Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 288


The Elephant Demon Clan is known as one of the species with the strongest defense below the level of gods. Their formidable strength and defense are their advantages.

The cultivation level of the Elephant Demons is directly proportional to their height. It was clear from the looks of it, among the five Elephant Demons they were facing, there was one ninth-rank, two eighth-ranks, and two seventh-ranks. This was indeed an impressive lineup, especially given that the Elephant Demons themselves were a powerful race. At the same rank, the strength of a mighty race couldn’t be compared with that of a weaker one.

On Tang San’s side, there was one eighth-rank, two seventh-ranks, one sixth-rank, and one fifth-rank. At the time of registration, one had to clearly state their level, so it was obvious that their opponents were aware of their strength, and moreover, they were humans.

“As for the battle that will follow, proceed as planned.

On the stand, the excited voice of the host rose again: “I think everyone is impatient by now! Well then, let’s begin the countdown, with the fighters on both sides getting ready. The Great Beast Battlefield has no referee, nor does it need one. The victor lives, the loser dies, just fight with all your might.

Wu Bing Ji took a step forward, with Gu Yue following beside him, standing shoulder to shoulder. Tang San was behind them. Cheng Zi Orange released her Golden Wings Transformation, spread her golden wings behind her back, flapped them lightly, and was already in the air.

Du Bai stood in the back, with a formation disk already in his right hand.

Amid the roar, the bodies of the five Elephant Demons on the other side swelled again, their skin turning an iron-grey color, which revealed a thick keratin layer; their trunks swung as their limbs hit the ground, transforming them into giant elephant forms, ready to charge at any moment.

“The match begins!” As someone yells from the stand, the cruel group battle of the Great Beast Battlefield finally gets underway.

“Rumble!” The five Elephant Demons all charged nearly simultaneously, with the ninth-rank Elephant Demon leading the crazed stampede.

The Elephant Demons had naturally heard the bets being placed on their match. They loathed the humans before them. If they had not been driven into a corner, who would participate in a group battle where death was highly probable? The ninth-rank Elephant Demon was the seventh-rank’s maternal uncle. To protect his nephew’s life, he had to join the battle.

These Elephant Demons only wished to quickly stamp the human ants opposing them into mush!

On Shrek Team’s side, with the exception of Cheng Zi Orange, who rapidly took to the sky, the others stood still, each releasing their Spirit Transformation.

A circle of azure light surrounded Wu Bing Ji, with his eyes turning the same icy blue color. Tang San had Qing light swirling around him; Gu Yue’s transformation was most evident, with a lengthy tail dragging behind him and scales protecting his body. Du Bai, on the other hand, showed no apparent change, but the formation disk in his hand shone brightly.

A ring of white light appeared beneath the four of them, the light rising and giving them an added layer of white luminescence.

The aura of the four increased notably, with their bloodline power conspicuously undergoing changes. The appearance of the white formation under their feet brought a brief hush to the previously noisy stand.

What is that? This thought crossed the minds of most spectators, and then they saw the rising white glow. However, it was the true powerhouses who felt the enhancement in the aura of Tang San’s group.

Because Cheng Zi Orange had already flown into the air and was outside the area of the formation, she did not receive the reinforcement the formation offered.

Spirit Ascension Formation!

Different from the Spirit Gathering Formation used in practice, this was a formation designed to rapidly absorb the spiritual energy in the air to enhance the all-around capabilities of the creatures within its range, especially in terms of energy-related abilities. This formation could increase the overall bloodline power of Tang San’s group by ten percent. Ten percent might not seem like much, but it could make a difference based on a certain base value. Moreover, with Du Bai, who possessed ninth-rank spiritual power, controlling the formation disk, he could bring out the full potential of the Spirit Ascension Formation.

When signing up for the Great Beast Battlefield, the strength needed to be declared was that of the bloodline Spirit Transformation cultivation, as spiritual power did not need to be declared due to lack of a clear standard for evaluation. In reality, if one considered the level of spiritual power, Tang San’s spiritual power was at the peak of ninth-rank, Du Bai was at ninth-rank, the eldest brother Wu Bing Ji had also reached the threshold of ninth-rank, Cheng Zi Orange possessed eighth-rank spiritual power, and Gu Yue’s spiritual power was in the mid-eighth-rank. This was their true source of confidence.

The appearance of the Spirit Ascension Formation caused a moment of bewilderment in the five charging Elephant Demons; naturally, they could not recognize what it was. But whether it was the Elephant Demons or the spectators on the stand, at that instant, everyone had a strange feeling that these humans, who appeared like lambs to the slaughter, perhaps weren’t so simple after all.

The distance between the two sides quickly closed, and the leading ninth-rank Elephant Demon raised its trunk, emitting a trumpet sound. Running, its front limbs were suddenly lifted, preparing to crash down to the ground.

War Trample of the Elephant Demon Clan bloodline innate ability!

This was a terrifying attack method. The resulting shockwave could cause an earthquake and, in a forward arc, launched an attack over a broad area with immense explosive force. In large-scale battles, War Trample often had an unexpected effect.

Of course, this was useless against an opponent in the air.

As the ninth-rank Elephant Demon brought down its War Trample without a doubt, Tang San’s group wouldn’t be able to withstand it; they would be sent flying by the shockwave.

However, at that moment, Tang San and his team took action.

A flurry of icy blue lights spread out, and at the same time, two masses of green light suddenly rose up, and time seemed to pause for an instant.

All these attacks were aimed at the ninth-rank Elephant Demon. Moreover, a mass of golden light descended from the sky, spinning rapidly towards the ninth-rank Elephant Demon.

Tang San was well aware of the Elephant Demon Clan’s skill in War Trample, so he naturally had a counter in his tactics.

The two masses of green light were two tornadoes, appearing right below the lifted front limbs of the ninth-rank Elephant Demon, thrusting upward.

A mere wind elemental tornado couldn’t possibly withstand the stomp of a ninth-rank Elephant Demon. Tang San’s cultivation wasn’t sufficient at the moment, but when combined with time solidification, it was a different story.

Time Halt from his Time-Space Transformation caused the ninth-rank Elephant Demon to freeze for a split second. With its body previously charging forward at high speed, the sudden stop, while its momentum still pushed onward, and the downward stomp disrupted by time solidification, drastically reduced its force. In such a scenario, the wind elemental’s buffer acted like a cushion, slowing down the powerful front limbs of the ninth-rank Elephant Demon as they came stomping down, thereby nullifying the effect of the War Trample.

Simultaneously, the golden light struck down from the sky. The ninth-rank Elephant Demon let out a roar as its extended trunk was sliced off.

The sharpness of the Golden-Winged Mantle Slash was unquestionable. With the speed from the Golden Peng Transformation, it was unavoidable for the ninth-rank Elephant Demon affected by the Time-Space Transformation.

As the ninth-rank Elephant Demon’s front limbs hit the ground, intense pain made it lose control of itself. Plus, with the momentum, it was difficult for the Elephant Demon to maintain balance. At that moment, beneath its front limbs, there appeared a sheet of solid ice. A “slish” sound was almost immediately followed by cracks forming on the ice surface, as the Elephant Demon’s massive body and the tremendous weight proved too much; the ninth-rank Elephant Demon slid sideways and was sent flying out.

All this happened in the blink of an eye; the four Elephant Demons behind hadn’t yet reacted when the ninth-rank was already projected away, and the expected War Trample never occurred.

Simultaneously, eight streaks of cold light appeared almost instantly. The preceding ninth-rank Elephant Demon had acted as a barrier, shielding its companions, and as it slid out to the side, the remaining four Elephant Demons naturally had to face Tang San and his team.


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