Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 294


Wu Bingji killed a formidable enemy, and once the Elemental Stripping vanished, he immediately showcased his impressive combat strength. The ice elements reconverged, and another ice needle shot toward the remaining spirit beast, the Rhinoceros Deer Monster, which still wielded combat power. At the same time, Wu Bingji turned around to face the direction of the Cyclopean Giant, rapidly gathering ice elements to form an ice wall that blocked the giant’s shock wave attack.

The ice wall exploded the moment the shock wave hit, dispersing its force despite the impact remaining strong.

A quiet whirlwind appeared beneath the flying trajectory of the giant’s club, not very powerful but sufficient to alter its course, directly hitting the Rhinoceros Deer Monster that had previously been knocked away by the tail hammer.

The Rhinoceros Deer Monster barely managed to let out a scream before being smashed into the air, its body twisted, and it was obviously beyond saving.

The last Rhinoceros Deer Monster couldn’t escape the assault of Wu Bingji’s second accelerated ice needle and also met its end with an ice needle piercing through its forehead, causing an explosion in its skull.

With this, all three Rhinoceros Deer Monsters perished.

The spectator stands erupted with excitement.

The clash between the two sides wasn’t lengthy, yet the three powerful Rhinoceros Deer Monsters with their formidable spiritual power were now dead. Undoubtedly, the Teleportation Disk played an extremely important role by giving the Shrek Squad a chance to close in, catching the Blood Slaughter Battle Team off guard.

Tactically, they had aimed to target Cheng Zicheng first, thinking that if they dealt with him quickly, it wouldn’t be too late to press on against Tang San and the rest. However, they didn’t anticipate the presence of something like the Teleportation Disk, which led to their downfall.

It wasn’t that their tactics were flawed, but the short-distance Teleportation Disk was simply too miraculous.

Cheng Zicheng was locked in combat with a youth from the Red Fox Clan in the air, while the Cyclopean Giant’s club flew off to the side. Seeing its three companions perish, the giant’s solitary eye turned red with rage, taking large strides toward Tang San and his companions.

Wu Bingji’s gaze was cold. Without the suppression of Elemental Stripping, the air was once again filled with various elements. An elongated ice needle continued to condense ice elements, growing several times larger than before.

The next instant, the ice needle shot out as Wu Bingji flicked his wrist, leaving a trail in the air, yet without making a sound.

The Cyclopean Giant tried to block with its broad palm, but the ice needle exploded mid-air, the frontal part accelerating a second time, producing a piercing shriek and tearing open the air.

With a soft “puh,” the giant’s palm was penetrated, and along with it, its single eye. In the following moment, a thunderous sound erupted within its skull.

Its skull was indeed hardened, but the eyes, nose, and mouth were heavily damaged. With the momentum of its charge, the giant’s enormous body violently crashed to the ground.

Du Bai’s mouth twitched: “Big brother, I guess your nickname from now on will be ‘Head Explosive Demon,’ right?”

At that moment, a scream came from the air. The Red Fox Clan youth was fiercely cut in the shoulder by a golden-winged attacker, and its previously ethereal figure solidified, violently smashing into the ground.

For Cheng Zicheng, a seventh-stage combatant, defeating a sixth-stage opponent wasn’t easy one-on-one, but the audience’s attention had shifted to Wu Bingji. Wu Bingji’s powerful ice needle made an indelible impression on them.

In the entire fight, actually, Tang San had only released a whirlwind and gave the three Rhinoceros Deer Monsters a “body check.” Du Bai, at least, had released a Teleportation Disk, whereas Tang San seemed virtually ineffective.

The battle concluded!

“The Shrek Squad wins!”

Another consecutive victory in the team battles!

Wu Bingji exhaled deeply, unaware to everyone else, his back was drenched with cold sweat.

When the Elemental Stripping was deployed, making him unable to sense the ice elements, he was panicking, truly panicking. Since he gained his Ice Spirit, he had never encountered such a situation.

It was still Tang San’s telepathic instruction to use his bloodline’s power directly that helped stabilize his emotions. Although it wasn’t as handy as the ice elements, using his own bloodline power he could still launch attacks, which somewhat steadied his mind.

It looked like an easy victory in under three minutes, but in such a life-and-death struggle, a single mistake could lead to total defeat. The only reason Wu Bingji could keep his composure was that he had Tang San behind him. He knew Tang San was even better at controlling elements than himself. However, at that time, because of Elemental Stripping, Tang San couldn’t use wind element control either, exacerbating Wu Bingji’s internal fear, and for an instant, he thought they might lose. If they lost, the outcome would not be any different from that of the Blood Slaughter Battle Team; the opponents would not show mercy either.

“Let’s go.” Tang San patted Wu Bingji’s shoulder.

Wu Bingji turned around, nodded to him, and then the five of them headed out of the arena.

The arena was in an uproar, the majority of sounds being those of anger, as many had lost bets.

“Head Explosive, Head Explosive, Head Explosive!” Seemingly responding to the nickname Du Bai had suggested for Wu Bingji earlier, quite a few monsters started chanting the new title.

Wu Bingji’s expression turned rather unpleasant. He considered himself a cultured and refined person. How did he become known as a ‘Head Explosive Demon’? Should he not detonate the ice needle next time? But if he didn’t detonate it, with the remarkable vitality of the Monster Clan, perhaps they would be like a ‘centipede that doesn’t topple after death.’ What then?

Holding back a laugh, Du Bai said, “Big brother, that’s a good nickname. It has an inherently strong deterrent effect, doesn’t it?”

“I’ll explode your head,” Wu Bingji glared at him.

“That’s right, blow up his head. I support you, big brother,” Cheng Zicheng, who was flicking off the blood from his wings with disgust, immediately expressed support upon hearing this.


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