Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 284


Mu Yunyu came to his side and said, “But they have already shown enough strength to deal with powerful enemies, haven’t they? Actually, I am especially confident in Tang San. Though he always keeps his cards close to his chest, you have to admit that he has never let us down. The mayor hasn’t returned probably because he trusts him.”

Guan Longjiang said, “But he never tells us the exact situation with Tang San, nor do we know how he teaches. And those array plates, we don’t know where they come from; could they be provided by the headquarters? They are extremely precious! To appear in the hands of our people, possessing treasure can be a crime, I am also worried they might run into trouble outside the arena. Should we find Elder Si to go and protect them secretly?”

Mu Yunyu said, “That won’t be necessary, the public security within Jia Li City is still assured. A few array plates aren’t significant enough to provoke a divine level powerhouse to act against them and those under divine level truly may not be able to handle them. I think at least Wu Bingji already has the strength to face a ninth-tier opponent. He’s only eighteen and with such strength, there should be no problem for him to break through to the divine level in the future. Being able to teach such a disciple, you should be proud. They were right about one thing earlier, the battle of life and death they’re about to face will definitely speed up their growth.”

Guan Longjiang smiled bitterly, “Our academy, these few youngsters hold at least half of our foundation! If something happens…”

“There won’t be any ‘ifs’.”

Mu Yunyu said discontentedly, “Just wait for their victorious return. Soon, we will have noble disciples. Moreover, once they become nobles, they could even have the chance to study at Jia Li Academy. Have you thought about that? Apart from Wu Bingji, the others are of the right age too.”

Guan Longjiang’s thoughts stirred. What Mu Yunyu said was right! Jia Li Academy only recruited noble offspring with certain age and talent requirements. If they obtain the noble status through the Great Spirit Arena, and their ages were suitable, they would certainly be candidates that Jia Li Academy would be willing to recruit, even if they were humans.

As Guan Longjiang felt anxious, Tang San’s group had already entered Jia Li City and were making their way towards the Great Spirit Arena with familiar ease.

They didn’t go to register right away but first found a hotel near the Great Spirit Arena and checked in. Guan Longjiang considered the extrinsic factors; Tang San had too, so they chose a fairly decent hotel with hundreds of rooms, which was considered a large establishment in Jia Li City. Naturally, the cost of staying overnight was quite expensive, costing fifty Monster Coins.

Tang San and his group of five people took three rooms. He stayed with Du Bai in one room, Gu Li and Wu Bingji in another, and the only girl in the group, of course, took a room for herself.

“Isn’t that too expensive?” Wu Bingji frowned a bit after they checked into the hotel and settled in. The price was indeed steep, and because they were human vassals, they were questioned for a long time. This kind of level of hotel seldom accommodated human vassals.

Tang San said, “It’s worth the cost.” Although expensive, the rooms here were actually quite nice. Each room was sixty square meters with a private bathroom and various toiletries available, the room was fresh and dry, the beds were soft and comfortable, and there was a large window that offered a view outside, not far from the Great Spirit Arena. Now, Tang San was not as strapped for cash as when he first arrived. Although he didn’t know how much he had earned from selling the array plates, he roughly knew the amount, so what was a hotel stay?

“Big Brother, as long as we keep winning, the team battle’s prize money is very generous,” Du Bai said. “It is said that for the first victory, each person will get an Elemental Coin, and after that, the earnings for each victory increase. If you win more than five matches, you can even share a portion of the profits from the tickets and betting.”

He was always obsessed with money, so he was particularly sensitive to it and had calculated well in advance. As long as they won one match, five Elemental Coins would be theirs, and the expenses here would be nothing.

Wu Bingji said, “Let’s accept it as it is since we’re already here. Shall we go register now?”

Tang San nodded, “Let’s go.”

The five of them left the hotel and reached the Great Spirit Arena, only a five-minute walk away. Tang San and the others had been to the registration area before, so they were familiar with the process on their second visit.

The registration point was still crowded with people lining up to register. However, after Tang San and his companions entered, they didn’t queue up at the back but walked from the side towards the counter.

“Don’t you know how to line up?” A thick arm blocked their way, belonging to an elephant demon. The towering elephant demon, standing five meters tall, was one of the tallest among the demons registering.

“We don’t need to line up,” Tang San said indifferently.

“Don’t need to? What are you thinking? Get out of here, you insignificant vassal.” Saying so, the elephant demon’s large hand swatted towards Tang San.

Wu Bingji stepped forward, positioning himself in front of Tang San, and with the same right hand, he made a swiping motion. Just as their hands were about to touch, Wu Bingji’s palm just brushed over the elephant demon’s and then quickly moved aside, as he had no intention of competing in strength with the elephant demon.

However, the elephant demon’s arm froze on the spot, covered in a layer of white frost, as if the entire arm was frozen.

The elephant demon was surprised; although Tang San and his group looked young, and such young human vassals coming to register, he naturally did not think much of them, but the power of the ice element released by Wu Bingji was surprisingly strong.

“No fighting here, this is not the place for it.” At that moment, a deep voice rang out as a tall figure stood up from the back of the registration point.

About two and a half meters tall, covered in black fur, with terrifying blood-red eyes, the huge presence instantly made the entire registration point seethe with killing intent. He belonged to the bloodthirsty demonic ape clan, which was a formidable existence.

Tang San said, “He started it, blocking our registration.”

“Registration requires queuing, don’t you know?” the bloodthirsty demonic ape said coldly.

Kang San said, “According to the rules, team battles can be given priority for registration, isn’t that right?”

“Team battles?” The bloodthirsty demonic ape and the elephant demon both paused for a moment.

The elephant demon’s arm had already regained mobility, and he suddenly burst into laughter, “Alright! Then go register! It’s not good if you don’t, looking for death, are you? Go ahead, go ahead.” He stepped aside to clear the way.

Indeed, according to the regulations of the Great Spirit Arena, registering for team battles did not require queuing and was given priority. The surrounding demons roared with laughter, as a few small human vassals actually wanted to register for the team battle—it was nothing short of seeking death.

In the face of the surrounding daunting demons, Du Bai’s face turned pale, Cheng Zicheng’s eyes were filled with anger, Gu Li clenched his fists, Wu Bingji’s face was cold, but Tang San walked to the counter as if it was nothing unusual.

“We are registering for the five-person team battle,” Tang San told the bloodthirsty demonic ape.

The bloodthirsty demonic ape threw a form to him, “Fill in the registration form. After registering, you must participate in at least three matches; you cannot quit, or you will be killed without pardon. Do you understand? Those are the rules.”

“Understood.” Tang San took the form and began to fill it out.

When he came to the section for the team’s name, he paused slightly, as if recalling something, and finally wrote down a name.

Wu Bingji and the others didn’t quite understand what Tang San had written, but after writing the name, Tang San’s eyes seemed to go through a peculiar change.

“Shrek Battle Team? Little Tang, what does that mean?” Du Bai couldn’t help but ask.

Tang San smiled slightly, “It means ‘invincible,’ an ancient term.”

Yes, in his heart, ‘Shrek’ meant invincible.


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