Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 304


In a flash, the sky began to darken, thick clouds rolled in, as if the heavens were falling and the earth was splitting open. The Tribulation of Ascension to Godhood. All beings in this plane must experience this when they wish to become a god. This is why Zhang Haoxuan could not undergo his tribulation in the Karry Mountains. The Karry Mountains are too close to Karry City, and once he began his tribulation, there would inevitably be powerful beings coming to investigate. For humans to ascend to godhood is no easy matter. On the Fairy Continent, it is virtually impossible to achieve it without the support of a formidable power.

At this moment, the dark clouds in the sky became increasingly dense, and an intangible pressure seemed to add to the atmosphere, making it difficult to breathe. Even Tang San had to descend and hover near the surface of the sea, and he concealed his divine sense.

He did not want to be recognized as a heretic by this plane and be struck down.

Zhang Haoxuan’s body was engulfed by a more and more intense golden-red flame. The bloodline inside his body was making a qualitative leap amidst this fierce burning.

As the intense flames burned, a terrifying aura rose, and the dark clouds in the sky were tinged with red.

“Boom!” A muffled thunderclap sounded. The colors of heaven and earth changed.

Zhang Haoxuan’s short hair stood on end, his eyes filled with a wild fervor. He spread his arms, and behind him, a huge red lion phantom appeared, tilting its head and letting out a silent roar.

In terms of bloodline, the Blazing Flame Magic Lion could be considered one of the best among the third-tier bloodlines but had not reached the second-tier. Under normal circumstances, it would not be an easy task for Zhang Haoxuan to become a god.

However, his cultivation had swollen to the pinnacle of the ninth tier. With a “ding” sound, a point of golden light suddenly shone on the forehead of the huge flame lion.

This spot of golden light instantly shone upon Zhang Haoxuan, rendering all his flames golden.

This was somewhat reminiscent of the golden holy fire Tang San had once seen on the Golden Lion Dog, only this flame was different from the qualities of the golden holy fire. What Tang San could feel from the golden flames on Zhang Haoxuan was their intensity—an unparalleled fierceness.

The temperature of the seawater below began to rise, and Zhang Haoxuan’s body gradually floated into the air. The golden flame soaked and burned his body, transforming it into gold. This is why all beings wished to become gods; once ascended, it was akin to a metamorphosis of the bloodline which, especially for those with lower-tier bloodlines, could significantly enhance their overall strength.

Of course, an ascension would not turn second-tier bloodlines into first-tier, for the first tier was purely based on innate talent.

However, during the transformation, if powerful enough, a third-tier bloodline could evolve to possess a might close to that of the second tier. The golden transformation that Zhang Haoxuan was undergoing was precisely such a transformation. His path to godhood had begun, and he chose a complete metamorphosis. With a long period of accumulation behind him, he was sure to choose the most beneficial way to break through.

At that moment, the dark clouds in the sky slowly turned a dark red, and in the next instant, a blood red thunderbolt fell from the sky with terrifying force, hitting Zhang Haoxuan almost instantly.

“Boom!” Zhang Haoxuan’s body shook violently from the blast, but the giant lion phantom behind him turned golden once more, spewing out golden flames and restoring his scorched body back to a golden hue.

The ascension to godhood on this plane is actually a kind of metamorphosis or tempering. Through the baptism of heavenly thunder and the evolution of one’s own bloodline, one reaches another level of life. This process of transformation is not easy! And the pain it entails is considerable. It’s no wonder one can break through to godhood without a Divine Seat.

Tang San silently judged in his heart.

In his world, to truly become a god, one must have a Divine Seat. A Divine Seat is a legacy that carries on the power of the previous god, holding dominion. But here, it is all about tempering oneself to reach the divine level. In fact, there is no Divine Realm in this plane, and without the support of a Divine Realm, naturally, there would be no Divine Seats.

In some sense, the gods of this plane are different from the real gods from the Divine Realm that Tang San knew. However, the gods cultivated successfully on this plane, without saying anything else, definitely have a stronger physical constitution than those from Tang San’s original world.

Truly a brutal way to break through!

Moreover, Tang San could faintly feel that the heavenly thunder formed by the condensation of the plane bore a full malice toward him. Even though he had completely concealed his divine sense, when Zhang Haoxuan was struck, there was a numbness throughout his body, feeling like he could be targeted at any moment. His spiritual core was beating continuously, feeling like it was about to break through and ascend. Tang San was desperately suppressing it with his divine sense to ensure it wouldn’t be inadvertently triggered. It seemed like the heavenly thunder was intentionally seducing him!

Even at his current state of the eighth-tier, even though his spiritual power was at the peak of the ninth-tier, even with his divine sense for protection, if he really tried to break through, he would likely not know how he died. If this plane’s judgment of him as an outsider became established, the thunder that would strike him would definitely be of a different magnitude than what Zhang Haoxuan faced. It could be an existence of unspeakable terror.

So for now, Tang San was being very low-key, hoping the thunder would treat him as non-existent. At the same time, he was quietly observing the changes in the thunder as Zhang Haoxuan was being struck, particularly the will of heaven and earth, which must relate to the Plane’s Master’s will.

The most pressing thing he needed to determine was whether this plane’s master was an instinctual existence or one that had developed consciousness or even higher intelligence. To deal with these two different situations, he would need to adopt different methods.

“Boom!” Another blood red thunder struck from the sky, fiercely hitting Zhang Haoxuan, almost causing him to fall into the sea.

“Refreshing!” Zhang Haoxuan roared, his golden flames growing richer, and the vigorous life energy within his body was quickly replenishing his consumption as he evolved, all while withstanding the thunder tribulation.

This is the advantage of accumulating a lot and then unleashing it all at once. Having withstood two thunder tribulations, he was already noticing changes in his body, and he could still withstand this kind of thunder.

Normally, there would be protectors around someone undergoing the tribulation, and in critical moments, even divine-level powerhouses would lend a hand, taking on some of the burden to ensure safety. Even though this could reduce the intensity of the tribulation’s tempering, staying alive was the most important thing. Being struck dead would mean the end of everything.

This is why the Redemption Organization did not pressure Zhang Haoxuan too much. In their view, Zhang Haoxuan would certainly need the organization’s protection to undergo the tribulation and become a god. Without the protection of at least two divine-level powerhouses, undergoing the tribulation is highly dangerous.

Zhang Haoxuan was bold, plus with the pressure he had endured for so long and the sufficient accumulation, he dared to attempt the tribulation directly. He knew that if he could successfully overcome the tribulation directly, the benefits it would bring would be tremendous. A full tempering would bring stronger power after godhood and even the possibility of further advancements in the future.


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