Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Killing at Will, Breakthrough Again!

Ning Tian remained silent with an indifferent expression. As his strength increased, his sword, the Chi Xiao Sword, had undergone some changes.

Although rust still clung to the blade, it was significantly less than at the beginning.

And the flames on the sword were now clearly more intense!

Holding the Chi Xiao Sword, he looked down with a cold gaze at Ye Leng, who was lying on the ground, a faint murderous intent flickering in his eyes.

Immediately, he thrust the sword fiercely into Ye Leng’s chest.

With a ripping sound:

“This sword thrust is on behalf of the common people of Tian Feng City!”

“This one is on behalf of the disciples of my Tian Mo Sect!”

Another thrust came, one after another.


“Ahh, ahh!”

Ye Leng’s forehead was streaming with sweat, and he continuously screamed in agony.

“This thrust is for Tao Zi!”

“This thrust is for Li Changde!”

“Kill my followers, and I will claim your life!”

Ning Tian’s eyes were still filled with murderous intent, his gaze shifted to Ye Leng’s arms, and then he swung his sword!

Under two streaks of blazing flames, the sword light flashed.


Instantly, Ye Leng’s arms fell to the side, blood gushing out continuously.

“Kill me…”

“Please, just kill me!”

At that moment, Ye Leng could no longer endure the pain and pleaded for Ning Tian to give him a quick death.

“Kill you?”

Ning Tian let out a cold laugh, a hint of chill flashing in his eyes, “Did you give my Tian Mo Sect disciples a quick death when you killed them?”

He had already checked.

Not just Li Changde alone, but there were at least a hundred sword wounds on the bodies of the other disciples!

None of these were fatal by themselves, but they brought about excruciating pain!

Ye Leng had used such methods to slowly torture the disciples of the Tian Mo Sect to death!


Hearing Ning Tian’s words, Ye Leng was instantly stunned, his eyes filled with deep despair.

“You can’t escape.”

“This is the price you pay; this is your fate.”

Ning Tian looked indifferently at Ye Leng for a moment, and then slowly raised his sword.

“How you treated the disciples of my Tian Mo Sect, I will now repay a hundredfold, a thousandfold on your own body!”

“Disciples of the Tian Mo Sect are not so easily killed!”

At this moment, the talented disciple from the Yu Beast Sect was trembling uncontrollably, his eyes filled with deep despair!



Then, in the forest, the sound of that desperate scream continued to echo.

In Tian Feng City.


Li Changsheng heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the piles of corpses being stuffed into body bags, his eyes were filled with dimness.

“Brother Li, we’ve almost cleaned up all the bloodstains in Tian Feng City.”

Lin Yi came over and informed Li Changsheng.


Li Changsheng nodded, looking over the entire Tian Feng City, “It’s almost done now, go and inform the Grandmaster. We can now go settle the score with those Yu Beast Sect bastards!”


Lin Yi nodded, a glint of killing intent in his eyes.

Finally, they could go find those Yu Beast Sect bastards!

He then turned around and headed towards the city to find Ning Tian.

But after a while, he returned to Li Changsheng with a somewhat panicked expression.


Seeing him return, Li Changsheng frowned, “Lin Yi, why are you back?”

“Brother Li… there’s trouble, the Grandmaster is gone!”

Lin Yi looked disturbed, speaking in a lowered voice.


“The Grandmaster is missing?”

Li Changsheng’s face changed dramatically, swallowing hard with difficulty.

My Grandmaster, you can’t just run off like this. If something happens to you, how are we to explain to the Empress?

At this moment, Li Changsheng was panicking.

“What are you waiting for!”

“Go find him! Even if we have to turn the Yin Feng Mountain Range upside down, we must find the Grandmaster!”

Li Changsheng clenched his teeth, speaking with a heavy tone.


Lin Yi’s heart was racing.

The Grandmaster was gone, a living person had just disappeared!

This wasn’t a surprise but a shock!

Just as Li Changsheng was about to lead the other disciples to look for Ning Tian, a voice rang out.

“Don’t bother looking, I am here.”


Hearing this somewhat familiar voice, Li Changsheng was startled, then a huge weight lifted from his heart.

He didn’t dare to think what would happen if something happened to the Grandmaster.

What would become of the entire Tian Mo Sect?

At this time, a group of Tian Mo Sect disciples gathered around.

Ning Tian’s figure appeared on top of the city wall, holding something in his hand.


Ning Tian threw the object over. The thing hit the ground with a dull thud.


What is that?

Li Changsheng and the disciples looked curiously.

Upon seeing it, their expressions instantly changed.

This was a young man covered in blood, barely breathing, without hands!

“Grandmaster, who is he?”

Li Changsheng frowned slightly, looking up at Ning Tian on the city wall, while the other disciples cast puzzled glances.

Ning Tian leaped down from the wall, glanced at Ye Leng on the ground, and said indifferently, “The lesser sect master of Yu Beast Sect, Ye Leng.”

“Ye Leng…?”


“The Yu Beast Sect’s Ye Leng!?”

At first, everyone was stunned, but after hearing the words ‘lesser sect master of Yu Beast Sect,’ they immediately reacted!

This person who was almost reduced to a stick figure was the Yu Beast Sect’s lesser sect master, Ye Leng!?


Everyone gasped.

“Grandmaster… what, what did you just do?” Li Changsheng swallowed nervously, looking at Ning Tian for answers.

“Oh.” Ning Tian said calmly, “I wasn’t in a good mood, so I just took a casual stroll and killed a bunch of people, that’s all.”


“Strolling and killing!?”

Although Ning Tian spoke casually, Li Changsheng and the others understood that the Grandmaster had wiped out the entire Yu Beast Sect of over a hundred people on his own!

One person eradicated over a hundred people!

Moreover, among them were Ye Leng and many fiend beasts!

Yet, the Grandmaster returned unscathed and unhurt!

How did the Grandmaster manage this?

In an instant, Li Changsheng and the others’understanding of Ning Tian reached a new height.

The Grandmaster’s strength could not be measured by ordinary Earthly King Realm standards!

【You have shocked Li Changsheng and others, reward: 5000 aura cultivation points!】

As the system message ended, Ning Tian suddenly felt a huge surge of aura emerging within his body.

Having just finished battling, and now with a tremendous influx of aura, he immediately sensed the potential for a breakthrough.

Subsequently, Ning Tian looked at Li Changsheng and others, “This guy isn’t dead yet. I purposely left his legs intact so he could kneel to the spirits. You’ll handle the rest.”

After saying that, he leapt onto the city wall, sat cross-legged, and began his breakthrough.

Hearing this, Li Changsheng and the others looked at Ye Leng, murderous intent flashing in their eyes.

In that moment, Ye Leng’s heart shattered.

The torture came so swiftly!


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