Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 78


Chapter 78: Borrowing a Knife to Kill, Borrowing Your Knife!

“Kid, I’d like to see how you’re going to defend against this!”

A chill flashed in Ye Leng’s eyes as he placed the flute to his lips again and frantically played.

The sound of the flute was filled with violence, inspiring a similar ferocity in the magical beasts!

The faster the flute played, the faster the beasts moved!

A third-tier Ironclad Black Bear charged to the forefront, able to reach Ning Tian in the blink of an eye.


“You’re as good as dead!”

A cold snort in his heart, the murderous intent in Ye Leng’s eyes grew even crazier, and the sound of the flute became more violent.


Ye Leng’s pupils suddenly shrank and his gaze fixed on Ning Tian.

In response to the rush of the beast herd, Ning Tian actually sat down cross-legged. Then, an aura of guqin emerged, resting on his legs as his hands touched the strings.

At this moment, Ye Leng had a foreboding feeling.

This kid, could it be…


The next moment, the music of the guqin echoed, filling the entire forest!

The flute sound that Ye Leng had painstakingly played was interrupted in an instant. Without the sound of the flute, the red glow in the eyes of the controlled beasts dissipated.


Even the Ironclad Black Bear paused, the red glow in its eyes vanished, and it scratched its head, emitting a confused noise.

Who is it?

Where is this?

What am I doing?

The beasts, now awakened from the influence of the flute, were all in such a bewildered state.


Ye Leng exclaimed, watching Ning Tian continue to play the guqin and gritted his teeth.

This legendary ancestor of the Tian Mo Sect actually knows the sound of musical beast control!

“Damn it, does this guy want to use another type of musical control to disturb my control over the beasts?”

“But you’re underestimating me too much!”

A chilling light flashed in Ye Leng’s eyes as he took a deep breath and began to frantically blow the flute again.

The sound of the flute and the music of the guqin collided incessantly.

Only the group of beasts in the middle looked bewildered.

The red glow in their eyes would disappear and then restore.

One moment their brains were clear, the next they were perplexed.







After a moment, the music of the guqin slowly stopped, and the sound of the flute took over.

After enduring what seemed like hell, the red glow filled the eyes of the beasts once again!


The Ironclad Black Bear roared furiously, and amongst the roaring seemed to be a sense of relief, as if finally freed!

“Kid, it looks like I’m the more cunning one!”

Seeing Ning Tian stop, Ye Leng smiled triumphantly, but his victory seemed to come at a painful price.

Because of his intense playing, his lips had swollen into a sausage shape.

“Do you really think you’ve won?”

Ning Tian glanced at Ye Leng’s sausage lips indifferently and said, “Losing simply means you couldn’t admit defeat.”

But Ning Tian’s next words made Ye Leng’s face change.

“Could it be that you haven’t noticed that I was playing one note at a time just now?”


Ye Leng froze, frowned as he thought about it, and his face changed dramatically!

He seemed to remember!

Right, the music of Ning Tian’s guqin had always been played one note at a time, never linked together!


Ning Tian was simply familiarizing himself with the “Sound of Beast Control” using Ye Leng!

“Your beast control music is too poor.”

Ning Tian’s hand returned to the aura guqin, a glint in his eye, “Next, I’ll show you what true musical beast control is!”



Ye Leng’s expression changed, immediately rejecting the notion, “With just you, it’s impossible to know the music of beast control, that’s my”


Before Ye Leng could finish his sentence, a burst of guqin music sounded.


The red glow in the eyes of a hundred beasts instantly faded, turning into a firm black light!


“Sound of Beast Control!”

“You actually know this too!?”

Ye Leng froze for a moment.

Immediately, he reacted fiercely, ignoring his sausage mouth, grabbed the flute, and began to play, trying to regain control over the beasts.

But the determined black light in the eyes of the beasts was unaffected, as steadfast as the guqin music resounding like a rock, unshakeable!


Ye Leng gasped. His flute music couldn’t compete with Ning Tian’s Sound of Beast Control!

“Ye Leng, your retribution has arrived.”

Ning Tian looked at Ye Leng coldly, his words like a proclamation from the Grim Reaper. In that moment, his fingers moved continuously, the guqin music filled with an intention to kill!


In just an instant, a hundred beasts turned against their master and charged towards Ye Leng!

Among them, the strongest Ironclad Black Bear led the charge!

Seeing his once-powerful beasts charge at him, Ye Leng’s face turned grim, feeling as terrible as having eaten excrement.

His trump card against Ning Tian had now become the weapon to strike him down!

Even if he wanted to retrieve the beasts back into the Yao Beast Gourd now, it was impossible, as the beasts were no longer under his control!

“Aow roar!”


In an instant, the group of beasts, accompanied by the guqin music filled with strong murderous intent, continuously charged!

Seeing this, Ye Leng had no choice but to operate his spiritual energy to kill the beasts and preserve himself.

Above the forest floor, Ning Tian sat cross-legged with the guqin on his lap, the music of slaughter rose and fell, and the beasts charged at Ye Leng.

Casually playing the guqin became a means of borrowing a knife to kill, so free and easy!

Most importantly, this knife was borrowed from Ye Leng himself!


Zeng, Zeng!

The guqin music, continuously playing the sound of beast control, under the command of the music of slaughter, made the beasts charge at Ye Leng as if fearless of death.

Ye Leng was forced to retreat.

Blood appeared continuously on his body.

Yet, he kept killing the beasts!

After dozens of minutes.

Ye Leng’s blade ended the life of the Ironclad Black Bear and lay on the ground, covered in blood, weakened.

Now, he was severely injured and breathless.


The music of the guqin also stopped at this moment.

Ning Tian gently waved his hand, and the aura guqin dissipated. He slowly stood up and walked towards Ye Leng.

“How does it feel? To be defeated in the art of beast control you were so proud of?”

Ning Tian looked down at Ye Leng with a calm face.



Ye Leng’s face was extremely ugly. Already severely injured, upon hearing Ning Tian’s words, he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What, what are you going to do!”

Before he could wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, he watched in horror as a sword of blazing flames emerged in Ning Tian’s hand!

(End of the chapter)

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