief finally fully woke up. The excitement in his eyes was unmistakable—he had succeeded. Yes, he had made it! He had broken through to the god level.

He immediately got up and sat cross-legged, quietly feeling the changes in his body.

A faint golden halo immediately radiated from him, adding a few more degrees of warmth to the surroundings. Tang Haoxuan’s skin also took on a light golden color, with a sacred aura that made the eyes of Wu Bingji and the others burn hot.

Achieving godhood in this plane symbolized strength, as well as longevity and the future. Even humans, once entering this level, were very welcome to be affiliated with some powerful races. For any monster race or sprite kin, god-level powerhouses were also very much needed as a foundation of a race.

Tang Haoxuan had achieved godhood, and for them, the stimulation was quite significant! Especially for Wu Bingji, whose cultivation was already at the eighth rank level; he was getting closer and closer to the god level. If the chief could do it, he could do it too!

Behind Tang Haoxuan, golden light shadows gradually condensed, turning into a lion covered with golden flames soaring all over, which was unmistakably the image of the Golden Lion.

But unlike Tang San’s love rival, the Golden Lion Astral Dog, the golden flames around Tang Haoxuan had a hint of crimson. Therefore, the flames burning on Tang Haoxuan’s body were not the Golden Divine Flames of the Golden Lion Tribe, but another type of flame. They, too, had certain golden characteristics.

The feature of the Golden Divine Flame was to devour the enemy’s power and convert it into one’s own for attack. The golden crimson flames on Tang Haoxuan’s body, however, were purely for extreme burning.

It was a kind of flame that seemed to even burn the spirit, and after entering the god level, he undoubtedly had a qualitative leap. He was stepping into the threshold of second-tier bloodline. Even though there was a gap compared to the pure Golden Lion tribe bloodline, he was definitely stronger than other lion tribes after entering the god level.

This was related to Tang Haoxuan’s solid accumulation and also to the fact that he had endured an extremely strong tribulation that he should not have endured.

“Chief, you’ve achieved godhood! That’s really amazing. I wonder when I’ll be able to become a god myself,” Du Bai looked at Tang Haoxuan enviously, muttering to himself.

Gu Li snorted and said, “Do you have any self-awareness? Even if I become a god here, you won’t make it.”


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