Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 303


“Teacher, let’s go. Senior Brother, you guys continue to cultivate here.” Tang San greeted Wu Bingji and immediately took to the skies with Zhang Haoxuan, heading out of the valley.

At this moment, Zhang Haoxuan could feel his body tingling non-stop, as if he were a balloon about to explode at any moment.

Once they left the valley, a golden light flickered behind Tang San, and a pair of huge golden wings unfurled, signifying the activation of the Golden Peng Transformation.

“Teacher, get on. I’ll carry you,” Tang San said to Zhang Haoxuan.

In such a situation, Zhang Haoxuan naturally wouldn’t stand on ceremony and immediately lay on Tang San’s back. Tang San’s wings vibrated, the power of the Golden Peng Transformation surged, and his speed increased sharply. The strength of the Mysterious Heaven Technique at the eighth tier boosted the Golden Peng Transformation, granting extraordinary speed as they sped off into the distance.

Their direction was northeast. The rapid ascent of the Golden Peng Transformation was unquestionably the fastest among all flying creatures. The Golden Peng spreads its wings for ninety thousand li; its golden silhouette was like a shooting star chasing the moon.

Zhang Haoxuan concentrated internally, struggling to contain the explosive energy within his body, having a sense of helplessness. In the organization, there were still some god-level powerhouses like Si Ru. He had inquired in detail about how Si Ru had broken through in the past. But in his knowledge, not a single person had been in the state he was before breaking through. It was ridiculous to be like a ballooned ready to burst!

However, he couldn’t help but find it somewhat funny now. Although his current state was not good, it seemed that he wouldn’t need to simmer or force the energy to impact and break through. At this moment, he felt as if he was about to blow up with the slightest relaxation.

Flying at high speed, it didn’t take long before Zhang Haoxuan heard the sound of ocean waves.

“Tang San, be careful. There are sea monsters rampant in the Endless Blue Sea. Please be very careful,” Zhang Haoxuan hurriedly reminded.

However, what he didn’t know was how Tang San felt inside when he saw the boundless sea before him.

Stretching to the horizon was a boundless expanse of azure blue, transitioning from shallow to deep, the clear water appeared to reveal the fine sand below at a glance. A gentle sea breeze blew, carrying the moisture and unique scent of the ocean. In the sky, seagulls flew by, issuing clear cries. In the depths of the deep blue sea, a sense of mystery seemed to fill the endless domain. Rich water elements diffused in the air, and amidst them, massive surges of life energy were pulsating. This was naturally a sign of the countless marine lives gathered together.

The sea, this was the sea of this world.

Although he had been in this world for over a decade, this was his first time seeing the ocean here, and everything about it touched him deeply.

Tang San took a deep breath. “Don’t worry, teacher.”

His wings flapped again, carrying Zhang Haoxuan further into the depths of the ocean.

A point of golden light appeared on his forehead without a sound. The light wasn’t intense, but it clearly sensed everything below.

And peculiarly, where Tang San passed over, the turbulent sea was unexpectedly peaceful, without even stirring a single wave.

In the depths of the Endless Blue Sea, several sea monsters subconsciously lifted their heads. They seemed to sense something, a joyous feeling springing from the depths of their souls. As if the boundless sea had gained a special charm in that moment, causing each of them to feel an inner joy.

The next moment, a vast number of marine creatures began to surge towards the surface of the sea, swimming rapidly with joy and anticipation.

A faint smile surfaced on Tang San’s lips.

The memory of his past life came to mind. He vividly remembered undergoing arduous trials and finally standing in the temple, grasping the golden trident that symbolized dominion over the ocean. The moment he pulled out the trident, he possessed his own divine throne.

Indeed, he, the God King of his former life, had his divine position – wasn’t he the Sea God Tang San?

Coming to this life with a fragment of his divine consciousness, he still existed by virtue of the Sea God’s divine position. The Sea God was still present, and he was still that Sea God. It was the same sea, just as familiar. Here, he could clearly feel that his divine consciousness was so active and excited. In this place, the nurturing speed of his divine consciousness was significantly increasing. Here, even if he utilized a certain amount of divine power, it would quickly replenish. Because the sea itself was his home ground, it was the world he was meant to dominate. This was why he insisted on bringing Zhang Haoxuan here for the breakthrough; here, he could fully protect his teacher.

Zhang Haoxuan, lying on Tang San’s back, suddenly had a strange feeling. The sound of the waves disappeared despite the presence of the sea’s breath, but everything became so still.

What was going on?

He instinctively leaned over Tang San’s shoulder, and then he saw an unforgettable sight.

The calm sea was like a mirror, without a single ripple. And on that tranquil surface, countless heads of various marine creatures emerged.

They were all kinds of fish, turtles, seals, walruses, some small and some immense. But at this moment, they all looked up above the water, silently gazing at them, or rather, at Tang San.

In this vast sea, the large marine life seemed endless.

A drop of cold sweat almost ran down Zhang Haoxuan’s forehead in the next instant.

Tang San seemed to sense his teacher’s anxiety and, in the next moment, raised his head and let out a long howl. Simultaneously, the point of golden light on his forehead also shone brightly.

Golden light rings rapidly expanded from his forehead, spreading far across the sea as his howl carried along. All the sea monsters that had emerged from the sea then hurriedly submerged back into the depths, calming down the large swath of the sea. Yet, the dense life aura converged rapidly toward Tang San and his direction.

“Teacher, let’s begin,” Tang San said to Zhang Haoxuan on his back.

Zhang Haoxuan looked a bit odd. “You… are you a sea monster?”

Tang San helplessly explained, “You’re overthinking it, I’m just a human, purely human. You’ve already checked before. It’s just that I have an affinity with the sea. There’s no time to explain now, break through first. After your breakthrough, we’ll go back, and I’ll explain.”

“Mhm.” Zhang Haoxuan detached himself from Tang San’s back, and at this time, he could no longer afford to ponder anything else.

His short hair suddenly turned fiery red, as rich fire elements burst forth from his body. The bloodline of the Fiery Flame Magic Lion surged within him, causing his body to instantly become more imposing. Supported by the power of his bloodline, he floated in mid-air. Around his body, blazing flames rose fiercely, and his eyes too changed to a bright red color. The vigorous energy that had been suppressed in his body was now released abundantly.

Tang San beat his golden wings and flew to a farther location, silently watching the changes in Zhang Haoxuan.

Assisting Zhang Haoxuan in transcending and becoming a god was also very important for him. It was a critical moment for him to understand this world better. Only by having a deeper understanding of this world could he attempt to communicate with this plane and find his own path to becoming a god.

Zhang Haoxuan took a deep breath, tilted his head back, and let out a roar. Immediately, a flame of gold and red soared into the sky, making half of the sky seem twisted with the intense heat.


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