Rebirth Of Tang San – Douluo Dalu 5 Chapter 280


Guan Longjiang stood at the forefront, his figure suddenly taking on a peculiar fluidity as a pale blue glow swirled around him, making everything in the vicinity seem full of life. The blue flowing light undulated, floating up and down as if alive.

The Spirit Transformation of Water, mastery over the water element!

It was precisely because of such a demonic transformation that he became Teacher Wu Bingji, given that ice and water share the same origin. The overwhelming pressure from a ninth-rank powerhouse came at them like the crushing weight of deep-sea waters, inducing a strong sensation of suffocation.

Behind him, Mu Enqing’s body stretched taller, suddenly becoming more imposing, displaying a bloodline power that was somewhat familiar to Tang San. Mu Enqing’s towering figure stood over four meters tall, his muscles bulged, each one packed with explosive strength.

The Great Ape God Bloodline Transformation, Ape God Strength Change!

Next to him, Mu Yunyu’s figure suddenly became more agile, as if her body had no weight, with soft light flickering over her body, bursting into strange green radiance. Bands of light circulated, and her green glow suddenly burst forth, sprouting a pair of green wings on her back, indicative of the Green Phoenix Transformation.

In terms of bloodline hierarchy, among the three teachers, it was actually Mu Yunyu’s Green Phoenix Transformation that had reached the upper threshold of a second-tier bloodline. However, because Mu Yunyu’s bloodline wasn’t particularly rare, her advancement slowed down later on.

The might emanating from the three teachers was noticeably stronger, with one ninth-rank and two eighth-rank powerhouses collectively exerting pressure, causing Tang San’s side’s momentum to visibly wane.

To the students of the Redemption Academy, however, it was another feeling altogether. After the four senior students unleashed their demonic transformations, they could withstand such powerful pressure and confront the teachers, which was nothing short of astonishing.

These were teachers after all! What level of cultivation were the four senior students?

Wu Bingji’s icy blue light suddenly solidified, and in the next moment, he raised his right hand and pointed towards Guan Longjiang. Being a student, it was natural to make the first move, a sign of respect to the teacher.

A dot of icy blue light shot out in an instant, flying straight towards Guan Longjiang—the Ice Needle. Compared to the ice needles Wu Bingji had condensed when he first practiced, this one was noticeably larger. Guan Longjiang snorted coldly, waving his right hand as a column of water surged forth, heading straight for the group that included Wu Bingji.

Guli roared and charged forward, rushing head on towards the water column, and Cheng Zicheng’s wings flapped behind him, launching into the air with a dazzling golden light.

Tang San stepped out as if he hadn’t seen the water column, and wind blades erupted from him like spurting wells, all shooting out in every direction.

With a soft ‘pfft’ noise, the water column was almost instantaneously pierced by the ice needle.

What shocked Guan Longjiang was that, even after being hit by the water column he’d released, the ice needle’s momentum not only didn’t decrease, but its speed increased significantly, reaching him almost instantly.

What shocked him even more was what followed. As he instinctively condensed a water shield for defense, the ice needle suddenly exploded, turning into many fine ice strands that penetrated his water shield directly.

Guan Longjiang was an experienced fighter and didn’t panic. The water within the shield swirled rapidly, forming a vortex to shred the intrusive ice needles. But in that moment, the ice needles melted, turning into intense coldness. The water shield, which had just begun to swirl, instantly became viscous and was frozen in a blink of an eye.

This control capability? Guan Longjiang was greatly surprised when in the next instant, he felt something was wrong. A water column surged up from beneath his feet, pushing his body to retreat diagonally backward. His water shield, which had turned into an ice shield, exploded with a great boom, scattering ice shards everywhere.

The strong shockwave caused Guan Longjiang, who was in the air, to stagger. The initial attacking water column could no longer be controlled and had already dissipated.

Meanwhile, Guli, having anticipated such an event, charged out without being blocked by the water column. His body spun, and the tail hammer on his back smashed towards Mu Enqing.

Mu Enqing punched out, the terrifying force causing the air to explode. But at that moment, time around him froze for an instant, causing his punch to abruptly pause, and thus reducing its power significantly before colliding with the tail hammer, lessening its force.

The tail hammer spun back, and with Guli’s rotating body, the second hammer came smashing down at an even faster speed—time acceleration!

Speed and mass are directly proportional to the final attack power. The sudden increase in speed caught Mu Enqing off guard, and he could only raise his arms to block.

The clash between the two erupted instantly.

Cheng Zicheng spun in the air, turning like a golden top, and his Golden Wing Slash descended from the heavens, aiming straight at Mu Yunyu.

At the same time, the dozens of wind blades also swept out, barraging Mu Yunyu. The flapping of her wings gave off a very peculiar feeling, and she let out a clear bird chirp, pleasing to the ear.

It was a pleasant and heartwarming sound, seemingly the most wonderful in this world, and it even caused the movements of the four, including Tang San, to slow down—control!

Tang San was the first to react, with a flash in his eyes. The wind blades originally attacking Mu Yunyu suddenly exploded, issuing a sharp and piercing whistle, blocking out her pleasing chirping.

The Green Phoenix is reputed to have the most beautiful voice among birds, a subcategory of the phoenix. It’s said that upon rebirth from flames, a Green Phoenix can become a true phoenix.

Besides possessing powerful azure flames, her song has the power to enchant and disrupt one’s spirit.

Naturally, Tang San’s screeching wind blades could only block her for a moment, but this brief period was enough as the Golden Wing Slash had already arrived.

Mu Yunyu leaped into the air, her wings exploding with a blinding flare, azure-green flames sweeping upward, heading directly to meet the descending Golden Wing Slash.

But in the next instant, her scorching azure flames were split by the Golden Wings, and the golden light continued towards her body, with some burn marks around the Golden Wings.

The azure flames on Mu Yunyu’s body burst outwards, and then with a flicker, she disappeared, yet around her, the flames condensed into four figures of Mu Yunyu.

As a student with some understanding of Teacher Mu’s abilities, Cheng Zicheng whirled in place where Mu Yunyu had just been, sending out golden blades of light, slashing towards the surrounding Mu Yunyus.

With Tang San’s wind blades also arriving, they attacked from inside and out.

Mu Yunyu’s azure flames exploded once again, soaring skyward, as the azure flame scorched both the wind blades and the golden blades, yet multiple figures of Mu Yunyu reformed in the air.

Cheng Zicheng’s feet touched the ground, and her body ascended once more, her Golden Wing Slash rising from below to strike at Mu Yunyu.

Mu Yunyu’s gaze had sharpened considerably. Without question, the pressure from the students was beyond her expectations, especially so from Cheng Zicheng. The formidable power of her attack made Mu Yunyu feel somewhat overwhelmed.

She knew Cheng Zicheng had advanced to the seventh rank but had not expected Cheng Zicheng’s Golden Peng Transformation, adept in flight, to be so potent in offense.

Pleasant bird chirps emitted from Mu Yunyu’s mouth, with a ring of azure ripples spreading from her head. A series of feathers emerged behind her, the Green Phoenix’s Melody resounding once again, this time exerting her full strength. She aimed to control not only Cheng Zicheng but the entire field.

However, that pleasant chirping was almost immediately cut short. Two purple-golden beams of light appeared in Mu Yunyu’s field of vision.

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