Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 81


Chapter 81: Tomb-Guarding Beast, Yin Wind Tombs!

However, when the music from Ning Tian’s ancient zither began playing, these beasts did not die. Instead, one by one they stopped in their tracks.

Li Changsheng and a group of disciples were all taken aback.

“What’s happening now?”

As the celestial music continued to emanate from Ning Tian’s zither, the beasts approached one after another.

“What is this?”

A hint of confusion flashed in Li Changsheng’s eyes, but then he quickly realized something, “This is the Beast Taming Art of the Beast Taming Sect!”

“No, that’s not right.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately sensed something was amiss.

He had seen the Beast Taming Art of the Beast Taming Sect; generally, it was signaled by flute, and moreover, it was nowhere near as sophisticated as what the ancestor had implemented!

“The ancestor is using another Beast Taming Art!”

Li Changsheng gasped.

“Swordsmanship, Music Path, and now this Beast Taming Path, is the ancestor really going to master the Three Thousand Great Paths?”

A shock crossed his mind.

The ancestor wasn’t just skilled in three paths; each was practiced with extreme proficiency!

The surrounding disciples all gave a wry smile.

They had become accustomed to a series of astonishing feats from the ancestor.

After all, it wasn’t too excessive for an ancestor to defy the heavens occasionally.

At this moment, Ning Tian had complete control over the group of beasts. He waved at the beast in the front, signaling it to come over.

That was a white tiger.

A second-tier beast, the White Xuan Tiger.

“Go, lead me into the depths of this Yin Wind mountain range,” Ning Tian commanded, looking at the White Xuan Tiger.

“Wuu wuu wuu.”

Upon hearing this, a hint of fear flashed in the eyes of the White Xuan Tiger. It actually let out a whimpering sound and shook its head.

It seemed somewhat reluctant.


Seeing this, a hint of dissatisfaction flickered in Ning Tian’s eyes. He played the ancient strings with his hand again, and the sound of Beast Taming resonated once more.

The eyes of the White Xuan Tiger flashed with a dark light, and it immediately became obedient.

“Take me to see the thing that you beasts are afraid of,” Ning Tian commanded again.


This time, the White Xuan Tiger nodded and turned to walk into the depths of the Yin Wind mountain range.

Seeing this, Ning Tian followed, and the group of Sky Demon Sect disciples also wanted to accompany him. Ning Tian stopped them, “You don’t need to follow me. Just wait here.”

He currently had both the Roaming Dragon Step and the Flashing Evasion Treading footwork. If there was indeed danger in the mountains, he could escape.

However, with a group of Sky Demon Sect disciples, it might not be the case.

Moreover, if these second-tier beasts could escape from within, it meant that the thing inside was something they feared, yet due to certain reasons, it could not harm them yet.

Otherwise, how could mere second-tier beasts possibly escape?

Upon hearing Ning Tian’s words, the disciples could only nod and stay put.

However, Li Changsheng was somewhat uneasy and insisted on following.

Ning Tian didn’t bother with him any further. After all, Li Changsheng wasn’t like the other disciples; at least he had the strength of the Earth King realm and could defend himself.

Immediately afterward, the two of them rode their Fiery Pursuit Horses and followed the White Xuan Tiger towards the deep parts of the Yin Wind mountain range.

After a while.

The White Xuan Tiger did not continue into the Yin Wind range but instead charged towards a high cliff,

Seeing this, Ning Tian and Li Changsheng were somewhat puzzled.

“Ancestor, should we continue to follow?” Li Changsheng looked at Ning Tian with a querying look in his eyes.

“Just follow.”

Ning Tian spoke indifferently, the White Xuan Tiger was now under the control of the Beast Taming sound and wouldn’t harm its master.

Then, the two men rode their horses, following the White Xuan Tiger up the cliff.


Upon reaching the top of the cliff, the White Xuan Tiger roared and then gently called out to Ning Tian, seemingly signaling him to look down the cliff.

Seeing this, Ning Tian frowned slightly, dismounted from the Fiery Pursuit Horse, walked over to the cliff, and looked down.

From a high vantage point, a vast forest could be seen.

In the darkness of the night, something seemed to be shimmering.

Ning Tian’s gaze sharpened, and in an instant, his expression changed dramatically!

“What is this.!”


“Ancestor, what’s wrong?”

Seeing Ning Tian’s surprised look, Li Changsheng was also startled. He dismounted the Fiery Pursuit Horse, walked beside Ning Tian, and looked in the direction Ning Tian was looking.

“Holy crap!”

A moment later, a look of horror flashed in Li Changsheng’s eyes!

“What on earth is this?”

Looking down from here, a huge spiritual energy barrier enveloped the entire forest below, and what was most terrifying was that within this spiritual energy barrier, there was a vaguely gigantic black figure at least a hundred meters in size!

Like a mountain, but not a mountain!

And there were undulating movements!

Those were breaths!

Was this a living being?

Ning Tian suppressed the astonishment in his eyes and asked the system, “System, do you know what this thing is?”

The system quickly provided an answer.

“According to the system’s detection, this should be a tomb-guarding beast of the sixth rank or even higher!”

“A tomb-guarding beast of the sixth rank or even higher?”

Ning Tian was stunned for a moment. Doesn’t that mean this was a beast of the Holy Emperor realm or even stronger?

But if it’s a tomb-guarding beast…

Doesn’t that mean it’s guarding a tomb?

A tomb of a Celestial Lord?

Or a tomb of a Divine Emperor?!

(End of chapter)

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