Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 297


Tang San turned his head to Gu Li and instructed, “Brother Gu Li, later on just focus on the Golden Leopard. Reduce the speed of time flow around it so it won’t have the chance to charge. Brother Du Bai, as soon as the match starts, flash backward and prioritize the teleportation array. Big Brother, get ready to gather energy according to the plan.”

“Okay!” Everyone responded in unison.

Wu Bingji’s eyes twinkled with white light as intense ice elemental fluctuations began to accumulate power at high speed, and behind him, Tang San was already enshrouded in a swirling azure light.

“Let the battle begin!” Accompanied by the high-pitched shout of the commentator, the fight commenced!

The Bloodlight Leopard Team, composed of five leopard demons, launched an assault almost instantly after the commencement. The Golden Leopard disappeared in a blink, and the next moment it reappeared, its huge figure was already in front of Wu Bingji. Its sharp claws aimed for Wu Bingji’s head in a swipe, its formidable bloodline power condensing into a golden claw shadow that seemed to tear the world apart.

It was too fast! It arrived in front of its opponent in just an instant. Its eyes cold, its vertical pupils were indicative of a body seemingly exuding the scent of blood. Those striking claws seemed to even tear the space apart, coming so swiftly that Gu Li’s time alteration couldn’t lock it down right away.

However, at this very moment, Wu Bingji’s figure vanished within the shadow of the claw, disappearing into thin air almost instantaneously.

Wu Bingji could even feel the chill from the claw shadow, the terrifying power seeming to rip his body apart. But in that critical moment, he managed to evade. Assisting his dodge was naturally the teleportation array! It wasn’t just the power of teleportation that was strong, but also the fortune granted by the Sky Fox Transformation. Otherwise, if he had been just a moment slower, he might have been caught by his opponent. In a corner of the stands, the Bloodthirsty Demon Wolf sneered; no matter how good the teleportation array was, could it compare to the bloodline talent of the leopard demons, especially those with a Golden Bloodline? Could their activation of the teleportation array be faster than the leopard demons’ direct use of their bloodline talent?

Indeed, these leopard demons were extremely fast. Just as the Golden Leopard missed its initial strike, the remaining Flash Leopards converged on him almost in the next instant.

But just as the Golden Leopard was about to blink again, chasing after the Shrek Team that had reappeared elsewhere due to the array’s movement, its actions halted suddenly for a moment as the Time Alteration finally took effect. Meanwhile, on the Shrek Team’s side, a burst of ice mist erupted from Wu Bingji. The mist appeared like a spray in front of him, swiftly enveloping an area over ten meters in diameter, preventing the five leopard demons from pinpointing their exact position.

Without any hesitation, despite the brief disruption by Time Alteration, the Golden Leopard disappeared once again.

When he reappeared, he was already three meters diagonally above the ice mist. His paws swung, golden claw shadows rapidly descended, vicious golden light violently clawing toward the inside of the ice mist.

The other four Flash Leopards quickly split up, rushing in different directions within the great fighting arena, so once the opponent flashed near them again, their attacks would immediately follow.

The ice mist churned and shifted under the assault of the golden claw shadows, but the Golden Leopard felt no sensation of hitting a real body. Its own movement was once again momentarily sluggish, and naturally, it began to fall downwards.

A ninth-rank Golden Leopard wouldn’t allow itself to be put in danger so easily; its form flashed, abruptly appearing ten meters away, observing the ice mist ahead. At this point, the five members of the Shrek Team hadn’t reappeared elsewhere.

However, the ice mist continued to expand rapidly for a brief period, the surrounding air growing even colder. The ten-meter-wide ice mist, following the Golden Leopard’s assault, seemed to be stimulated, rapidly expanding to a diameter of over thirty meters.

The dense ice mist erupted in the air, followed by a swift rotation. The expanding coldness was so severe that the mist began to envelop the Golden Leopard’s body.

The Golden Leopard did not rush into the ice mist; it clearly understood that once it entered, it faced the possibility of danger. There were rumors about this explosive Shrek Team, and the Golden Leopard was very wary of Wu Bingji’s ice needles. It didn’t think its head was more durable than that of Shrek Team’s previous opponents, it was just confident in its ability to blink.

The ice mist continued to expand within that brief period, and from the perspective of the stands, it could be seen rapidly spinning.

At this time, boos and swearing were heard from the stands; the reason was simple. Both the Shrek Team and the Bloodlight Team were known for their quick victories in battles!

Both teams had finished their previous matches in at most five minutes. So, when placing their bets today, the audience naturally chose short battle durations. But who could have anticipated that the current battle would turn out like this, with the ice mist continuously spreading, rotating, and expanding, with no indication of an attack?

How long would such a dragged-out battle last? Many spectators who bet on the fight lasting around three minutes already lost their wagers.

Even the commentator didn’t know what to say at this point.

The five leopard demons didn’t continue to disperse, but slowly closed in, constantly trying to use long-range attack skills towards the ice mist, attempting to probe the location of their opponents.

However, the ice mist continued to rotate, with even snowflakes appearing within, their attacks swallowed up as soon as they entered the mist, with no way to probe the location of their opponents.

Hesitation flickered in the Golden Leopard’s eyes. In just a few minutes of the standoff, the quickly spinning vortex had already covered nearly one-third of the arena. The enemy was inside, while they were outside, with their space being compressed. What if the opponent really had the capacity to expand this ice cyclone to encompass the entire great fighting arena?

Originally confident, the ninth-rank Golden Leopard’s eyes started to look grave; it knew they couldn’t keep waiting, or else defeat could be the end result for it and its companions.

Thinking this, the Golden Leopard let out a roar to the sky, and the bodies of the other four eighth-rank Flash Leopards tensed immediately. In the next instant, the ninth-rank Golden Leopard was the first to charge into the ice cyclone and disappeared into it with a blink. The other four followed suit, burrowing into it with their Blink, not allowing the opponent to lock onto their exact positions.

In truth, did Tang San need to pinpoint their exact locations? The answer was categorically no! Before the battle today, Tang San had already surmised that they might be targeted in this third match. And if they were to be targeted, the most important was to counter their teleportation array. With the array’s flexibility, they were virtually unbeatable against most opponents. So how could they be defeated? That would require countering their teleportation array. To counter teleportation, speed was essential, otherwise, they would be “beaten up” by the combination of the teleportation array and the long-distance attacks from the ice needles.


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