Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 80


Chapter 80: Preparations to Leave, Chaotic Beast Tide!

A few minutes later.

Ye Leng lost his vitality, falling to his knees at the gates of Tianfeng City.

He once ordered to hang the bodies of Li Changde and Tao Shimei on the city gates to be exposed to the sun for a whole day.

And now, it was a retribution as ordained by the heavens!

He would pay the price for his actions!

“Changde, Taozi, this could be considered a consolation for you both.” Li Changsheng looked at Ye Leng’s corpse, his eyes filled with sorrow.

Death could not be reversed.

And this was all he could do.

“Let’s go find the ancestral master.”

Li Changsheng said softly, leading a group of heartbroken disciples of Tianmo Sect away.

Although they had avenged a great feud, they still could not rejoice.

Because those who were dead were indeed dead, and what was lost could never be returned.

Li Changsheng and his group entered Tianfeng City.

“Brother Li, what is the ancestral master doing?”

When they saw Ning Tian sitting atop the city wall, bathed in the moonlight like he was draped in silver radiance, they couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Li Changsheng stared at the scene around Ning Tian, momentarily distracted.

After a while, he came back to his senses.

“The ancestral master has made another breakthrough, everyone be quiet,” he instructed the disciples beside him.

“Another breakthrough?”

Hearing Li Changsheng’s words, the surrounding disciples were all stunned, a look of astonishment flashing across their eyes.

They started to discuss in a low voice.

“The ancestral master’s speed of breakthrough is really fast!”

“Of course, otherwise why would everyone say the ancestral master is an everlasting god, that he’s amazing! Do you really think that’s just an empty boast?”

“Heh heh, you’re right, the ancestral master is awesome!”

The group of disciples all looked towards Ning Tian with fervent admiration.

A moment later.

Ning Tian’s inner strength climbed rung by rung, unstoppable like a bamboo shoot after the rain!

[Congratulations to the host for breaking through to the current three-star Earth King realm!]

Following the system notification, Ning Tian reabsorbed the spiritual qi that was flowing out of him.


Ning Tian opened his eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly stood up.

Seeing Li Changsheng and others watching him, he casually asked, “Is everything settled?”


Li Changsheng nodded and pointed towards the city gates, grinding his teeth, “Ye Leng is dead, but even in death, it’s too easy on him!”

Hearing this, Ning Tian looked in that direction.

Seeing that Ye Leng was dead, the demon beast Huk actually became masterless.

That demon beast Huk was a high-grade spiritual weapon and could contain demons. It was not to be wasted.

“Take the bodies of our fellow disciples, and let’s go.”

Ning Tian uttered, turning to head out of the city gates.

“Yes, ancestral master.”

Li Changsheng nodded, then called to his fellow disciples to take the bodies and leave Tianfeng City.

Outside Tianfeng City.

Ning Tian and his group all mounted their Blazing Wind Chasing Horses.

“Ancestral master, where do we go now?” Li Changsheng rode closer to ask.

Ning Tian pondered for a moment, then said lightly, “Let’s return to Tianmo Sect first.”


Li Changsheng immediately signaled the disciples, and the group rode the Blazing Wind Chasing Horses towards the direction of Tianmo Sect.

Based on their speed, they should be able to reach Tianmo Sect by dawn.

A blaze of firelight dashed continuously through the forests of the Yin Wind Mountain Range!

Just as they were about to leave the Yin Wind Mountain Range, a trembling sensation came from the ground.


Boom boom boom.

“Is this… another demon beast tide?”

Li Changsheng and the other disciples looked towards the nearby area and indeed saw a horde of demons rushing out from the depths of the Yin Wind Mountain Range.

The group had no choice but to order the Blazing Wind Chasing Horses to halt and let the demon beast tide pass first.

Sitting on his horse, Ning Tian watched these beasts, his brows slightly furrowed, falling deep into thought.

These beasts appeared panic-stricken, as if they had seen something utterly terrifying.

A typical demon beast tide definitely wouldn’t act like this.

“Ancestral master, it is said that lately Yin Wind Mountain Range has been quite restless.”

Seeing Ning Tian looking at those beasts, Li Changsheng thought he was interested in them and moved closer to speak.

“There’s often a beast tide that surges out from inside.”

“And what’s even stranger is that these beast tides don’t differentiate between day and night; they can happen at any time.”

Hearing Li Changsheng’s words, Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with confusion.

Beast tides.

Almost ninety percent of them occur only at night.

Yet now, within Yin Wind Mountain Range, demon beast tides are happening often, which is quite strange.

“It seems that I will have to investigate this personally!”

A glint of determination shone in Ning Tian’s eyes, and immediately, he rode his Blazing Wind Chasing Horse towards the oncoming beast tide.

Seeing this, Li Changsheng and the disciples of Tianmo Sect were taken aback.

Was the ancestral master planning to slaughter these beasts again?

Ahead were just some Rank 1 and Rank 2 demons, so they weren’t worried about Ning Tian’s safety.

As they watched Ning Tian take out his spiritual qi guzheng again, they were all stunned.

Was the ancestral master really going to slay the beasts?


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