Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 299


Tang San’s face revealed a playful look. It was no wonder that the Golden Leopard, with golden bloodline, dared to participate in the bloody group battle. It turned out that he wasn’t unafraid of death; rather, his golden bloodline granted him the ability of long-distance teleportation. In other words, when he encountered a deadly crisis, he could burn his golden bloodline and rapidly escape the battlefield through teleportation, even moving far from the Grand Beast Arena, thus eliminating any possibility of death.

Unfortunately for him, he faced Tang San, which really was bad luck!

Having been tormented by the blizzard for so long, the consumption of energy had already been tremendous for the Golden Leopard. Now that he had suffered such a powerful mental attack, by the time his consciousness recovered slightly from the intense pain, most of the power of his golden bloodline had been devoured by Tang San, leaving him with no strength to teleport.

“You—you are a demon…” The voice of the Golden Leopard trembled, heavy with fear.

“To you beasts, perhaps I am,” Tang San nodded at him. His Mysterious Heaven Technique rapidly rotated, quickly absorbing the power of the golden bloodline and cutting off the last of the Golden Leopard’s lifeforce. On the battlefield, the blizzard gradually dissipated, and the entire Grand Beast Arena was silent.

The battle had now gone on for over twenty minutes, and the Blood Glitter Battle Team had disappeared within the blizzard for fifteen minutes.

As the blizzard slowly cleared, the five figures of the Shrek Battle Team reappeared before all the spectators’ eyes, but the Leopard Demons had vanished. To be precise, four had disappeared entirely, under the pressure of the blizzard the four Lightning Leopards had not even left bones behind, merely adding more fresh blood to the already dark-red ground.

Only one—the largest Golden Leopard with golden fur—lay prostrate on the ground, its head blown apart.

The Head Exploding Battle Team lived up to its name indeed.

Wu Bing Ji still stood at the forefront looking expressionless, his mask covering most of his face.

Only he knew that in this last battle, he hadn’t done much, nor was he clear on how Tang San had done it. He simply followed Tang San’s plan, constantly releasing ice elements to condense snow and ice.

And just like that, the battle had ended.

The Blood Glitter Battle Team was wiped out entirely. Even the owner of the golden bloodline could not escape a head-exploding fate.

Most bettors had lost their wagers on this match.

But the next moment, shouts surged like a tidal wave throughout the Grand Beast Arena. “Head Exploding Battle Team! Head Exploding Battle Team! Head Exploding Battle Team!”

Tang San’s mouth twitched. He had indeed intended to use this method to shock the Grand Beast Arena, and that’s why he ended up blowing up the head of the Golden Leopard, but he hadn’t expected the name “Head Exploding Battle Team” to stick. After all, the name Shrek Battle Team was what he cherished! But it seemed that the name of the Head Exploding had already made a deep impression on the audience.

Three consecutive victories! A human battle team had achieved three consecutive victories!

At this moment, Tang San’s body was surging with energy, the Mysterious Heaven Technique running at high speed. He had successively absorbed the bloodline powers of a ninth-grade Elephant Demon and the ninth-grade Golden Leopard, and he was now struggling to contain the power within his body. Once he returned, he would certainly need to study this.

“We didn’t expect our Head Exploding Battle Team—oh, no, I mean the Shrek Battle Team—to win once again. They’re a human team! Who can stop their advance? Let’s all look forward to their fourth match. If they want to obtain noble status, they must win ten consecutive battles. I believe their next match will be even more exciting!”

At this moment, the Shrek Battle Team, led by Wu Bing Ji, was already heading towards the exit, and the one to meet them was that Bloodthirsty Demon Ape with a complex expression on its face.

Three matches were over. Today, they finally could leave the Grand Beast Arena and return to the Redemption Academy!

“Congratulations on winning once again,” the Bloodthirsty Demon Ape said somewhat dryly.

“Pay up, we’re leaving,” Wu Bing Ji said coldly.

His heart was bleeding; the hotel costs were continuous! Fortunately, after three matches, they should also have quite a bit of earning.

“Okay, no problem. I just don’t know when you’ll participate in the fourth match…”

“The fourth match?” Facing the Bloodthirsty Demon Ape’s question, Tang San said, “It depends on the mood.”

The first three matches had been a significant exercise for their team, but Tang San also saw some issues within the team. The opponents they would face next would only grow stronger.

Today had already seen a golden bloodline powerhouse. Who could tell if next time there’d be a first-grade bloodline executive or multiple ninth-grade powerhouses. Could their current strength contend? Even if they could, he would inevitably have to reveal more of his hand.

Therefore, after these three matches, they would need to go back and further summarize, coordinate, and enhance their strength. There wasn’t any rush to participate in the fourth match.

“This is your right.” Although somewhat disappointed, the Bloodthirsty Demon Ape’s attitude had undergone a significant change compared to before. Evidently, having killed the Golden Leopard, the Shrek Battle Team was now someone he had to take seriously.

The group battles would continue, and this was Tang San’s first attempt at leading humans in a rise to power, as well as a moment to unify people’s hearts. The group battles would set the stage for significant plot developments. After the group battles would be the pilgrimage to the Ancestral Hall, and the magnificent expanse of the Fairy Continent would gradually unfold for everyone.

Under the guidance of the Bloodthirsty Demon Ape, the five changed their clothes, removed their masks, and left the Grand Beast Arena quietly. After asking Tang San and confirming that they would not be participating in consecutive matches, Wu Bing Ji’s first task was naturally to check out of the hotel. Although the room fee pained him, the gains were ultimately more substantial this time.

All team funds were kept in Wu Bing Ji’s care, which made this money-conscious eldest brother feel a lot more comfortable.

“What are we going to do now?” Wu Bing Ji asked Tang San, “Go back to the academy?”

Tang San shook his head, “We’ve probably been targeted by now. Let’s not return to the academy just yet. We’ll head to the mountains.”

“Okay.” Wu Bing Ji and the others naturally had no objections to Tang San’s decision.

Winning three consecutive battles in the bloody group battles as humans, it was unsurprising that they might be marked by the Grand Beast Arena.

They first had to shake off any tails.

The five made their way through the bustling city streets, and Tang San deliberately purchased some food supplies before they all continued towards the Jia Li Mountain Range.

Upon entering the Jia Li Mountain Range, Tang San released his spiritual power quietly, using the aura of the Blue Silver Emperor to conceal their presence amongst the vegetation of the mountain forest. They moved swiftly through the woods, constantly changing direction until the Sky Fox Eye could no longer sense any threats, and then they slowed down.

“We should’ve shaken them off,” said Tang San as he gradually slowed down.

By now, the sky was gradually brightening, and dawn was approaching.

“Should we find a place to rest?” Although Du Bai was being lead by the group, he still sounded a bit out of breath. After fighting and then marching without a break, he was genuinely tired.

“Yes, let’s find a place to rest. Follow me,” Tang San said, heading off in a particular direction.

Author’s Note:

The group battles will continue, and this is the first time Tang San has led humans in attempting to rise, as well as a moment for uniting their hearts. The group battles will launch the prelude to major plot lines. After the group battles come the journey to the Ancestral Hall, and the grandeur of the Fairy Continent will gradually be unveiled for everyone.


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