Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 82


Chapter 82: The Tomb Palace, The Empress’s Worries!

Ning Tian had not expected that within the Yin Wind Mountain Range, a treasured place like this was hidden!

A tomb of a Zun-level or even a more powerful God Emperor could contain an unknown amount of treasures!

“This is the tomb of either a Zun-level cultivator or a God Emperor.”

Surprise slowly faded from Ning Tian’s eyes as he spoke calmly.

“A Zun or God Emperor’s tomb?!”

Li Changsheng’s eyes instantly widened as he gasped and took in a breath of cold air.

If it were a Zun’s tomb, that would be fine, but if it was a God Emperor’s tomb, it would likely attract the attention of many forces.

“Ancestor, what do we do now?”

Li Changsheng’s heart was pounding uncontrollably as he looked towards Ning Tian, unsure of what to do with the sudden appearance of the tomb.

“What else can we do? We have to go back first.”

Ning Tian looked down below. It was not just the presence of the tomb guardian beast; there was also the vast spiritual energy barrier enveloping the entire forest below!

“Let’s go back and plan for the long term.”

Ning Tian turned around, mounted the Blazing Windchaser Horse, and instructed Li Changsheng, “Changsheng, do not speak of this matter just yet.”

Ning Tian thought that if this really was the tomb of a Zun or God Emperor, then he could simply bring his bargain of a wife over later. If the Demonic Cult could monopolize the treasures within this tomb, wouldn’t that be delightful?

“Mmm, Changsheng understands.”

Li Changsheng nodded, also turning to mount his horse.

The two were ready to descend the mountain.

However, at that moment, a rumbling sound came from behind.

Both turned their heads to look.

Boom. Rumble.

They saw that within the spiritual energy barrier, the great tomb guardian beast seemed to be awakening.

Its huge body moved slightly, shaking the earth, causing trees to collapse immediately.

Following this, in the center of the barrier, the ground sunk and a majestic palace slowly rose from the surface. The entire palace was ancient, and the only stone door leading inside was tightly sealed.

“This must be the tomb then.”

Ning Tian gazed at the imposing, massive palace, impressed by the sight.

There were many types of tombs, and using an entire palace as a tomb was indeed extraordinary.

The palace, rising from the ground, covered an area of several hundred meters.

This extravagant investment also seemed to confirm the tomb owner’s extraordinariness, implying that there must be numerous valuable items within.


Suddenly, an extremely powerful surge of spiritual energy burst forth from the entire palace, spreading out in all directions.

Subsequently, the nearly transparent spiritual energy barrier was strengthened.

Faintly, a blue spiritual energy barrier enveloped the entire tomb palace.

Right after.

A dazzling beam of light shot out from the very center of the palace tomb, piercing straight up into the sky!

“What’s this?”

Li Changsheng’s eyes widened.

That bright light reaching the heavens could probably be noticed by many powers surrounding the Yin Wind Mountain Range.

At this moment, Ning Tian had no interest in the light shooting into the sky.

He was speechless inside.

He knew his plan had gone awry.

This beam of light was like an open invitation for others to come and discover.


Suddenly, the huge tomb guardian beast let out a ferocious roar. As the palace appeared, it was fully awakened.

Its roaring brought waves of oppression.

This made the nearby White Mystical Tiger tremble in fear; had it not been for the control of the Beast Taming Sound, it would have turned and fled long ago.

Along with the guardian beast’s roar, the Yin Wind Mountain Range was startled.

Waves of beast tides fled from the vicinity of the barrier.

Inside the Yin Wind Mountain Range, many treasure hunters who heard this roar had their faces change dramatically, and upon lifting their heads, they saw that dazzling beam of light in the sky.

“What is that?”

They furrowed their brows.


“Quickly return to the sect and notify the sect master!”


On the cliffs.

“Changsheng, let’s go as well,” Ning Tian said while giving the tomb guardian beast one last glance before departing.

“Yes, Ancestor.”

Li Changsheng followed on horseback.

Beneath the cliffs.

A group of Demonic Cult disciples trembled, as powerful beasts emerged from the depths of the forest around them.

Fortunately, these beasts seemed only concerned with escaping and did not attack them.

“What the heck is that blue light beam?”

They too saw the blue light beam piercing the sky and were equally curious.

At that moment, two flickers of firelight appeared in the forest.

It was Ning Tian and Li Changsheng returning on their Blazing Windchaser Horses.


“Brother Li.”

A group of disciples promptly greeted them.

“Hmm, let’s go,” Ning Tian nodded to the crowd.

“Ancestor, that… what is the blue light beam?” a disciple couldn’t resist asking, curious about the blue light beam.

“You’ll know soon enough,” Ning Tian replied without explaining.

Then, he turned his attention to the beasts, about thirty in total, controlled by the Beast Taming Sound, with the White Mystical Tiger at the forefront.

Among them, twenty were Rank One Beasts, which Ning Tian didn’t plan to keep.

After all, Rank One Beasts were only equivalent to Xuanwu-level practitioners, whereas Rank Two were Spirit-Awareness level, Rank Three and Four at Earth King level, and Rank Five and Six at Saint Emperor level.

Ning Tian snapped his fingers at the twenty Rank One Beasts, dissipating the control of the Beast Taming Sound.

Once they regained their senses, they immediately fled in all directions.

As for the White Mystical Tiger and the remaining ten Rank Two Beasts, Ning Tian unceremoniously collected them into the beast gourd he had taken from Ye Leng.

Eleven Rank Two Beasts turned into a glimmer of light and in the blink of an eye, entered the beast gourd.

Upon witnessing this scene, Li Changsheng and the others couldn’t help but marvel at the variety of the Ancestor’s methods.

“Let’s go,” Ning Tian said after putting away the beast gourd and riding off on the Blazing Windchaser Horse with the Demonic Cult disciples, turning into streaks of light in the night, heading towards the direction of the Demonic Cult.

Several hours later.

When a beam of light burst forth from the Yin Wind Mountain Range, many nearby powers were shocked beyond belief.

Then, they dispatched many disciples to investigate the phenomenon.

When they learned that there was a huge beast and a grand palace in the Yin Wind Mountain Range, they were instantly agitated!

There must be huge treasures within that palace!

Unfortunately, when they attempted to enter, they were blocked by a massive barrier, obstructing their way.

The events within the Yin Wind Mountain Range began to spread far and wide.

At the Demonic Cult.

Atop the cliff where the Demonic Hall was located, Luo Wuchang gazed into the distance, where there was a rising blue beam of light.

“Empress, that direction seems to be the Yin Wind Mountain Range,” the Grand Elder said with a furrowed brow, looking seriously at the blue beam.

Luo Wuchang nodded.

“Could the Ancestor be in danger?” the Grand Elder couldn’t help but worry.


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