Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 300


Du Bai had no choice but to keep up, luckily he had Wu Bing Ji to guide him, so he wouldn’t be left behind. They walked for over an hour. Du Bai was nearly exhausted when they came to an area shrouded in white mist.

Tang San said, “Stay close to me, and do not leave a five-meter radius around me.” As he spoke, a small array disk appeared in his hand.

The disk, activated by his Mysterious Heaven Technique, emitted a faint glow, and immediately, a miraculous scene unfolded before them – a path opened up through the clouds ahead.

“What is this…” The other four exchanged looks, even the weary Du Bai widened his eyes in awe.

Tang San gave a slight smile and explained, “This is the secret base established for us by the Master. Let’s go.”

Yes, the place he brought everyone to was none other than the Golden Valley. Teammates who have shared life and death together are trustworthy, and this place was also more conducive to enhancing their strengths.

Following Tang San into the dense fog, the thick mist enveloped them so completely that not even their spiritual power could probe more than ten meters ahead. It was as if they had entered another world. But because of their trust in Tang San, they kept moving forward without question.

Finally, when the mist cleared, everyone inevitably revealed expressions of utter amazement. The morning sun’s rays pierced through the center of the clouds above, falling like a golden column into the valley.

The beam of golden light shone on the giant golden trees, and beside them was a crystal-clear lake, shimmering under the same golden glow.

Inside the valley, the rich spiritual energy of heaven and earth felt almost tangible, with exotic flowers and rare herbs scattered about. The light fragrance of the plants was refreshing, sweeping away the fatigue of a night’s travel in an instant. This place, in comparison to the outside world, was like an earthly paradise – not only stunning but also possessing an indescribable sense of wonder.

For Wu Bing Ji, Gu Li, Du Bai, and Cheng Zicheng, everything before their eyes seemed like a miracle. The thick clouds above were also tinged with gold by the sunlight, yet they did not disperse, save for the central beam shining brilliantly.

“Is this a fairyland?” Du Bai murmured to himself.

Tang San chuckled, turning to the four and saying, “Welcome to the Golden Valley. This is a secret base created by the Master for our organization.”

Mayor Zhang Haoxuan, the perpetual scapegoat, naturally found himself pushed to the forefront by Tang San once again.

At this moment, the said mayor was cultivating under the golden tree, absolutely affirming what Tang San had described, leaving no room for doubt among the group.

“My God! Our organization actually has such a wonderful place.” Du Bai could hardly believe his eyes, “Is that over there the Purple Sun Fruit? Do we have that here, too? What is that? It smells so good!”

“Can you not act like a country bumpkin?” Cheng Zicheng nudged him with a foot, then turned to ask Tang San, “Can we just eat anything here?”

Tang San’s mouth twitched slightly, “Let’s meet the Master first.”

At this time, Zhang Haoxuan had already opened his eyes from his meditation. Under Tang San’s observation, he could feel the fluctuations of Zhang Haoxuan’s own bloodline power. Although it seemed stable, there was a sense of an imminent volcanic eruption, clearly showing that he was getting closer and closer to losing control over his cultivation level.

“Master, we’ve completed the first three matches. I’ve brought everyone here to rest,” Tang San winked at Zhang Haoxuan.

“Alright, then rest here. Tang San, come with me for a moment,” Zhang Haoxuan said.

“Okay,” Tang San signaled for the others to rest under the golden tree while he followed Zhang Haoxuan aside.

“The organization has replied. They were quite euphemistic; they want me to take a position there, not stay here. They didn’t mention helping me break through. Obviously, they’ll only help if I’m willing to go back. Disappointing indeed!” Zhang Haoxuan’s expression revealed a touch of despondency. He reflected on the many things he had done for the organization, especially the profits from the formation array, half of which he had given to the organization, yet he received such treatment.

“That’s to be expected,” Tang San said. “They’re obviously too eager to have complete control over the array. After all, we did take half of the profits before. They’ve seen the massive benefits of the array. So, even if you have to report back, make sure to break through to the God level first. By then, no one will be able to shake your status.”

Zhang Haoxuan hesitated, then asked, “Is it really possible at sea?”

Tang San gave a slight smile and pointed towards the golden tree, “Did you really think I could grow the Golden Wood into a Golden Tree?”

Zhang Haoxuan also laughed, “Why do I feel like I’ve gotten on a pirate ship?”

Tang San smiled, “Not only have you boarded a pirate ship, but you also have to cover for me from the wind and rain.”

“Alright, I believe you. When do we act?” Zhang Haoxuan inquired.

“Wait until I break through to the eighth rank,” Tang San replied. “Once I reach the eighth rank, I’ll be more confident.”

Zhang Haoxuan said, “I’m afraid I can’t wait. My power is becoming more and more uncontrollable. Although I’m trying to compress it, there’s a limit to how much I can. I can’t be reckless. If I don’t do it right and it explodes, it’ll be troublesome.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be quick,” Tang San reassured.

“How quick is quick?” Zhang Haoxuan asked curiously. Breaking through to the eighth rank isn’t as difficult as the ninth, but it’s not something that can be done at a snap of the fingers.

“Tonight,” Tang San replied.

“Tonight?” Zhang Haoxuan’s mouth twitched wildly. He wanted to say that was ridiculous, but looking into Tang San’s clear eyes, he knew he wasn’t just talking.

“Don’t be too hasty,” Zhang Haoxuan said anxiously.

“Master, don’t you trust me? Steady is the priority,” Tang San assured with a grin.

“Okay, then. I’ll wait for you. I’ll be your guardian when you break through,” Zhang Haoxuan declared.

“Sure, that’s settled. The elder brothers should also stay here and cultivate. The recent competition has shaken them up, which should stimulate their cultivation, especially since this place is more suitable for it. After I break through, I’ll help you with your breakthrough first.”


“Master, master, you’ve come!” Just then, a voice full of surprise rang out.

From the direction of the cave, figures were seen skimming over the water, rapidly heading to the shore.

Lithe and graceful bodies flitted across the lake’s golden surface, creating a stunning visual tableau.

Wu Bing Ji, Cheng Zicheng, Du Bai, and Gu Li were left dumbfounded beside the golden tree. What is this situation? Where did all these beauties come from?

Especially for the three boys, their gazes were transfixed.

These were all human girls, and each one was captivating and beautiful, with skin like creamy jade, appearing to be around sixteen or seventeen – the bloom of youth.


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